07.14.05 Portland, OR

Roseland Theater with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain."

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I will always remember Ben jumping up on a speaker then to the top balcony rail and scaling it around the theater!! We were sitting up top and he reached out to give high 5's across the way! amazing show as always!!

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All I can say is WOW. My first BHIC show. It won't be the last.

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Ben has come so far with his playing and his vocals. I've never been to a live performance that was full of so much passion, sincerity, musical contrast, showmanship, and pure fun! That night he showed everyone many sides of himself. That night he was your best friend. The most energetic show I've ever witnessed. To say the least On July 14th, 2005 there was no better place to be on earth.

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Completely Spiritual...
You lifted the room... taking us to a point of truth, through peace and sorrow, hope and loss, we saw together.
It t'was a beautiful thing, the sea of hands filling the crowd, ready to change the world... Faith is what it takes, and you bring it out in us all.
Keep rockin the soul and sheding thy light.... all the way to freedom.
Forever true,
Ashlee Caroline Holtorf

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Thanks Ben! My first show and an amazing one at that. It's no fluke why the tickets to your show sell out in less than one hour!

Please come back to Oregon soon! Peace.

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One amazing birthday present. I turned 34 that night. I felt nearly every emotion under the sun. Had a bit of a falling out w/ my girl the day before. We wound up going together and some incredible healing did happen. Everyone in the Roseland spoke to God, I shed a tear during Pleasure & Pain & Walk Away, and wanted to touch the heavens during My Own 2 Hands. You have a beautiful energy, Ben. You know the shadows as well as the light. One of the most soulful performers of our generation! (And I've been to hundreds of shows) One complaint and one only. That's to the beligerant ones who can't keep a tight lip when Ben is playing quiet. I like a party like the next guy but for christ's sake - the brother is laying is heart on his sleeve! It spoiled some very beautiful moments. Every crowd has them. Oh well.
On a side note. Last time I saw been he was sharing the stage w/ Popper during Alone. He shredded me then and more so this time around. Small venues suit BHIC.

Peace & love


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Thank you Ben and the IC's for putting on such a great show. There was no better way to end the show then with the With My Own Two Hands/War jam at the end of the night. Anytime BHIC is in Oregon I will be there because their music is truely special.


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Hands were raised from and to the stage and blessings were passed. I was and always am inspired by the incredible show of humility, passion, and love that surrounded us. I saw so many tears of joy and hope. Still other tears I felt as the sweet spirit of God filled the spaces of our beings and we joined together in raising the prayer there is a better way! There is hope, there is a better way, there is light. Ben showed us in Portland Oregon, this nite, that there is Light and we must let it shine out of us, for that shining is the hope of humanity.

Honestly speaking, BHIC shook me so deep I am not the same person. Ben and Co. rocked!!!!!

Ben, drop me line, come play some music in the mountains of Oregon. Its quiet here.

Peace to all!!!

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Thanks for the great show!

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Wow...that is all I can say. This was my second ben show (the first being the night before in seattle.) I was thinking that there was no way that they could beat seattle, and I found out that there is no possible way to compare his shows... he gives his best every night. To top off my excitment we waited outside the show to meet ben, and two hours later we were rewarded not only with autographs, but with a group photo and hugs.Thank You Ben for all you have given us

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What a sweet show!!!
Such an IRIE presence Ben has each and every time.
I've been enjoying Ben's music for a long time and he just seems to get better and better. I don't know how that is possible when he is already top ranking!!!
Seriously, since the first time I saw Ben play back at the U of O in Eugene, Oregon back in like 1993ish on this outdoor lawn he has just blown me and all my friends away. From such Irie shows played in Amsterdam, to Reggae on the River, to the Hult Center and on and on. Ben you rock and can lullaby and amaze everyone over and over again. No matter what venue, or what artist you play with, you are always straight at the tip top!
Thanks for being you and for being a POSITIVE messenger for truths and rights!!!
Brian like a lion onto Zion
PDX, Oregon

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That show was the reason that Ben and company do what they do. PERFECTION. To feel the emotion of every lyric sang and note played as the whole house grooved was nothing short of Heaven here on earth. To have Ben come into the balcony and to be able to say thank you as I held his hand will be a moment of fandom that can not be surpassed. It was my wife's first Ben show and all she could say over and over was Ben f***ing rocks! Indeed. Thanks again Ben and you Innocent Criminals too, and please never, ever stop Burning One Down.

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More than just a Temporary Remedy...
This show was the perfect antidote end an otherwise crappy day. Last night's show was fan-freakin-tastic!!! Ben is inspiring on so many levels, and the band was perfect last night. I have been to many shows at the Roseland, and this was by far the most exciting artist-hits-the-balcony feat ever! I was especially excited to kiss Ben's hand as he went 'round the balcony. I felt honored to share in his energy. Bless his beautiful voice, spirit and musicianship. What a gift...

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Ben - Bless You for being so powerful and passionate with your music. It felt so good to witness and participate! What an amazing show - you were at your finest. Mike Ward really fits with you guys - give it up for all the boys last night. Thanks to Tom for 'Pleasure and Pain', the whole acoustic encore was just perfect. Hope you can continue to play the smaller shows for us!

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I think Nate's post (first one on here) sums it up well. What a show! What an experience! There aren't words that give last night justice except for one...EPIC.
Ben continues to restore our faith in humanity and the real reason we're all here on this earth. It's the delivery of these messages that blow me away.
Thanks BHIC for a great show in Portland.

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The best show, no, best EXPERIENCE of my life!!!
The passion that Ben plays with is unmatched! We were all so lucky to see that set. Suzie Blue was more than we could have hoped for(Michael Ward was just awesome last night) the acoustic set was of course flawless, Breakin' Down, Temporary Remedy, every song was so passionate from the whole band, it'll stick with me forever. But Ben climbing into the stands during Glory&Consequence made it an experience none will forget.

After the show Ben, Leon and Oliver were so cool and real with the crowd that was outside. Ben told me how much he appreciated me being right up front singing along during the show, and when I thanked him and told him how cool it was that he noticed, he just said thank you, you guys were on every word. He is so real, so humble and so unfreaking-believably talented. I am shocked there are still tickets available anywhere in the country, I got my moneys worth by the end of the first song...

Thank you so much Ben, Leon, Juan, Jason, Oliver and Michael....DON'T EVER STOP!!!

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Lastnight at the Roseland was a first for me. Ben and crew really lit it up. The passion comming from the stage was genuine and rare in today's sound bite world. Ben's solo jam showcased the talent and skill of this world class performer. His walk through the crowd (on the balcony railing no less) showed that he has not forgotten his people, a great sign of respect. I hope he felt the same back from us. Thanks Ben.

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Blown away... I've been Seeing BHIC in OR and WA for the last 10-11 years. This was the best show yet. Thanks guys! (keep playing the small venues!!)

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I've seen these guys put on great shows but last night was just brilliant. Amazing energy, amazing set, Ben busting out the tightrope walk, couldn't have been a better show. One of the best crowds I've ever been apart of, people were going nuts all night. To be in such an intimate venue watching those guys play for almost 3 hrs was something I won't soon forget. Thanks for showing Portland how it's done boys!

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WOW! That was one of the most amazing shows I've ever been to -- BHIC has got to be the most beautiful band, inside & outside, around. The chemistry, the passion, the love was out in full force last night. Thanks fellas for such an earth-shattering show.

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Simply amazing!!! It was my first Ben show ever and I left just blown away. Two new songs were played and both were great. Mixed in with all the great music was watching Ben walk around the rail of the balcony, simply saying high to all the fans upstairs while the rest of the guys just jammed out. This was a great virgin experience. I could try to say more but damn...I am getting goose bumps just thinking about the show.