06.09.05 Santa Monica, CA

Temple Bar with Matt Costa

I Was There
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Sold out show in a packed, hot and sweaty L.A. bar. Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain." While waiting for the band to take stage after his acoustic set, Ben played "Number Three" on an electric guitar (a song which is normally played on the acoustic). It was followed up by a reggae version of "Steal My Kisses" which sequed into Toots and the Maytals' "Pressure Drop."

Who Went

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The last time I saw Ben was at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. I originally had pit tickets to see him at the greek in los angeles, but the show was canceled. I was upset until I found out that he was playing the Temple Bar. I had a friend wait in line for 7 hours to get the tickets and I flew down from San Francisco. Out of the 15 shows that I've seen ben play at, this by far was my favorite. I can really complain when I'm in the second row of a room fill with less than 200 people. Although, my birthday is coming up on May 5 and I just purchased tickets to see him at Bridges, which i'm very excied about. my favorite quote is, "be the change you wish to see in the world," and I believe Ben tries to live his life in that resepct. thank you.

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Ben is such a beautiful soul...it was a pleasure to watch him play.

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very beautiful night - almost perfect setlist - with Mama's Trippin', People Lead, Homeless Child, very tight Pressure Drop, new songs that will be very nice done artistically like he does so well on his albums, Pleasure and Pain. And I am just remembering that the guitar work on Pleasure and Pain was absolutely from heaven, and I think I was melting along with his voice on that acoustic set - feeling something like the love he puts into that guitar I could just listen to from here to eternity! Very nice! I remember thinking that he seemed a little showy on the first few numbers - songs I was loving to be hearing - She's only Happy and Diamonds on the Inside. I thought maybe from the giant international venues or from living in the land of the living dead in Hollywood. Either way, I was begging him in my mind to relax and getting on with shining into his awesome self. He messed up the lyrics on one of the new songs - and that was kind of nice. The microphone gave some feedback (if that is what it is) at one point that gave him a big jump backwards, him saying that this would be permanent in his ear. So I hope his ears are doing all right in general. The solo jam of #3 (I guess is what the others are saying it was) was very nice. It is nice to see Ben enjoying himself musically. He looks like gold with the joy he brings with that music into this heart!! Thankl you. And of course, the whole band is so precious, they look like they have been working hard in the business and I totally respect that!

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Amazing show no doubt! People Lead, Brown Eyes Blues, Please Bleed and Breakin Down were the best of his first set. People lead was just on point the whole song and you could feel the song. He played his newest ones too and there were pretty good. Each one had its own feel and I thought were pretty fresh but rusty. His acoustic set was so initimate and nice to hear those songs so up close. His encore was good but turned great when they played With My Own Two Hands. The main song I wanted to hear going to the show and they ripped it at the end especially playin WAR with it. Everyone was dancin at the end right along with Ben. That small of venue to see Ben is unreal. Everyone was shouted out thank you's and he responded right back with thankin us. HARPER WILL PLAY ON FOREVER!

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Thanks for the previous review! Will be at show tonight! will def post up a review :) ~lizbeth

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some quick highlights and songs they played (since i am so tired and need sleep!!)..it was a BLAST!!!!

packed house, really small venue, was as cool as i thought it would be.. it was very nice to be up close to stage like that!! (kind of like the Two Hands video, it had that vibe)

Micheal Ward is the new guitarist and is pretty good, he reminded me of the bald dude in the record store in high fidelity. the band still seemed a bit rusty since they havent played in so long and some of the songs were shorter and less jammy. i think the set was something like 2:15 - 2:30 long.

opened with She's only Happy in the Sun, beautiful!!
i loved the Will to live, Mama's Trippin', Stop Breakin Down , the new songs also rocked!!! one was a kind of stonesy rocker (Get it like you want it), Gather round the stone is a cool , dark anti-war song and the 3rd i didnt know the title but it was another rockin jam with some sick slide , reminding me of Robert Randolph!!

and very nice different Steal my Kisses reggae version jammed into Pressure Drop!!! and NO burn one down!!!
they also did Please Bleed, Diamonds, Brown Eyed Blues, my own two hands > War (which closed the show)
ben came out acoustic versions of roses from my friends, another lonely day and walk away and Pleasure and Pain with Tom Freud!!
There will be a light was also very good, but a bit different without the blind boys presence, they still did a good job on it.

Before the last song Ben played Number Three electric while the band was getting set for playing the song, that was really SWEEET!! too bad some people were talking through that one. luckily, overall the crowd was pretty quiet during the acoustic numbers...
People Lead and How Many Miles were also unexpected and a bit differently played!

Folks this is going to be a great tour i think!!!