10.02.04 Dayton, OH

Vote For Change Nutter Center with Dave Matthews Band, Jurassic 5, My Morning Jacket

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vote For Change - Dayton, OH

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They were really good except it was too short(the rapper that is). Rob and chris suck(each other).

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I got my tickets in the summer and was looking forward to mainly seeing Ben , instead I saw only a brief, although great, performance. Hopefully he will be around Ohio again soon so BHIC are the main performers. Looking forward to another great concert!

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I drove to see the show from St. Louis, and was very excited to see BHIC as well as Dave Matthews and My Morning Jacket. This was my third BHIC show, and I must say I was a little dissappointed. The set list was too predictable, and I was yearning for something different and out of the ordinary. I REALLY wanted to see Ben and Dave do a song together, and was SO dissapointed when they didn't. It has always been a dream of mine to see both of them in the same venue and to see them play together. What a wasted opportunity. I must also mention that My Morning Jacket rocked the house.

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chris sucks

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they sucked

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This was my first ever BHIC concert. My friends and I tried to get tickets as soon as we heard about it but it was sold out. I tried to get tickets pretty much everyday for four weeks before the concert. Friday before the concert I was ecstatic to get 15th row seats on the floor! Anyway, Ben Harper was amazing to say the least. He performs with such energy and feeling, it's really an amazing sight. I really think it was a life changing experience. Anyone who has not yet seen him live should definitely go. Even though he only played 7 songs it was totally worth the drive from Indiana. I can't wait to see you again soon BHIC!

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Since the first moment I was introduced to Harper and the rest of BHIC a few years ago, he has been at the top of my list of acts to see. The energy he provides on his albums, I thought live, he must be one of the most powerful, meaningful, and soulful musicians around. After attending the Vote For Change concert in Dayton, I was more than satisfied. Ben grabs a hold of you, shakes you, makes you shake, and gets you involved and lets you feel the music as he has intended. The energy he provided throughout the, unfortunetly short set, sent goose bumps down your neck, up your arms and found their way to your soul. Hope Bonnaroo is in the works for BHIC. Amazing.

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This was my first Ben Harper show and I cannot wait until the next one. The energy and soul that Ben shares is amazing and uplifts me. BHIC should have been the headliner, or at least had more time. You guys rock! I love you, thank you for making my soul smile!!!!!!!!!

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I drove from Columbus to see Ben with my two sisters and some friends. BHIC is my all-time favorite band and are just amazing live.. and Dave i love also so it was so tight to see them together. i was disappointed they didnt share the stage but it was soo worth the money. No one can compare to Ben and the boys these days..

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Myself and 7 others drove from Tennessee to see Ben and Jurrasic 5. While what we saw we loved we really wanted more of them. When Dave came on it was time to go to the bathroom and wait in the beerline. I can hear his songs on the radio and they'll be exactly the same. Not like Ben. I love to watch Ben Harper signing. When he throws that head back you can feel every word. I want to go to a show again were Ben's the headliner and gets atleast 2 hrs on stage to do what he does so well. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world Ben. I for one really appreciate it.

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I'm so glad to see that others drove from other states. We drove from central Illinois. BHIC set was short but I agree with the others that it was worth it. I also was hoping to see them play some with Dave Matthews, but c'est la vie. Can't wait to see BHIC again!

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Drove all the way fromGAtlinburg TN to c ben harper. Was great........would love to c him out side and yes to hear more from him. Was short but sweat. Wonder if Bonnaroo will b in BHIC schedule this year. SURE HOPE SO!!!!

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The entire show was amazing. Ben ripped it up like no other, especially when Burn One Down came on, everyone around me started sparkin' the lighters to light one up. It was awesome. Then came Dave...need I say more? Incredible concert, thank you Ben!

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Short set, but not short on energy. All the boys came to play. Juan was sick on a few base rifts. I could hardly take it! Ben as always was providing and feeling the love from the crowd. The airplane dance was nice. Yates was dancing on the keyboards and ford was tight as always. Highlight had to be Temporary and Burn. Thanks for the love boys you had me dancing my ass off. Vote for change, y'all!

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Ben Harper is the greatest musician/songwriter that I know of. Playing with all the passion and soul in the world, he clearly stole the show from Dave. I would have prefered him to play more than 50 min. but it was well worth it the 50 dollars. The Innocent Criminals always put on the best show.
Thanks BHIC!

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i drove from tennessee to see the show and i was kinda of unsatisfied with it. I was there to see ben more than dave and ben only played 7 songs, way too short. The one thing i want to see in my life is ben harper and dave matthews play All Along the Watchtower together, but no luck. They were in the same building and didn't play one song together....

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ahh that and also burn down a fattie at the show

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FINALLLY!!!!! It is time for BHIC again! We are traveling from Pittsburgh for the show. I hope that all fans have safe travels to the show, be mindful at the show, and realize how blessed we are to share in the music. To the band....THANK YOU!