10.13.04 New York City, NY

Last Call with Carson Daly NBC Studio 8-H

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Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama Setlist 1969-12-31 - Last Call with Carson Daly - New York City, NY

BHIC and The Blind Boys of Alabama performed songs from their new album "There Will Be A Light." "Take My Hand" and "Wicked Man" were broadcast on the Friday, October 22 episode. "There Will Be A Light" aired on the Wednesday, January 19, 2005 episode.

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Screw the Carson Daily Show!

They are idiots.

I was told I had 4 tickets and arranged with friends to go. The day before these idiots at 1iota send me an email saying ti was over booked and we could come 2 hours and stand in the will call line for a chance for tickets.


I am the biggest Ben there is and I was totally screwed over by Carson Daily.

Once a tool always a tool, Carson.

I almost cried when I was first told I had the 4 tickets. I was so happy.

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Seeing Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals with the Blind Boys of Alabama was amazing! This was my first experience ever seeing Ben Harper. My boyfriend, Tom, is a long time fan of Ben's and I actually was able to get tickets to surprise him. We will be planning a wedding and will be using, Not Fire, Not Ice, as our wedding song.
The performance was the reason we went to the show and we were not in the least disappointed with Ben, the Innocent, nor the Blind Boys. Their music was heart-felt and powerful. I was happy that my first experience was in an intimate setting. I cannot wait to see Ben in concert. It is a relief to have musicians this day and age who are talented and make their own music. Thank you Ben Harper, The Innocent Criminals and The Blind Boys of Alabama for performing in NYC!

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It was cool to see Ben, the IC, and the Blind Boys in a different setting. Other than that I was pretty dissapointed. For one, Iota (the ticket distributor), didnt seem to do a very good job at recruting fans to see Ben and the crew play. Everyone was enthusiastic but that was the most that could be said. I was also dissapointed with the people that worked for Carson's show. His 'security' was a little over zealous and even threatened to kick me out because I was too loud in cheering for the Blind Boys. All in all, I guess I was glad that I went. Mybe, I should have expected to be a little dissapointed after seeing such an incredible show the night before at the Apollo. Even a bad expereince with the Carson people can't take away from the show at the Apollo that was absolutely phenomenal.

P.S. Where was Mr. Fountain?