10.12.04 Harlem, NY

Apollo Theater

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Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama played a sold out show at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. Ben started the show with the instrumental "11th Commandment", during which the Blind Boys took the stage. They started into "Well Well Well" and played a whole set together. Then for the encore, BHIC came out and played "Where Could I Go", and were again joined by the Blind Boys for "There Will Be A Light" and "Satisfied Mind." Finally after a solo acoustic number from Ben, The Innocent Criminals re-emerged and played for another hour, sans the Blind Boys! "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again" was replayed after a false start. The event was recorded and the portion with the Blind Boys is available on the "Live at the Apollo" DVD and international CD.

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360* S.

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What an amazing show! The Apollo Theatre was an awesome place to see Ben our seats were in the first row of the lower balcony. I could almost reach out and touch the band.

Every time I see BHIC they get better and better! And to hear them with the Blind Boys of Alabama made the night even more special. It was truly inspiring to watch Ben while the BBA performed. If he wasn't singing or playing with them, he was watching with them perform like a true fan. The admiration and respect he has for these men was so clear. He thanked them for sharing the night with him, and with all of us, and I could see it was from the bottom of his heart.

The show continued (you can check out the setlist for exacts) and was incredible! The new album rocks, the Power of the Gospel was beautiful, and People Lead was awesome. I love it when Ben sits and plays! (wish he do more of it...)

At one point the Apollo was rocking so hard the balcony was shaking (reminicent of Pearl Jam MSG '03). The entire crowd was dancing, swaying, and clapping with Ben and the IC's. It was a moving experience.

After the show, I couldn't believe who we ran into in the lobby, Mike Gordon (Phish) and Warren Haynes (Govt Mule/Allman Bros)!!! They were in the audience of the show, enjoying an incredible performance with the rest of the fans of Ben Harper and the Blind Boys. Well worth the drive from Baltimore to Harlem, I'd do it again in a second.

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been down with ben from day 1. tenth show. best i've ever seen him.

i found jesus last night, wow.

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By far the greatest show I've ever been blessed to see! Thank you!

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Beyond belief. I took a 2 hour ride into Harlem on the train alone just to see Ben for the first time.

Simply spectacular.

First off, enough good things cannot be said about the Apollow Theater and their staff. True professionals and wonderful people. Everyone of them.

The show?


I now understand why people love BHIC they way they do. The band was simply spectacular.

The love Ben and his band feels for the Blind Boys was so apparent it brought tears to your eyes.

The show was unreal. The song list beyond reproach.

Now that Phish is gone....

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are theur worthy successors.

Imagine 3 set 5 hour Ben Harper shows!!!!

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First the show was sick... I have seen ben 10 times this has to be one of my personal favorties. First for people who havent been to the apollo it is a real small place not a bad seat in the house. There are shandlers and historic pictures on the wall. When you walk in to the apollo a man welcomes you ans says Welcome to the world famous apollo theater where stars are born. Everyone in the whole apollo staff where very polite it wasnt like nomal ushers at a show. There people really took some pride in what they do. So i got there with my girlfriend abotu 7:45. I live in Jersey so it was a little bit of a trip for me. SO after getting in and just being amazed on how nice the apollo it self is we found our seats which where on right side seventh row. They where great seats. I was a little worried about how the seats where going to be but that was quickly put to rest becuase they are on a slant so everyone can see which was super nice. When we got in they where playign some bob, peter and burning spear on the speakers they they must of gotten from roger steffens becuase some of the songs where alt and unreleased and the sound was near to perfect which in it self is a treat. Ben took stage a little after eight oclock. The crowd went wild. But everyone had to sit down atlest int he lower seaction becuse they wherer taping the show. Even the bar closed down so no one would get up durning the set. The blind boys followed ben right on to stage and sat down right next to ben in folding chairs. ANd the set started. Whcih was amazing to say the least you can check otu the set on the set list page. Durning the seconde encore they tooked the blind boys and one of they even came out of to the floor it was nothign less then sensational! It was one of those shows you know its just special and everyone that wasnt there really missed out on such, that it made you sad in a way that not everyone who loves ben and the blind boys could see it.ben came on for the 3 encore and really jamed out with the band the two hands in to war really flowed nicely which simetimes it doesnt always but last night it really did. All so excuse me mister was a highlight on the encore set it self they really jamed out. Anyway o have soem pics for the hsow i hope i can share with all of you sooner then later . Thanks Ben, the innocent criminals, and the blind boys of alabama for putting on show a magical show at such a magicval place.. Take it easy......... Jack

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BHIC were amazing, the apollo is so small it is like an auditorium. the blind boys were awesome. all in all it was a great show.

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The show was absolutely amazing. The Apollo is probably the best venue for seeing Ben. It is really small and intimate. The Blind Boys of Alabama added a great spiritual component to all the songs they sang with Ben. Ben making Excuse Me Mister more Reggae sounding was a great touch. Overall just a spectacular show