07.12.05 Vancouver, BC

Commodore Ballroom with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain."

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i just want to add that it WAS the best concert ......

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the music was simply amazing .I was very set back by the lack of dancing (not standing and moving from the knees up)
my husband and I, were I feel the only ones who didnt stand and be zombies we felt the music ,moved to the way we felt during each song the band and ben played. for he is NOT a god to be looked apon in a stuper but as an artist expressing himself in song. A way I can not I do so in ways like dancing from my heart ....if you listen ,Ben's words are healing to the mind and soul .....ben you will rise......

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THREE words to describe this show...FAN Freegin' Tastic. Ben Harper is the epitome of what an energetic show is all about. you couldn't see anyone standing still, from his opening psalm (don't take that attitude to your grave) to some of his great classics (glory and consequences>brown eyed blues> homeless child>diamonds on the inside> please bleed>the will to liveetc...). Ben and the Innnocent Criminals played and sang each tune in near perfection and always in synchronicity especially during a jam....little wonder why the mighty Commodore Ballroom felt like it was suffering a quake that is 9 on the richter scale. to close the set with the anthem, burn one down was beyond me...since it represents what we believe here in british columbia.
what can anyone say to 3 encores!
it's always a treat to see Ben wail on his guitar and chants some of his somber yet melodic arias (another lonley day, walk away). and finally, what better way to close the evening than the lyrical amen omen and the rhythmic sound of with my own 2 hands/war.
once again, THANKS and KUDOS to BEN HARPER and the Innocent Criminals for a memorable night.

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what can i say in words for seeing ben harper and the innocent criminals at the commodore ballroom last night besides that it was a totally spellbinding dream come true, every song delivered and the band was as solid as ever...a great version of gather round the stone...was hoping to hear get it like youlike it ..but had many other treats through the night to make up...definatly goes to number 1 show of a life time...and to top it all off meeting ben, oliver, tom and evil vince made things that much more sweet... thank you guys for making your way here to see the mountain people... it was a real treat for everyone who had the good fortune of being there...have a awesome tour and looking forward the new c.d. and seeing you all back here one day ...peace and love robin

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THis was the first time i've seen BHIC and the show absolutely blew my mind, what a stage presence and such passion, truely an amazing artist! perfect venue too, ben @ the commodore, doesn't get much better then that. Burn one Down was unreal and a searing performance of Amen Omen in the 3(yes 3rd) encore! best night of the summer! THank you!

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Never disappoints. Closing with With My Own Two Hands was wild, as was Ben's roaring version of Please Bleed. Seeing him in a small venue was an absolute treat.

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So Insanely good. There is something special about seeing Ben in a small venue, his link with the crowd is amazing. Burn one down capped off the first set in true Vancouver style. Pleasure and Pain with Tom Freund was a sight to see, and to cap it all off for me was Walk away. Every single song was extrordinary, plus my friend got one of Leons drum sticks. The show just ended, and I can't wait to see Ben again.

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it was great to see ben in a smaller venue again as the last couple of shows (thunderbird stadium and plaza of nations)seemed to lose the intimacy.still cant beat the first time i saw him at 86 street or better still at his first orpheum performance

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WOW...it was great to have Ben in such a small Venue. Couldn't have asked for a better vibe,
Thanks for the great night