07.13.05 Seattle, WA

Moore Theatre with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain." Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder joined in on "With My Own Two Hands."

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Mark, are you still going to send me those pics? my email is michaelwhays@hotmail.com sweet!

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Ediie Vedder!

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bought 2 scalped tickets for 175, my girlfriend and i were the first people in line, showed up at 11:30am, camped out and met several members of the band including evil vince..he hooked us up with some great shirts, laughed with leon, just an amazing experience! the concert, crowd was intense..ben played many songs i didnt think he would play including widow of a living man!!! my girlfriends first show and hopefully not her last!! i still get goose bumps when i look at my photos!!

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Respect for the man but we see Ed all the time. The best thing about this truly amazing show was the Pleasure and Pain duet with Tom, as it was meant to be.

The performances were absolutely dialed and the song choices were perfect.

I've been to many, including the first Seattle show at the Backstage, and this night was truly exceptional.

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it is completely beautiful to watch an artist so genuine and sincere onstage. thanks for the music - the words - and for being up there promoting peace - believing people can make a difference - and singing about all that is fucked up. you completely silenced us ben - thats a rare ability - thank you for using it in such positive ways. there was some amazing energy at the seattle show - pretty unforgettable. but what else could one expect - its seattle afterall. yay for eddie being there!!!!!! come back you guys- and thanks for the small venue - it suits you.

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It's been 3 days since the show and I still can't stop smiling or irritating all of my friends because I won't shut up about it!! This was my 4th Ben Harper show and absolutely the most amazing performance I've seen. Having front row seats to witness it was the iceing on the cake. I'm so impressed with this man and his complete dedication to his music and his fans. I litterely couldn't stop the tears from falling when he did his acoustic encore. Ben, I have watched your career and popularity grow through the last 8 years. Even knowing back then you were something special. But having you decide to take your show back to such intimate venues when you could pack colliseums is the best example I know of a true artist. Thanks again Mr. Harper....you are the definition of Class! Come see us again soon.

Leslie (Tacoma, Wa.)

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This was the BEST concert I have ever seen in my LIFE!!! Fantastic. I can't wait to see them again. The Moore Theatre was a great venue, comfortable chairs... Awesome. 29 Songs! He must have REALLY liked us!

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As Ben said, you MAYBE get a crowd like this once a year. I've seen them 2 dozen times now and this WAS the best crowd I've ever been with. It's obvious that it was appreciated on both ends.
3000 mile road trip paid off. 29+ songs with a little Eddie dessert. Just incredible.

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The first time I saw ben was at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia and this show brought it all full circle. I felt like I was back in atlanta. I've seen him everytime he's come through washington but not in such an intimate atmosphere. I had high hopes of even surpassing his last show at the Gorge and he totally did. The passion and intensity he brings in his voice and his insane guitar skills out ranks anyone I've ever seen live.

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Amazing show! I got in line with 3 others in front of the moore at eleven thirty for this show. Got to meet leon, jason, oliver and juan before the show. I stayed after with chuck to but as he said ben and eddie bolted out of the back door down the street. i yelled ay! and ben gave me a pat on the shoulder and siad thaks for comming to the show and he was off. I was a little dissaspointed he could afford the time to stop for a moment to meet 6 of his most dedicated fans but hey... The best show i have been too in a long time. had a great time chillin with evil vince.

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Ben you make me cry everytime I see you. Your unlike any other artists. One of a kind. I love how your so thankful to your fans for being there. last night was my forth time seeing you and the best yet. keep doing what , what your doing. A hero to me. Take care.

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that was seriuosly the best show i have seen! it was the best you guys rock! i loved when eddie came on! and everyone was like whoa! it was sick. THE BEST PART was being in the very front! lates you guys are sick! )

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Thanks so much for an unforgetable night. That was an amazing show. I have never felt such a strong connection with an artist in a live setting before. Ben you are an enlightened man with true wisdom. Innocent criminals you guys are great. God bless you and come back soon.

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Thank you so much BEN! Your music speaks to my soul. The show last night was pure bliss from beging to end, especially your acoustic set in the middle.......magic I say! I feel so honored to have been part of such an intimate crowd, and to end it all with Eddie....... well.....you know how we feel about Eddie!
You have rocked me before, but last night was special! peace, Jane

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thank you ben!!! i was invited to go with my sister, she had also taken me to the 2003 show at the gorge i thought that was amazingly wonderful...and yet this was 50 times greater...i could feel the music running through my body throughout the night...please come back as soon as you're done in the studio...you are a talent like no other don't stop doing what you're doing!!!! again THANK YOU!!!! - RACHEL

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WOW!! What a magic show. It was so great to see ben in such a small venue with such a great respectful crowd. The set list was great. The new songs esp 'Gather round the stone' were great and went down well with the crowd. I had a feeling Eddie would jump up on stage since I know those two are mates. Ben solo encore with the acoustic guitar was stella, I knew I was watching greatness from the moment he stepped on stage. in my opion the greatest singer song writer of my generation. Ran into Olivia after the show and he was really cool and signed my ben harper shirt. Nice guy. Thanks guys, best show I've seen ever.

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What a truly special/great show. And Tom Freund did a great job opening. Hung around after words and got to meet everyone except Ben. He ran off with Eddie to go to a studio, but Oliver is the nicest person you'ld ever want to meet, and I was very tempted to join him and Tom for a few drinks. Tom gave me his email to send him some copies of my pictures from the show, we took final pictures with Oliver, and said good night to a wonderful evening. THANKS GUYS.

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This was my first Ben show, but definatly not my last. Ben has shown all of us what being an amazing musician really means. Thank You sooooo much Ben, and I will see you tomorrow night in Portland.

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having gone to the spokane show and keeping up with set lists i kinda had an idea of what was to come. you could feel the engery everywhere, right from when ben sat down and started with whipping boy to when eddie veder got on stage and got a seattle ovation to when the band carried ben off stage. i thought the best show ever was at the goorge in '03 but i think i stand corrected, well, either way this show was hot!!! with a set list to match!!! the show of the year!!! i can't wait to see them tomorrow! watch out portland! hey ben, don't ever stop touring! you are an amazing artist with an amizing gift. Peace

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Who knew so much energy could be packed into such a small space? Once I heard the jazzy Suzie Blue, I knew I was in for a truly unforgettable night.

Ben's voice was smooth like butter and it was so wonderful to see Juan and the boys in such an intimate setting. This show is at the top of my all-time greatest list. The music's still rattling in my bones! See you tomorrow in Portland!


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Wow, three hours of an amazing amazing band. Three encores and a surprise visit by Eddie Vedder at the end to sing My Own Two Hands/War. Amazing. I am speechless. The last encore featured Ben playing solo acoustic/slide guitar. Thank you Ben!!!