10.01.04 University Park, PA

Vote For Change Bryce Jordan Center with Dave Matthews Band, Jurassic 5, My Morning Jacket

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vote For Change - University Park, PA

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In my humble opinion Ben Harper is the most amazing musician of our time. His time on stage was WAY TOO SHORT, and I was very disappointed that the video monitors weren't on for his set. Those crazy Penn State kids went wild for Dave, but I drove up from Virginia to see only one man. It would be awesome if BHIC decided to tour the U.S. within the next year and preferably somewhere on the East Coast. I know you love your home state Ben, but c'mon...we love you out here too.

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AWESOME show. wish BHIC could have stayed on longer. Ben's shirt said VOTE. I was in the 5th row center floor.

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Awesome show, finally got to see Ben for the first time since 2001. Thanks for Ben's guitar pick Leon and thanks for your pick Juan! The best part of the show was actually getting to hear the two songs I wanted to hear live...Oppression and Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

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A great show, I am always amazed by Ben. It was way too short though, so Ben needs to come back and headline at Penn State really soon!

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Awesome show. I was somewhat familiar with Ben Harper before the show -- mostly his mainstream songs -- but this set definitely made me a huge fan. I wish that he would have played longer than he did, but he did a great job of getting the crowd excited and such. Energetic, awesome set!

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The show was incredible--drove down from upstate new york with 3 other friends who love your music too. I thought singing to the people behind the stage was great since they could only see the back of the bands playing. I didnt hear enough Ben and this was my first concert--have been a fan for three years now--so i was incredibly pumped but I can't wait to see ben again and hopefully get to see him play longer! awesome show!!

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My wife and I and two friends went to the show (two buddies backed out at the last minute and we ate two tickets ((their loss)) cuz the show was awesome. I wish Ben would've played longer or would've came out with Dave. DMB was awesome too. Ben Harper's shirt said Penn State I believe. Definitely worth the money. People in the parking lot were cool. Bush must go. Peace out.

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Hey i just want to say that Ben and the IC were amazing and i would have payed any amount in the world to see them... I had a decent view of them and it was all i could ask for. They played on my birthday and i was the happiest I'd ever been.. ever.. Ill be there in OHIO i lov e u guys

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everytime i see ben the show is better then the last one. this was no different, although he should have headlined his own show and should have played for so much longer. he is incredible and amazing. he need to come back to the northeast sooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!

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The band was amazing...I thought the acoustics of the Bryce Jordan Center werent good but Ben and the Boys proved me wrong. It would have been great to have a full set, or at least another 45 minutes but I guess there just wasnt time. Anyway great little set, I didnt get to read what Ben's shirt said at the end, so can anyone help me out?? Great Show!

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Sick show Ben... what a great pre-show to seeing DMB!!! You got us pumped. I loved it!!!

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Let me just say that I wish that Ben and the Innocent Criminals could have stayed on for much longer b/c it was like a tease to only have them perform for such a short period of time, BUT all the same, they were incredible, fantastic, and phenominal!! The best part and the sweetest part was when Ben acknowledged the people who were sitting in seats directly behind the stage therefore, they were seeing the show from the back and not really getting a great view at all. That was sooooo awesome b/c it goes to show just how much he loves and admires his fans. Plus, they too paid to come see him and the rest play, so they deserved some sort of a front view as well. He sang to them for a little bit, and that was just priceless =). Gotta love Ben!!!!! His voice just carries me into another world.