07.21.05 Chicago, IL

Vic Theatre with Tom Freund

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Vic Theatre - Chicago, IL

Encore 2

Charlie Musselwhite sang and played harmonica on "Homeless Child", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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This was my first and hopefully not last show. Probably the best live performance I have ever seen. Pressure drop was amazing.

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Thanks for coming to Chi-town, Ben. This was my 2nd Ben show. There's something wrong about the Vic and Ben. I was upstairs, and I think you need to be standing for Ben, it was hard to sit still with such beautiful melodies going on.

I was also hoping for a longer acoustic set, maybe he wasn't feeling the crowd?

Why does everyone sing along? I come to hear the best voice in the world, and instead hear the intoxicated man behind me trying to sing falsetto to There Will Be a Light.

I think my CD's are the closest I can get to hearing Ben play live.

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I was pretty dissapointed when the alpine show was cancelled, but thank god it was! I have seen a lot of live music before, but never so well performed with so much talent and passion on the whole bands part and in such an intimate setting. I saw BHIC in Madison WI 2004, and I have to say as good as that show was, I had no idea what we were in for! You gentlemen of BHIC are truly the the elite at what you do, 7/21/05 will be burned into my memory for the rest of my life, Thank you

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That was the most amazing show I have ever seen in my life. The entire setlist rocked but he made my night when he played Suzie Blue. Also, temporary remedy was the best live song I have ever heard. Tom Freund did an amazing job also, I loved his cover of Revolution. I met everybody in the band and they couldn't have been any nicer to their fans. Amazing guys and an amazing show. Thank you Ben, Juan, Leon, Jason, Oliver, Michael, Tom and Charlie -Ryan

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Amazing and touching are the first words that come to mind. It was such an honor to see such an amazing group of musicians in such a small, intimate setting. It was an expericence I will never forget! Thank you, Ben.

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Well, I'm glad you all had a great time. It definitely was awesome let me say. But if you look at the setlists from this tour, it seems we got jipped. For starters I saw that there was a curfew for 1030. NO! I got over it until I looked at my watch and saw 1015 as they did their final goodbye. I turned to my friend and said no (expletive) way and the lights came on. kind of disappointing I have to say. When he came out with the slide guitar for pleasure and pain, I thought ok here we go: whipping boy ground on down maybe even when its good. just can't believe he didn't even play to 1030 at the least!

But I got nothing but love for the boys just was hoping for more

but how could you be upset after that jam during dressed in black? WOW

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This was the most amazing show I have ever been to. Just being in the presence of Ben Harper and hearing him play was unbelievable. Just amazing.. I cant wait til the next one

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what can I say? Truly a profound day for me- from beginning(meeting other fans in line) middle(the show) to the end(MEETING BEN!!!!!) I was front row, directly in front of Ben. I cannot believe the energy and intensity with which Ben and co. perform. I now see how he has fans that follow him all over to catch his shows. I am now one of them. A Ben junkie for life! Thank you BHIC for the 3rd best day of my life. (which is not too bad considering one and two consist of my sons birth and my wedding:) I wish I could find the words to explain what it was like to meet Ben after the show. What a truly BEAUTIFUL human being. He was telling people that the flash on their cameras were not on. He could have just been like fuck it- I just want to hurry instead of retaking this pic. He is genuine. No wonder his music is the best in the world:)love you Ben and the IC's. BTW- Michael is awesome.Love the new guy!

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Absolutely blown away, I've seen Ben before and he was great, but this show was unbelieveable. The energy was great, the music was amazing, and I loved the set list. I just wish it didn't have to end

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Seen ben Multiple times &.........
THIS WAS THE 1!!!!! Best Ben Show Ever!
2 words........PRESSURE DROP!
Thanks Ben!!

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This has to be the greatest live show i have ever been to or even heard. When Ben Broke into Pressure Drop by Toots I lost it, best moment of the night. It was an amazing show I hope and pray i see it on CD stands soon. He mixed his lower key music into his upbeat very well. Ben Harper was pure music last night in its rarest form.

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I've never felt more at a concert than here at Bens Chicago performance. From Glory and Consequence all the way to Dressed In Black, the hairs on my arms were standing straight up. One can't forget to mention Bens acoustic encore, especially when Tom came out in Pleasure and Pain. Ben and the Boys did an amazing job and i can't wait for their next show

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I could die today and be happy. This was my first BHIC show and it had me in tears. It just isn't fair to play Another Lonely Day then lead right into Walk Away. The cover of the Temptations Ain't Too Proud to Beg was amazing. My song of the night was Please Bleed. Honestly, the show could have ended then and I would have got my money's worth. Good lovers make great enemies

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Jesus let........the angels come out to play.
Untouched and unfiltered by the radiance of the Chicago Scene.The Underground of Tom Freund and Ben Harper & the Innocent Crimalnals was heard.....Stellar Performance...for the hearing impaired.....

p.s. Johnny & Susie rule!