07.16.05 San Francisco, CA

Warfield Theatre with Tom Freund

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First BHIC performance of "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." (Ben first sang the song with The Funk Brothers for the "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" documentary.) Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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anonymous's picture

There are over a million words in the English language, yet I cannot find any that purely and truthfully describe the event on this night. It is a show that I will be telling my grandchildren about when I am seventy-one years old and one that I will share with all who can comprehend the magnitude of such a passionate display of love, musicianship and mastery. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals have been blessing me with their music for more than five years and I never get tired of it because of shows like this. In addition, I witnessed this show with one of my best friends and without her by my side my experience would not have been complete. I love you BHIC! You reach deep inside of me and touch a part of my life that no one else can. I am blessed to be a witness of your incredible talents and I will never forget this night. Thank you. And thank you!

krichards0097198's picture

As many have already mentioned, there are no words to describe such a phenomenal performance. Ben, Juan, and Leon are some of the most talented and passionate musicians. My only disappointment was the lack of respect shown to them by a few intoxicated individuals who couldn't keep quiet during Ben's intimate, acoustic performance of Number 3. Please know that the acoustic set, as well as the entire show, was greatly appreciated. Thank you, BHIC!! Please come back to NorCal soon...Peace

LLB's picture

Thank You Ben & ICs!! Suzie Blue!!, a Roses that brought me to tears and a fabulous Forgiven. It will take me a while to recover, as usual, you are it Ben!! Looking forward to next time - hope BHIC come back to No.Cal. soon...the Warfield was a bit hot - but I'm always willing to sweat it out for you guys :) We Love You!

anonymous's picture

Truely incredible. I loved the rock version of Please Bleed(one of my favorites) It gave me chills. I think the Warfield is the perfect setting to see BHIC. Thanks for just being so great!

anonymous's picture

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are simply majestic in their poetry and art.

Every aspect of this concert contributed to one of the most extraordinary events of my entire life. BHIC, the crowd, the set, the stage, the Warfield, the friends, the everything - I cannot express in words the way being at this concert has altered my soul and mind.

I had never seen BHIC live and now I know why my husband and our friends rave about y'all live.

Seeing the BHIC live has brought religion to my daily listenings of each of the albums. (I now have them all - as I rushed out to buy Diamonds on the Inside and Burn to Shine the very moment the store opened on Sunday - My collection is now complete.)

I will never forget this concert in all my life. I am forever changed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.

rob.templeton23067's picture

My wife and I are huge BHIC fans and scheduled a trip to San Fran (from Calgary, Canada) for the specific purpose of checling out their live show.
Unbelievable is all we can say. I have seen hundreds of shows and can honestly say that moves to #1. Worried a bit when they broke after 90 minutes but then when Ben returned solo for a set and the band came back out for more it was amazing. Thanks for making our trip truly memorable. We'll be keeping our eyes open for more dates along the coast in the future....Thanks BHIC..and Tom too, great opening show.
Rob and Diane...fans forever

dbtbh31's picture

thank you, ben harper and the incredible innocent criminals: from sactown to missouri to vegas to berkeley to sf and beyond--the warfield show was simply amazing if this was my last bhic show or final concert, i could be at peace...best seats in the house: dead center last row..yep..last row with room behind to dance and groove to the tunes. ain't too proud to beg was straight funk...when ben mention the funk brothers, it was either heard it through the grapevine or atptb and either one would have brought back the soul in rock&roll...the music of ben cannot be categorized: it is what it is...ben, leon, oliver, jason, mike and can't forget evil vince: keep doing what you do--the music is passionate and distinct ... continue success on the road and future endeavors...can't wait for the next album...peace always

monet2u2's picture

Last Saturday was incredible! I've seen Ben every year (several times) for the past 11 years and that was by far one of my top shows of his. Thank you!

Perhaps it was because the band ROCKED, or I was front row center infront of the man himself or that he said thank you to me or that when I blew him a kiss at the end of the night he blew one back to me....or MAYBE it was ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!! I've been grinning since that nite and everyone is tried of me telling them how wonderful an evening it was...but I don't care, that nite is one memory I'll treasure!

zachnasty's picture

It was positively awesome... I was really surprised that Ben played a few of the songs that he did. Suzie Blue was awesome along with Roses from my Friends, and Please Bleed... I gotta say that Brown Eyed Blues and Amen Omen were my favorites, next to burn one down. I was also blown away when he played such an awesome version of Forgiven... Rock On Ben Harper, and i hope to see you again.

anonymous's picture

There isn't an adjective worthy of Saturday's show. Big thanks to the Warfield guys for helping a gal out and getting me in. Ben never fails to amaze me...

cordnowell30124's picture

don't listen to joe'review above....Ben and the boy's were straight amazing in the BAY...I have scene many shows and this was a classic...small venue and ben with a guitar- you cant go wrong....the passion and meaning you feel ben putting into his music is enough to give anyone the chills....nearly three hours of music- with all the classics played beautifully!! No. 3, another lonely day and amen omen were my favs!!!!

the croud was a bit too loud at times- but overall everything was perfect at the warfield!

thomasjacquez17184's picture

shelbo and i were meandering down Market street when she exclaimed, Ben Harper! Without thinking, I said, Ben. He turned as I extended my hand and greeted me with a smile.
We dialogued for about five minutes, then he asked, are you guys going to the show tonight? I replied, no, we waited too long to purchase tickets and a last minute purchase is costly.
well, why don't you give me your names and I will put you on the guest list for tonight's show.
Need I write more?
Ben Harper- Not only do you have the profound gift of mesmerizing your audience with your musical gifts, but your sense of humility supersedes your natural aptitude for music.
Shelbo & Hawk

rickyuser's picture

Best show I have ever seen Ben and the Boys put ever (8+ years, 12 shows). Songs were tight, transitions great, and solo's electric. The set list was amazing (too many songs to count, 2h 30min+). Highlights: Steel my kisses (all reggea'd out) transition into Pressure Drop (cant believe I am saying it, but better than any of the times I have seen Toots play it!!!), #3 awesome version, Two hands/War to close the show Ben is the only person alive that should be allowed to do marley, SIMPLY MAGICAL. Best live performer around... had all the energy in the world. Lowlights: I think my girlfriend is now in love with ben more than me. I think I can deal with that though.

Thanks BHIC we owe you dearly.

kyle1416's picture

OWWWHOOOOOOOOO!!! Straight up soul melting show! Amazing how everytime I experience BHIC (about 25 times now) it stills blows my mind! So awesome to hear some oldies (can we call them that?) like Ground on Down mixed in w/ some new grooves too. Gotta love how ben and da boys infuse new ways to make the music seem like your hearing it for the first time. Burn one down started off with a long percussion solo from Leon...so powerful that it cut through the smoke enough for me to see in order to pass it over to my friend! The first encore was an acoustic mix of songs that just plain moved me. The second encore did not dissapoint either. Rockin' reggae (Steal my kisses!) is a good way to put it, found myself movin' much the same way Ben was bouncing round onstage. One word....PHENOMENAL! Can't wait till the next time BHIC are in da house!!!!

jayfred2096571's picture

I was very let down by the performance at the Warfield on Saturday. First off, who was the bald guitarist that detracted heavily from the show. Did Ben know that guy was on stage behind him? And was that guy under the impression that it was a Metallica show?

Second, I was let down by the crowd in San Fran. To many people other than Ben trying to be heard. People, when Ben is doing solo acoustic, shut and up and listen. You will get much more from the music.

I love Ben and the criminals and have seen them six times previous to this. The jams were not there, the vocals lacked the passion I have come to know and the band seems distant from what it once was.

Please work to correct these BHIC so the next time I can nearly be moved to tears as it was the other times I saw you. Thanks from Oregon

anonymous's picture

Completely mind-blowing evening - This show was special, as it took me back 8 years ago when I first saw BHIC at the Warfield.

15 shows later, thank you BHIC for bringing me back to where it all started for me.

It was truly inspiring and uplifting - essentially a display of all that's good about music and people.

bell's picture

The passion, the energy, and the intensity gave me reason to grove the entire night. What an honor to see you again and to bring my young son to experience beautiful music. Thank you BHIC. I will never forget the night. Music soothes the soul. Bell

bell's picture

The passion, the energy, and the intensity gave me reason to grove the entire night. What an honor to see you again and to bring my young son to experience beautiful music. Thank you BHIC. I will never forget the night. Music soothes the soul. Bell

marley4life25's picture

OH MY GOD!! this was the best fricken show of my life! i've seen ben three times and this was by far the best... i was 2nd row ish and dead center! it ruled! hope to see you around again ben & innocent criminals... peace and love, ty

bjbaier40440's picture

That was, by far, the best show I have ever seen, and maybe will ever see. The setlist was something out of my dreams, if you had given me ben and the boys collection, I would have picked those exact ones and I would have gotten everything I wanted. Amen omen, where could I go, and please bleed were so incredibly soulful and passionate, as was every other song they did. I will never, NEVER forget that experience and I think I'm ruined for any future concert by anyone else, because it probably wont compare.

katherine44_1998425's picture

Truely the most amazing show I have ever seen. Feeling the music with Ben and the Innocent Criminals at the Warfield was a once in a lifetime experience. I am so thankful I got to make it to this sold out show, it is one that I will Never forget. Thank you BHIC for making the music and sharing it with us over and over.

drog48drog4880524's picture

...I am not your whipping boy and don't you forget it. roaring rock, soaring gospel, tender folk, electric, acoustic, stand and deliver, sit and slide, tell the truth and no lies...no lies...Electric highlights: ground on down, please bleed. Straight and sensitive acoustic takes on another lonely day, pleasure and pain (with tom freund whose opening set kicked off with standing bass and heartfelt vocals of promise and love)...reggae infused steal my kisses dissolves into pressure drop (it is you, you, you, you, you...oh yeah) and a motown blast of ain't too proud to beg...jesus died for somebody's sins but not ben's...his turns as the number one son screamed deliverance...First set on fire, ben racing between songs for a new axe and then 1, 2, 3, 4...Leon's percussion solo on Burn One Down through the wafting clouds was happy enough to make you cry...First encore was an acoustic set with the SF yahoos struggling to give quiet and space and ben staying the course with powerful prideful songs of yearning and barely contained urgency...Encore two closed with ben a whirling dervish to marley reggae, letting it all go, surrendering...peace brothers, you've earned the freight to the next town...

pukabeaver22823's picture

I am fulfilled! From the opening note to the end of the almost hour long encore the Warfield was rocked and rolled and taught to listen and made to feel what these wonderful musicians have inside. Ben gave us a piece of himself, we could all feel it. (Thank you, Ben)! The best show I have ever seen, hands down!!

yeqmaster53759's picture

With out any doubt, the best show i've ever experienced! The energy, stage performance, and music left me speechless. Nothing more to say except my thanks to BHIC for the truly amazing and influentual show!!!


anonymous's picture

that was the best show i have ever seen in my entire life...THANK YOU BHIC!!!!

anonymous's picture

it's 14 hours before showtime at the warfield and ben and the boys are going to rock sf/west coast like never before. it will be a show @ the warfield the crowd will be talking about for a long time--the setlist will be unpredictable as the performance will be classic--there will be a light that will burn to shine as we are welcome to a cruel yet beautiful world w/ the will to live and don't forget the fight for your mind to the ground on down...walk away, despite pleasure + pain from the miles we must march, we will wait for an angel and bring on the funk: forever blessed to be a witness and when it's good, it's so so good, it has to be BHIC....PEACE

drewdive's picture

Thanks for the amazing show, ben! it was a moving, spiritual experienced laced with incredible musicianship.

if anyone taped this show (band or otherwise), please consider letting it out for public consumption. it's a show that everyone should hear.