07.19.05 Denver, CO

Fillmore Auditorium with Tom Freund

I Was There
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Charlie Musselwhite sang and played harmonica on "Homeless Child", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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One word....AMAZING. The show was simply stunning...the set, the performance and the crowd all came together in one incredible show. This was one of the best shows I have ever been to...and was worth the eight hour drive from MT. I was even given the honor of meeting Jason and Leon before the show.
Denver thanks you. Kit

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My first BHIC show but definitely will not be the last. The songs just kept coming, it was hot & I was dying of thirst but the music just made me forget about it all. Ending on With My Own Two Hands was the highlight of the night with the chant of I believe in a better way & all of the hands waving in the crowd..incredible. Tom Freund was also great especially on the stand-up bass. Keep on putting albums out Ben, keep using your own two hands!

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what a great artist and what a blessing to be there that night ...thanks bhic

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This concert just blew my mind. every last bit of it made it better and better. from Please me like you want to to Ground On Down to Pleasure and Pain to Pressure Drop it was truly a religious experience. the energy in the room was so intense you couldn't help but dance. And i'd like to thank everyone that was there and a part of it for the expierience!

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What a beautiful and amazing show. Tom Freund was perfect to get the night started. His unique sound with his wonderful stand up bass was a treat. Copper Moon is a sure hit, just to name one of many. I enjoyed his music, poetry, and lovely presence. How cool that Ben and Tom can be together.
Ben, you absolutely overwhelmed the Denver crowd with how much time you spent on stage performing. It was so evident that you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you. I had a brief opportunity and told you about my excitement in hearing a particular song you played, but my only focus should have been to tell you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK. The same goes to the IC. Elania Layman-Denver

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No set of words can descirbe the greatness of the moments we all got to share listening to Ben voice his thoughts in Denver (and in SLC, & Missoula & Boise). Ben, you are an inspired man & thank you for sharing that with us. Thank you for your time & sincerity!
One of YOUR QUEENS....

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FIVE YEARS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!! Ah yes...my first BHIC show, after five long years of waiting...(everytime I was in Europe they were in US, everytime I was in the US they were in Europe!) AND what a great great show. It exceeded ALL of my expectations...now I am looking forward to the next and the next.......and the next....

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unbelievable show!!! the fillmore was one of the all time great shows in history. thank you ben for allowing us to tour with you. and an even bigger thank you for sharing your music...your amazing.

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Well what is there to be said about this concert. To start off this concert could have not been anymore perfect for me, to of my friends from Oklahoma drove up to see the concert and from the moment we stepped into the Fillmore, An overwhelming vibe was beeming from everyone who filled the sold out auditorium. The set could not have been more perfect, with great classics including always have to steal my kisses to burn one down. Then it happend, Ben came out and did a solo first encore, which included tunes like, walk away, and roses from my friends. The intement setting came out in the concert at that point. With a light on Ben, and a Blaze from the audience who all held lighters. It seemed that just when someone said this is probly the last song another five came. I had no expectation or idea thaty this concert would change my life, yet everyone I went with and everyone I talked to was speachless and had no words to describe what we all had just experinced. I think I speak for all in attendence when I say thank you Ben for the way you spoke to us in your inspirational way. We all look forward to seeing you on the next stop.

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Wanted to start with Tom Freund. He really lit up the place last night. The crowd was totally digging him and it was well deserved. I hope we will see BHIC and Tom together more in the future.

As for the great BHIC they never let me down. I think Denver shouted out the love and they reciprocated.
I actually had one of my dreams come true last night when I was able to meet Ben Harper after the show. The greatest thing of all was how he far exceeded anything I could have ever expected. When I told him I was getting married next year to By My Side, his response was Thank You. No Ben Thank You. And Thank You to the IC and Tom Freund. Denver Loves You! Joni D

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The show was incredible, I couldn't believe the end. Everytime I thought it was the last song, Ben was handed another guitar and my friend said my eyes lit up every time. I will have to agree, some of the crowd was rude during Ben's acoustic set, but other than that AMAZING! Hadn't seen the guys since Red Rocks two years ago, and it was a speical treat to see them last night. To all the Innocent Criminals and Ben, you guys are awesome, have so much love for the music and are able to touch everyone in the crowd every time you play. Thanks for your wonderful talents!

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Excellent, excellent show. Only problems were rude people who talked through the whole show, and the sound mixing was a little off (could barely hear Ben's slide playing over harmonica). When Ben's slide was heard it was even more incredible than the last time I heard him, absolutely unbelieveable. Hearing some tunes I've never heard live was such a great experience. I loved every moment.

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This show was great in so many ways.It was a beautiful display for music.Whether it be the smoothness of guitar switches and band members.Or the sways in and out of highs and lows.An acoustic set consisting of walk away, 3, roses from my freinds and waiting on an angel should be enough to sum up how amazing this show actually was.But no one could see past the legandary blues mogul Charlie Musclewhite, the acoustic hipster in tom freud and the blazing guitar solos by the new guitarist Michael Ward.This show was made so great by the small things.Like, the way Juan closes his eyes when he is submerged by the music.Or the way Leon speaks through the tap of a drum.Maybe its the Jason seems to make the keybords cry .Or it could be the way Oliver commands control over this massive conglomeration of drums. What ever it may be the crowd that night loved every bit of the show.And to Ben from myself and many others we would just like to thank you not just for being the biggest influence in our lives.But just for being your self...
Much Love from Denver

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What a great show! When you write music with that kind of passion.... then flawlessly bring it to the stage like that.... INCREDIBLE!! Please Bleed, When it's Good, Whipping Boy, Ground on Down.... perfect!! Too many great ones to list. Mike was a great fit on guitar, and the rest of the band was awesome as well. Don't even get me started with Juan's skills on the bass!! Can't wait for my next BHIC show! Thank you Ben for sharing your musical passion with all of us. --Frank