10.06.04 Ames, IA

Vote For Change Hilton Coliseum with Dave Matthews Band, Jurassic 5, My Morning Jacket

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vote For Change - Ames, IA

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This was my first time seeing Ben Harper live and it was awesome. When he played burn one down i couldnt see across hilton it was so smoky...what a great show

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Ben and the Innocent Criminals were amazing! Ben is the sexiest performer I have ever seen!

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I saw ben and the ic once before in Ames and they were amazing. I saw them again on oct 6 and they were amazing again. It seems like you can actually feel the energy coming off of the stage from those guys. They are the greatest set of musicians right now and they need to come to the midwest more often. Thanks Ben and IC!

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AMAZING SHOW! This was my first live Harper experience...
The energy of the music filled my soul.
I smiled and embraced this beautiful feeling.

I am blessed to have this experience in my mind and my soul. Thank you Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals for sharing your music with all of us.

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10-9-04 What a perfect way to open their set. The People Lead couldn't have been more appropriate for the times we're experiencing. Ben decided to rock his headband for the show which made my girlfriend contemplate hopping on stage and I could feel the emotion in Ben's voice throughout the entire set. Wish they could have played more, but that band that came on stage after them wasn't bad either...

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The concert was yet another new experience with Ben & The Innocent Crimnals. From the first steps they took on to the stage their music put me in a Soul Shakedown Party. I was really suprised that he played Where could I go if you haven't had the chance pick up his new cd!! I wish he could of played a full set also, why did Dave have to play so long?? The set list was great considering the short amount of time he had. They really played an awesome show and I'm liking the reggae coming from them. The highlight of the set in my opinon With My Own Two Hands into Marley's War. Thanks for the show BHIC I can't wait for the next show. One more thing put Jack Johnson back on tour with you guys.

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Second time seeing Ben at the Hilton. Too bad the set had to be short... Ben didn't really get a chance to work the crowd like he could on a full set. Overall, though... good set list for sure. Called a few songs. Always a good show.

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WOW i have never seen ben live before. He was was amazing. Nobody can possibly know how great he is in person unless you experience it. Sometime come to omaha's Quest Center.

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WOW i have never seen ben live before. He was was amazing. Nobody can possibly know how great he is in person unless you experience it. Sometime come to omaha's Quest Center.

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this was my first time seeing ben in concert and it was by far the best show i have ever seen-ben brings something i cant explain. my friend i went with told me she thought i was going to pass out when he first came on to the stage:) i could have stayed for hours listening-to short of a set, wish dave and ben had played the opposite amount of time! leon jams on the congo-thanks for sharing your gifts with us, BHIC. laura

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Ben Harper was simply incredible. THe enery he brings to the satge is great and when he was talking before burn one day he was hilarious. He fired up everyone wanted to smoke it up. Listening to live version of burn one down while the air filled with the sweet smell of weed was awesome. Alsoiwhen he got on the drums it was awesome. He is simply an incredible musician.

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WOW! I came from MN to see Ben Harper for the first time and i was amazed. I really loved when he played Where Could I Go, the lyrics and vocals were beautiful. I only wished they were able to play a longer set. I look foward to seeing Ben again. Thanks for the killer show!

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Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals were amazing on stage! I paid 90 for my floor ticket and it was well worth the money I would have paid double that. Burn one down was by far the best song one the list. Everyone broke out their bags and lit up. the sweet smell of ganja fill Hilton. THe best show I have ever been to! Come back next year Ben. WE love you!!

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I drove 8 hours to see Ben and the IC and it was worth every mile! Ben is an amazing performer and the energy that he has on stage is like no other. (Plus, Neil Young showed up, which was an awesome surprise!) I would love it if Ben would do a show in Missouri this year. The show was incredible! Ben and the IC will always be my favorite musicians. Thanks!

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amazing first chance i had seeing and hearing ben and the ic simply amazing please come back to iowa maybe des moines would be a prime spot!

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Ben & the IC are absolutely THE best band to see live. Ben's voice is such a powerful force it transcends the physical and speaks directly to your soul. What an amazing set! Thank you for coming back through Ames. We love you guys.

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Harper kicked ass at Hilton!!! Burn one down was the shit the whole place lit up!!!yea 420!! Harper!!!