07.09.05 Boise, ID

Big Easy Concert House with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain."

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mattcambier6475's picture

I don't know about ungrateful fans, excited, yes, drunk, mostly, but with an aritist like Ben in such a small venue people are bound to have negative comments. Aside from sweating like a stuck pig and being ucomfortably close to fellow concert goers---this show was amazing. Ben's passion and the band's talent really stood out, probably because we were all close enough to see every expression. Best concert I've seen in a LONG time. Ben and The Innocent Criminals are the best live show on the road today. Keep it coming.

anonymous's picture

My 23rd Ben Harper show and I've never been in the presence of so many ungrateful, disrespectful people (granted, 90 were too damn drunk to know how they were acting). It was, however, one of the best song-sets I've ever witnessed. J.P. and I talked about it and he said most of the band was reved by the crowd, but of course Ben was reluctant to put too much into the acoustic songs. I guess you can't get religious about it.

jdaweske38373's picture

Over the years I have been to 7 harper shows...This last one was by far the best yet, absolutly incredible. I will see him every opportunity I get. Later

big_trev6412630's picture

Simply Amazing!!! I've seen him 7 times total, and this show was one of the tops. The setlist incorporated a little music from all of Ben's history, and even included some new songs. Ben really knows how to make a croud feel special, catering to emotion and harmony. Thank you so much!!!!

anonymous's picture

The show was one of the most energetic and soulful concert i've ever seen. Many times i found my jow dropped and i had to pick it up to keep from drooling. Juan ruled the bass. Leon makes a djembe sound like a full african drum circle. Ben's voice was incredible. Props to the rest of the guys for being amazing, and to Tom Fruend for kicking ass as well. I recommend picking up his cd. We got to talk with ben for a bit after the show. He's the nicest, most sincere, and down to earth guy. He thanked us for being there more than we thanked him for being a badass. He's as amazing in real life as he is on stage. Plus he dresses soooo fucking cool. thanks to all for coming

glfontaine13223's picture

these guys flat laid it down! there are really no words to describe how amazing this show really was, or how lucky and blessed the world is to have Ben Harper! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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Absolutley one of the best shows hands down ever in all my life. The vibe was great- the guys were fealing it and even played a new song get it like you like it I wish I could go to every single show, but I am stuck in Boise. What a rare treat in our town. We even ran into Jason and Leon before the show out by our bus, and we all just wanted to say thanks for the show we love you guys- Zion, Josh, Colby, and Leslie. Peace