07.08.05 Missoula, MT

Wilma Theatre with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain."

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This show was phenomenal (sp). I was getting on a plane with a one way ticket to another country two days later and spent the last night with my friends in the wilma. Amazing. Thank you.

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I would have to agree... best ben show I've ever seen... and here's something that those that wern't there wouldn't know, because it's not on the offical set. When the IC came back out for the second encore set there was some downtime setting up some gear, and Ben started playing #3... something I never thought I'd hear live!!! That made this great show even better!!! Only sad thing is I didn't see any tappers :(

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I dare someone to find a more passionate, genuine live performance. I have always appreciated the message in Ben's music, but seeing him pour it all out on the stage with the Innocent Criminals was unreal. The best show I've ever seen...

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My friends and I got to the venue very early and endured the summer sun long enough to earn standing room seats within the first 2-4 rows. I was about 3 people from the stage the whole time.

Tom Freund was a pleasant surprise. I didnt know anything about the guy, but I really enjoyed his set. He started out singing while playing a stand up bass. He won over the crowd before his first chords came out of the instrument.

The crowd was really into it, but were even more polite and non aggro than usual. (Missoula is ALWAYS a chill place to catch a show, but I havent seen a crowd THAT well behaved before.)

There isnt much I can say about the Ben show that could do it justice. I was moved by the music and I was touched by the time the band took with the fans after the show. I went with about 10 of my friends and there wasnt a complaint or a gripe from any of them about anything (besides the one friend that encountered a security guard who didnt like his fire.....but she, like the rest, were nowhere to be seen during Burn One Down.

Thanks to Ben and the Criminals, and also to Tom Freund (who I didnt see after the show :(

See you all again in Missoula! Come back soon!

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AMAZING! My girlfriend and I drove all the way from SD to see Ben and werent let down at all. Missoula and the Wilma left a mark on me that I wont forget! And we were 20ft from Ben the whole show! Worth every mile, minute and penny! 143 Thanks Ben and the Innocent Criminals for the unforgettable experiance...

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The best Ben show I've seen. You were close to the band no matter where you were in the theatre. A great venue for a great show. Live music is always better when it's in your home town. The show was great, the crowd was great. The feeling was the best ever.

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That shit rocked, best show i've seen in a long time......possibly ever, words can't really describe.

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Amazing! One of the most sincere shows I've ever seen. Small, personal, and honest.

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Hard to explain how good this show really was. The crowd and the band were in finest form. It seems like a show you would read about in the Rolling Stone or something. One of a kind. A 20 plus song set from 7 musicians in front of 999 some odd people in a 80+ year old theater. Does it get any better?