08.29.04 Carson, CA

Home Depot Center with Dave Matthews Band, JEM

I Was There
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The Blind Boys of Alabama sat in after "With My Own Two Hands/War". 25,000

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I came all the way from NYC to see this concert. I loved Ben's set. The Blind Boys added an awesome bit of sould to the set. I am planning on catching the show in Penn State on October 1st. Also looking forward to the new album.

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Ben & the IC were the second band that came on and rocked! He played excellent like always and he had the Blind Boys come out and play with him and hearing them play together sent chills...they were awesome! I stayed to hear the Dave Mathews Band, but in Reality ..Ben blew them away.. I left early because I thought Ben did an excellent job and wanted to remember his singing over Dave Mathews Band! The band keeps getting better and better everytime I hear them! I am definitely looking forward to their new album coming out soon! I always enjoy going to each and everyone of the concerts. Great Job Ben and the Innocent Criminals!