07.07.05 Salt Lake City, UT

Kingsbury Hall University of Utah with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain." The band reprised "Pressure Drop" a capella during their good-byes...

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My first time watching TIC and thank-you. It was the climax of a two week journey across the states, stopping off in Salt Lake especially. It was well worth the extra expenses, which is saying something believe me, and I had a great night. The near perfect setlist was performed very well and just kept going. Kicking off with Whipping Boy was a masterstroke I ,along with the rest of the audience, was immediately bought to my feet. I'm grateful for being given the opportunity to watch Ben Harper and the rest of the band live and continue the word of mouth tradition that filled Kingsbury Hall with people who all had something in common, music. Thanks again

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I love and appreciate the fact Ben loves the music enough to play small theaters. It makes a huge difference. My 11th time to have the pure experience of seeing Mr. Harper live, and I've thought many times it could'nt get better, and it does. Thanks again Ben, Thanks so much! See you soon I hope.

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Wow, that show was amazing. I've seen many different shows and this one ranks right up there with the best of them. Ben came out on stage all clean cut, looking like he just got done with a photo shoot for GQ or something and set the stage for the night with Whipping Boy. I couldn't remember a single moment where I wasn't impressed with the performances or the setlist.
It really was amazing to watch them play a couple of the gospel songs and to see Ben work the crowd just like we were in a church singing along to Take My Hand. When he played Number 3 during the encore, the crowd got a little rowdy which annoyed many in the crowd until someone yelled shut the hell up which actually made Ben chuckle a bit on stage. After that, the crowd was very quiet during the rest of the acoustic set.
I was so impressed with the song selection I had even mentioned to my wife after the first encore the fact that he hadn't even played 3 of the most common songs that I'd heard at the previous shows. Burn One Down was almost as certain as a fight on Jerry Springer but it hadn't made it on the stage yet, same with Sexual Healing and Steal My Kisses. But the best part was that I was excited to see some different songs.
We did get to hear SMK but it was AMAZING! It started off with a little reggae/ska cord that Ben was playing on the guitar and then suddenly we realized that this was a newer version of the song. This was by far the best version of the song that I had heard. It was only made better by the morphing into Pressure Drop that really got the crowd going. I really can only sum up the performance in one word... WOW!
Lastly, as if the night couldn't get any better, we had the opportunity to go backstage to hang out with Ben and Mike, both of which are amazing people. Ben took the time to chat with everyone in the room and it was awesome. He really is a very special person and I'm glad that my wife and I (along with our unborn baby due in 3 months that attended her first concert) had the opportunity to attend and talk with such an amazing person. Thanks for blessing Salt Lake City with your presence!

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Amazing!!! Not only did they play an unbelieveable show, but after the show Ben sat and chatted with a group of us for about 45 mins!!! It was such a humbling experience for myself to be interacting with Ben in such a intimate setting. Ben, you are truly an amazing person, with so much god given talent, THANK YOU for sharing it with the world!!! P.S. Thanks for signing my vinyl!!!

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Definitely can't even begin to tell you how amazing the show last night was. You guys put on the best live show i've ever seen. The setlist couldnt have been more perfect and you guys have such energy on stage. That version of pleasure and pain with tom was absolutely incredible. Meeting Ben after the show was something i've been waiting to do for a long long time. Your music inspires me so much. Thanks for taking the time to come to Salt Lake and please come back soon.

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This was an amazing concert. Ben switched up his beats so it was an original concert. The encores where amazing and the concert was oustanding. It brought everyone to their feet in Kingsbury Hall.

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First off I must say thank you once again Ben & TIC! WOW!
This was my first time seeing you in a theater venue and I thought outdoors was the way to go.
I encourage everyone to check out a show on this tour because of most of them are in theaters.
The song selection couldn't have been better, yet I am always satisfied after every show no matter what.
One thing I realized tonight in this intimate setting was I am lucky to have found this band in this life. You guys are like a gift from heaven. Tonights performance reminds me why it is so important to embrace what we have.
Thanks for the flawless encores and for the treats. It was nice seeing Tom and i'm glad to have been able to see him and Ben the same night!
Oh yeah as far as the reviews go it's impossible to review tonight in words, all I can say is i'm glad I haven't missed one in Utah yet and advise everyone and anyone to get to a show near you! Thanks again fellas.