07.10.05 Spokane, WA

Big Easy Concert House with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain." Bruce Bishop sat in on "Suzie Blue" on guitar.

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WOW is all I have to say. Only by chance did I get tickets and I was extremely happy that I did. I have been fortunate enough to see Ben on both sides of the country, meet him at the famous Nick's in Claremont, and then got to hang out with the band after this concert at the Big Easy. After the amazing show (the smallest BHIC show I have ever been to) we saw Leon outside and he invited us to come back to the Davenport with them. The staff at the Davenport opened the Peacock Room (their bar/lounge) and let us hang out. After a couple of drinks Ben walked in and sat down. I approached him and he told me I looked familiar. Then I told him I was from Upland, CA (right next to Claremont) and met him at Nick's. He stood up, said I was like family, and gave me a big hug. After just about crapping myself we went back to the cigar room with Leon and got a chance to burn with him. Afterward we asked the bartender if they had ever let anyone smoke the wacky stuff in there, he said never. Great Show, Great Night! Thanks Ben, Leon, and the rest!

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My boyfriend and I were so excited when we heard you were coming near Clagary we found a concert date that fit our scheduale and drove on down to Spokane. We have seen Ben 4 times, once including Italy and the Spokane Concert was by far the best casue of the song selections and the up close adn personal atmosphere he set in the Big Easy location. We love Ben and everytiem we see he he performs better and better each time. Thanks Ben again.

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Fantastic. My wife and i were waiting a long time to be able to see you guys live and it was well woth the wait. I've been to a lot of shows but i think that takes the cake! thanx for coming to visit us! we will see you next time! anyway to get an audio copy of that show?

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It was very interesting to see BHIC in a smaller venue like the Big Easy. The opening couple of numbers really fit the atmosphere, like an old saloon or something. The mixing and sound was perfect for the small venue. To have a range from a huge place like the Gorge last time in WA and now at the Big Easy I was heavily impressed. I tip my hat to all participants and extend a Spokane welcome to BHIC any time in the future. This was my eighth BHIC show viewed. Peace and Bless, Justin Robbins

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I broke my foot one week prior to the concert so I was worried it would hurt to stand the entire time but I sucked it up and enjoyed every last song, completely forgeting of all of my problems. Everyone in your band is talented to its most extreme. I fell in love with Ben's voice all over again and purley enjoyed the drum solo in burn one down. Thank you for an expirience I will never forget.....catch you next time!!!

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The show was fantastic, absolutely amazing! We had a wonderful evening. Thanks so much for visiting us.....you made our entire year. The set list was excellent. We love you guys! Sorry we couldn't find you after the show we had some enjoyable northwest treats for you.
With Love - from the dumb party girls in VIP who locked themselves out of the venue after the show. :(

I would be interested in any live recordings from this show if they become available.

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It was the Best show I have seen! I have been waiting to see Ben live for 10 years. And He did not disappoint! I have never seen a spokane crowd that into a show! Thanks Ben!

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Having grown up in Claremont, CA and being around the folk music center my whole life, it was such a treat to finally see him live. Also knowing him through our family friend Bill Bentley and knowing he was a box boy for Bentleys Market makes the world that much smaller :) What an awesome show.

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Had just seen the show in Missoula. It was amazing! This show was amazing! Met Ben after the show outside. What a nice guy. When I told him we'd just seen him in Missoula, he asked me if they had switched the set list up enough for us to enjoy the show. He did, and we did. Thanks.