10.03.04 Auburn Hills, MI

Vote For Change Palace of Auburn Hills with Dave Matthews Band, Jurassic 5, My Morning Jacket

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vote For Change - Auburn Hills, MI

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Don't get me wrong. I love Ben Harper as a musician and a person. But this was not the Ben Harper show I am used to. Only 7 songs? C'mon? Screw Dave Matthews. Ben should have been headlining this. I want at least 90 minutes of Ben and the IC to satisy my hunger! And where were the acoustic songs? I realize this was not a typical Ben show, but I was still dissapointed. Keep on keepin on Ben. Much love from the ER crew.

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I love Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals. I have never felt the way I do listening to music as I do when I listen to them. This was my third show seeing Ben and my second for DMB. It was so awesome to see them both on the same stage! And then to see Neil Young was just awesome! Although I wasnted to hear some political words as this is a Vote For Change Tour I was still happy to hear Ben!!!!!!! I just wish he could have played ALOT longer!

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A great show, no doubt. I only wish political and protest songs had been more present. While half of the songs were, the other songs could have made it an abslolute protest show. Make no mistake though, even as my 10th or so BHIC show, I was more moved than ever. I was somewhat disappointed that Neil Young was the only thing that salvaged a political setlist for DMB.

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This has been by far the best concert i've ever gone to. two giants in their genre, dave matthews and ben fuckin harper! ben and dave were both at the top of their game. the only down side to this concert was the length ben played.

i don't feel like waiting another year, so ben come back soon!

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I have never felt so empowered by Ben as I did on this night during Two Hands into War. I felt like anything I want to change will be possible and I love that feeling esp. from Ben. I also love his new song. I too love when he sings with out his guitar, I feel as though his soul is bleeding into my ears, and he is beaing it all instead of hiding behind his guitar. The only issue i had at the show was the chat before Burn One Down. When I saw him in Toronto last summer he said the same thing. I guess I was just hoping for something a little different than that.. but other than that, and the fact that he should have played longer, one of the best Ben shows I have been to...

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Ben was his usual self tonight! Totally awesome! World record set tonight for most doobies lit in one spot at one time when Burn One Down started! Amazing! This is the 5th time I have seen Ben, but first time seeing him with Dave Matthews in the same night! What a treat, seeing two of the best in one spot together! We drove nearly 1000 miles to see this show and it was well worth it! Can't wait till Ben is back on tour, possibly with the Blind Boys Of Alabama!

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Ben Harper, you need not say more! Ben and The Innocent Criminals have such a plethera of talent. Lyrically and musically, they stand out in a music genre that is growing more and more. This show was great, but his stage time was just too short! I feel lucky though, to have seen this band with such an extrodinary musical talent, even for just a short time.

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Ben was pretty fuckin' rad last night. His bantering before Burn One Down really put things into perspective. If you happy with where you are in life, then great. If you're up tight...then take a mother fucking hit! Thanks Ben.

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Ben Harper was amazing tonight! It's been awhile but worth the wait. I wish he could of played longer but what he played made it worth it. I loved Where Could you Go. How he just sings with out his guitar is awesome. His voice sounds so much stronger. I just hope it dosen't take a year for him to come back. Another great show, thanks for a great night.