07.17.05 Hollywood, CA

Henry Fonda Theater with Tom Freund

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Charlie Musselwhite sang and played harmonica on "Homeless Child", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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Hmm! I Could Not Walk To The Car. Three hours of jamming. We sat outside for a while to settle down. The energy was surreal, spiritual, unexplainable. Something I will only be able to share with those that were there. Thanks Ben!

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I am thoroughly pissed that I missed this show. I figured its just a show to wind down his last blind bloys stuff. I saw him in Santa Barbara last year and the show (he was the only act) was like an hour. Totally got cheated compared to what the rest of you folks were able to experience. I had the chance to get tix for this and I blew it!! I can only hope that Ben releases his live cd's that they record every show at some point. I'd pay 25 to get a copy of this show.

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I am so bummed i didn't get to go to his concert! Tickets went on sale on a saturday and i tried to buy them on the following monday but it was already sold out! ..Although half of the tickets went to the east coast where people sold them on ebay for 90 each (boooo!).. i hope he comes back to so cal sometime soon!!!! i've only seen him once and his set was only about 2 hours (at street scene), maybe less. come back!!

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Are you serious. This was the most amazing show I've ever been to. I've seen Ben before in San Fran, I have his dvds and I've heard plenty of reviews, but this show topped them all. Ben you tore it up for 3 hrs straight. Ridiculous. Ground on down was heinously bad ass. Ben brought ever race, culture, and age group to the Fonda theater and had everyone lovin it. Best concert of my life.

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Oh my... I hate myself for not going after reading all these people testify that it was amazing! Boo on me for not having friends who wanted to go. Please come back soon Ben!

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Ben brought the funk! That show was off the hook! Wow! The IC's were bringin it! Henry Fonda Theatre was rockin! That was some good livin! Can't wait to do that again!

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What a truly holy experience!I saw both nights @ temple bar(waited in line for 8 hours both days)& thought I'd never see a better BHIC show. Boy was I wrong, from start to finish I had chills. i can't even pick a favorite, because everything was amazing- Ben, the band, the people, the whole show is by far one of the best experiences of my life. I also must say that michael ward is sick, his solos were out of this world! Thank goodness zooma was canceled- smaller venues ROCK!!!! Thank you BHIC for touching my soul, I'm still smiling a week later. I LOVE BHIC!!!!!!! -Lorno-

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I have seen Ben a few times before but never headlining.WOW is all I can say.I have seen many ,many bands live in my life but this show will be remembered forever.Im still tripping days later.Was that one of his best shows or are they always that unreal??? Whipping boy,Please bleed,Amen ohmen....it was magic!!!!!!!! Many Thanks and cant wait till the next one.

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Hey the show was great! I absolutely loved it. I met a girl named Brooke and she was just as amazing. Unfortunately her number melted right on the napkin she wrote it on and I am unable to get a hold of her. If anyone knows her tell her I am looking for her. I do not want that major bummer to be the memory of such an otherwise beautiful night.

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Well Ben you did it again. you wowed me again. this was my second BHIC show and by for the best. I was in town for the weekend got my ticket on eBay at the last possible minute. the money that i over paid was well worth it. The energy that came from the crowd the band was overwhelming. The kind that makes your hair stand up with every song. I cant wait till the next one. keep playing the small venues. I do have a complaint the security was kicking people out for smoking weed. that's right they where kicking people out. just not right!

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DAMN THAT SHIT WAS GOOD. Everytime i think about the show last night, i get all choked up. Ben's performance was magical. i truly just got lost for three hours. It was amazing how you could feel the energy of the room build up with the energy the music. All 1200 people with their hands in the air breathing in ben's heavenly voice. This show will definately be an unforgettable experience for everyone that attended. Thanks ben. At least for the whole three hours i could honestly say i was completely content.

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Wow, this show was amazing. My brother sister and I have been listing to Ben for years and introduced him to our parents. Last night was my parents first show and they were blown away. Ben and the Innocent Criminals are always phenomenal and last night was better than I could have ever hoped for. My parents and I would like to thank Ben and the Innocent Criminals for a fabulous night!

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What a great show! The venue was terrific, the energy was high from the first note @ 9:00 until the lights came on @ midnite. It just kept going and going and it was all great! The band was red hot and Ben's voice was as smooth as silk. I Loved the Steal my Kisses into Pressure Drop, Two Hands into War, Burn one Down, hell it was all good. Give Thanks once again for an amazing experience!!

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What can I say. Unbelievable venue, Amazing performance, & Legendary performer. Ben got it right by playing these smaller venues. The acoustics were outstanding and ben played more songs that I've ever heard any one performer sing at a concert. Every time I thought the show was over they would bring a different guitar out and Ben would blow us away song after song. The new music was great as well. I can't wait for the new album. Keep us posed Ben.

Thank you soooo much. We love you here in So. cal.


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wow!!!! never a surprise when ben jams like that....the venue kicked ass.. hands down the best ben show ive experienced..michael ward jams and much respect to mr. tom fruend

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Last night was HOLY! I woke up today still smiling. For an LA audience to be SO super into it, what a treat for everyone! She's only happy in the sun ... Come ON! Two Hands - the place, including BHIC, was going crazy. ALL of it = Sheer musical joy that I won't ever forget. And Tom Freund is another master. Thank you!

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Last night I saw one of the best Ben shows I've ever seen, they tore it up for about THREE hours. He said that was the best LA crowd he's ever played to also.. and it was evident on how much he was feeding off of the crowd. Going from all out rock assault to ballad, it was a powerful!! During Where Could I Go, he was on preacher mode like Chris Robinson.. singing without the guitar, i'd never seen him that into it before! Ain't too Proud to Beg was also really awesome, as was the Kisses/Pressure Drop jam and Amen Omen!!!! i'm digging the new songs as well..they are rockin' and Gather Round the Stone has some political/war undertones. Suzie Blue was also a nice change because he sang it without playing also. what a great night, i am still amazed!! tons of rippin' slide by Ben and the new guy played some nice guitar also. Towards the end during a jam, Ben jumped up on to Juan's back and then fell down.. he was a dancin' fool, having a great time that's for sure! They certainly set the bar very high for their next tour!!!

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All I can really say is WOW. I was lucky enough to see the first night at the Temple Bar this summer and that was the greatest show I have ever seen in my life. Last nights show equalled it and maybe even surpassed it. THREE HOURS!!!!!! Those three hours represented everything that makes BHIC the best band out there: an incredible setlist that covers blues, gospel, folk, rock, reggae, motown amazing energy from the band during the solos and jamming and the crowd was simply amazing....I have never seen so many people be so into With My Own Two Hands/War as I did last night. Charlie Musselwhite was a great compliment to the band. I hope he goes into the studio with the guys and sits in on a few songs. Can't wait for the new album, Dressed, Gather and Get It all sound like classics. I nearly broke down after Suzie Blue. What a performance! I have been waiting to hear that song live ever since Burn To Shine was realesed. Same with One Road and Please Me. I have waited so long to hear those songs in person and they didn't dissapoint. Aint To Proud To Beg was amazing! The Temptations and the Funk Brothers would be proud guys! Thank you guys for an absolute breathtaking experience in these small venues and I hope we all get to see you in that enviroment once again.

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WOW! My mind has officially been blown and in the best possible way! Managed to get front and center this time, and it was truly an unbelievable night! Highlights for me were Leon's Burn One Down solo (!!), Homeless Child with Charlie Musslewhite (!!!!!), and There Will Be a Light (which brought tears). Oh yea, and Leon came out during Tom Fruend's set and they did Revolution! The crowd was so happy all night!!! Ben seemed really happy with...even pleasantly surprised with the crowd, too! They played soooo long and they even covered Ain't Too Proud to Beg!! SO much fun! Thank you Innocent Criminals for giving us such an powerful and positivie musical gift!!! You guys are truly special!!!

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Just a wonderful night, high energy moments coupled with hear a pin drop beautiful moments. What a treat to have Charlie Musslewhite show up for a few tunes. Truly inspirational. Ben is truly one of the great singer-songwriters of our generation. How he can bring it night after night is amazing.

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I thought it would be hard for anything to top the Temple Bar show, but Ben tore it up for over 3 hrs....the crowd was amazing for the most part, they went nuts for him in what was probably the biggest ovation I've ever seen him get. He looked a little choked up. But after they did a couple encore songs and we thought the show would be over, Ben said Uhh, we're gonna play for awhile if thats alright with you guys and proceeded to bust out another 6 songs or so to cap the night. They looked exhausted at the end.

Great to see everyone again as usual....netters kick ass

So many songs, but I'll try and remember the setlist...

Whipping Boy (just Ben, Juan and Oliver)
Ground on Down (just Ben, Juan, Leon, & Oliver)
Brown Eyed Blues
Burn One Down
Mama's Trippin
Suzie Blue
Homeless Child (w/ Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica)
Excuse Me Mr
Where Could I Go
Diamonds on the Inside
Please Bleed
Gather Round the Stone
Steal My Kisses/Pressure Drop

Another Lonely Day
Power of the Gospel
Walk Away
There Will Be a Light
When Its Good
Pleasure & Pain (w/ Tom Freund)

She's Only Happy in the Sun
Dressed In Black (w/ Charlie Musselwhite on Harmonica)
Woman in You
Get It Like You Like It
Please Me Like You Want To
Amen Omen
Aint Too Proud To Beg
One Road to Freedom
Two Hands/War

The openers Whipping Boy and Ground On Down got the crowd real fired up....Ben sang a killer version of Suzie Blue. Great to hear Charlie Musselman on harmonica for Homeless Child, that was kickass. Where Could I Go Ben was goin off...the voice on that guy is incredible. And was great to hear Forgiven, hadn't heard that in awhile. The new guitarist Michael Ward has got some skills on him, damn. Some killer solos from that guy. From the acoustic, When Its Good and Pleasure & Pain were especially good. My favorites from the extended encore....Dressed in Black, Please Me, and Aint Too Proud To Beg was incredible. Ben paid a little tribute to Motown. Then One Road I'd never heard live before, so that was awesome to hear. Such a great show!

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My wife and I weren't lucky enough to get tickets in the 42 seconds before they sold out but we did have a PRIMO seat at the back door of the Henry Fonda! It was also the gathering ground for the band between sets, seperated just by a chain link fence. We got to talk to everyone in the band about music, it was great.

The sound was perfect and the new songs SOUND GREAT!!! I believe on is Black Diamonds, played in the encore, nice one. And an awesome version of Ain't too Proud to Beg. Fantastic show!!!

It was my 16th or 17th show...!


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doors opened at 7
place was silent during the acoustic set,
mindnumber - inspirational
he played until midnight.