07.23.05 Toronto, ON

Kool Haus with Tom Freund

I Was There
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Charlie Musselwhite sang and played harmonica on "Homeless Child", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain." Ben sat in with Tom during his set on "Copper Moon."

Who Went

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maybe one of the sickest concerts i have ever seen. Ben is one of the best live acts out there. Tracks such as Please Bleed and 3 were highlights of the night. How can you not love a singer that asks the audiance do you mind if i play some more music?..great show

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Got to the show about 6 hours early, seen Ben before before the show, also got to talk to Leon, got front row view, got to witness the greatest show Ive ever seen, got to meet Charlie and Tom after the show in the lobby which all added up to my 2 friends and I getting VIP passes to meet Ben after the show, this was without a doubt my favorite night of my life and I can now die a happy man!

Thank you Ben, you are as amazing in person as you are on your albums

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What is there to say except...THANK YOU!!
What an unbelievable night/set/concert/experience!!
I don't want to repeat what's been said by so many fans already but Ben & TIC are truly incredible live performers. What an inspirational experience. I just saw the Coldplay show and though they put on a good perfomance, it didn't compare...no one does it better than Ben and the Boys!

Thanks for remembering us in Toronto....hope to see you again soon.

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I have never witnessed such an event. Here I am, a week later still reeling from that night. Many folk that visit this chatroom are keen on Ben, so I'll save my breath on the details in the hope that the band will somehow read this...I was moved. I was moved to a point that exsistance was altered as I soaked in the incredulous musical, spiritual awakening of this monsterous band. I have never heard a band be right on, in the very beginning musical phrase of the first song, the way these guys were. It took absolutely NO time to get into the groove. The were right on, right away, as if they had already played for an hour. The crowd was great, but they could have danced a bit more. I need to dance to Ben and da boys and I cant understand why others don't as well. Every fiber of my being was in sync with each and every rhythm and beat they emitted. It was religious. It was beautiful. I thought that night...now, I can die.
I just hope they keep on spreading the message, keep moving others, so this world is a little more peaceful than before they came along. God Bless 'em. Ja be with them.

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Awsome show, I've seen ben play here since the very early days , and the Koolhaus show was definatley one of the best. The crowd was awsome one one level, the cheering and grooving to the sweet sounds but on a lower much more dissapointing note. The crowd sucked when it came to helping his or her fellow man and women in times of need. I don't know what it was but people were passing out left and right. I had a poor fellow collapse at my feet and after picking him, no one came to help the poor fellow. So my friend and I carried the guy out while his girlffriend and all of us could not beleive how anyone would not help. I mean come on people. you like Bens music but have you listened to his message in the music. For fuck sakes!!! are you all that scared and wimpy to help a brother or sister in need. And further more, the security sucked, as we were helping this fellow out, they just stred at us like a bunch of gobshites. So come on people help someone when they're down cause one day you're gonna need help too. I hope you read this Ben or your management. Thanks for an awsome show, it's a pity people are too scared to act.

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Seriously, the best concert i have ever been to.....now i know the difference from gold and brass.

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My favorite part of the show was the bass solo, 3 songs in I believe.

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Thank you so much Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals for such beautiful experince. Your music has touched and will continue to touch me with a greater force. Thanks again. Keep peace alive.

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Thank you Ben!
Forever Grateful,
Love Kim and Larry

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Wow, I have seen Ben a few times before and 100's of other shows and I can say that was the best show ever. From the opening act Tom to the venue to the great people in the crowd to the best set list possible, I loved every minute. The way that show made me feel is hard to put into words, I was inspiered to say the least.

The whole show from start to finish was a dream come true, but when Ben came out alone and sang some of the music that made me such a fan it brought me to tears. And as I looked arround I was not the only one, it was a once in a life time moving experiance, and I am so thankful I was there to see, hear and feel it all.

Than when I was completely fulfilled and thought the night could not get any better my boyfriend and I got the chance of a life time, to go to a little afterparty. After a while of me being clueless I realized that Ben and the band were amongst the people I was sitting and drinking with. Trying to think of what I was going to say and stay calm I got to meet, hug and thank Ben for one of the best nights of my life.

I am still in shock and it is still sinking in but I would like to say again to Ben and The Innocent Criminals Thank you all so much for the great music and I hope you keep it up for a long time to come.

With Love, Christie

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Thank You Ben.....simply Thank You.

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hey ben (from above)

where/how can I grab a copy of that show?


and of course that was a ridiculous harper show, that cat never disapoints...

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whoops. max chrs.... here's the rest until the tape cuts.

16 Another Lonely Day
17 Roses From My Friends
18 Waiting On An Angel
19 I Shall Not Walk Alone
20 Walk Away

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What an incredible show. It was my first time seeing Ben Harper and the Innocent Crims and first time every hearing Tom Freund.

I bootlegged the show up until about 11PM when I ran out of mindisc. It's a shame but I'll live. The crowd participation during Burn One Down was INCREDIBLE. Here's the setlist until my tape cuts out.

01 Glory & Consequence
02 How Many Miles Must We March
03 Brown Eyed Blues
04 Everything
05 Homeless Child
06 Gather Round The Stone
07 Please Me Like You Want To
08 Gold To Me
09 Diamonds On The Inside
10 Steal My Kisses / Pressure Drop
11 Jah Work
12 Forgiven
13 Please Bleed
14 Burn One Down

15 >>Encore Break

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any chance you'd be willing to share your recording? I was at this show too and it would be incredible to get to hear a partial bootleg of it.

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Last night's concert was humbled greatness on display in Toronto. The whole night was profound and the experience of watching Ben do his thing live is indescribable. You can only believe it when you see it, and last night everyone believed.

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Amazing Show!

Does anybody know if there's a set list for the show up anywhere?


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It's been nearly 24 hours since I was blessed by the experience of last night's BHIC show and I am still in a state of euphoria. To finally see (feel) one of the planet's the most relevant musicians is truly a gift that I am grateful for. It would be impossible to call out even 5 or 6 songs that were special because each one presented its own message with a unique and dynamic energy. I never was able to see my favorite musician Bob Marley live but last night I remember thinking (even before the War cover), that this was the same chrarisma and energy that Bob exuded. And to see Ben do Marley dance at the end was almost surreal to me. I cannot wait for the next show but somehow I feel last night's intimacy will be hard to reproduce.


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Tom came on early on, and got the crowd started up. Everyone got into it, and my personal favourite was the upright bass.

Then around 9 Ben and the Innocent Criminals came on, and man you couldn't even hear Ben talking over the screaming crowd. To describe the Ben and IC's set is almost impossible. Beautiful, Serene, Euphoria. Hearing Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals live is an amazing experience regardless, but a 3 hour set of it leaves you with the most wholesome and complete concert experience available.

To Ben, Michael, Clarence, Jason, Oliver, Juan and Leon - Thank You from the botton of my heart. For as long as you keep making music from the heart, and as long as you play for the music, you will have a home here in Canada.

Cheers, and god bless.

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OK, after last night I don't care what happens in my life. Ben's show threw a smile on my face that made my cheeks hurt. This man has something special and you can see it on the faces of the IC's..the way they look dumbfounded when Ben goes on one of his runs. Even when he came out for Tom Freund's last song you could see that Tom was amazed by his precense. I found myself constantly saying, that's it, that song just made my night. Ben is the only man that can bring me to tears simply by opening his mouth. After finally hearing Roses in concert I thought it couldn't get any better but after looking back on the entire set each song complimented each other and made the concert a memory for life. Inspiring...

Daniela's picture

Passion, Energy and SOUL ALL AROUND !
An Awakening of ALL the SENSES !
An Incredible Experience that United ALL in T.O !

In a time when my world is crazy ... Ben brings me peace, and has shown me the light, moved me to tears and given me strength.This show truly inspried me ! You are blessed Ben ... and have given me so much pleasure, hope, faith and unconditional love...

Ben and The Innocent Criminals, please keep-on Loving, Laughing, Playing, Singing, Dancing and BEING YOU ... Please FOREVER and ever !

neilonq57468's picture

Once again Ben & The Criminals put on a amazing show. I am continually surprised at how these guys put on show after show with such heart and calibre. There is not a single band in the whole World that puts on a show like they do!!! I am truely blessed to see them and I finally got to meet Ben Harper!

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Petit mot en fran

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Tom came on early and set the tone, boots were stomping, asses were bumping, and the air in the kool haus rang out with an omninous hush that comes when everyone inhales at the same time.

How to describe Ben and the IC's performance? I think the word that immediately jumps to mind is inspiring. The setlist order spoke as loudly as the lyrics did, and when the show ended on 'with my own two hands' there was no clamouring for a 3rd encore. Everyone was spent, everyone was calm, clear headed and blessed with the knowledge of knowing they'd been part of something extraordinary.

I just want to say Thank You to Ben, and to let him know that he will always have a home and an audience in Ben. Your sincerity, and your talent are luminscent. My friend, there will indeed be a light.

Peace be with you.

antefreeze42409's picture

UNREAL....lastnight Ben and the boys set the bar sooooo high that any other concert I go to will have a tough time comparing. I've seen him 3 times now and I must say that this show was special. The crowd and the band fed off each other unlike any other show I've been to. It was my first show at the Kool Haus and I was impressed by the acoustics. Ben was coming through the mic like a recording. The only downside seeing lastnight's show is the long wait till the next one...we'll have the new album to look forward to in the meantime!!!

bhicthegospel's picture

I have been to this venue many times for many good shows,however, I have never witnessed a crowd as excited or as complimentery as I saw last night.

That of course has everything to do with BHIC(Ben) and his endless supply of funk/reggae/blues/country-folk/rock ect......

If I see another show before I see Ben again I will be surprised.
This was my first Ben show and I left without wanting a thing!!
I have been watching his DVD's quite a bit in preperation for this and, agian, he didn't disapoint.

Now I'm rambling but this guy is so refreshingly NOT pretentious and breathes a new life into a music scene that has been stale for 10+ years.

See y'all at the next show

Love Trevor

Wooderson72's picture

Everytime I think Ben can't possible out-do himself, he does ! And as after every BHIC show, I have to say....the best concert I have EVER BEEN TO! A stream of 4 or 5 songs including SMK>Pressure Drop, Burn One Down, Please Bleed, Jah Work and Forgiven during which I dont think I took a breath. Insane. Props to Ben and the boys for an outstanding evening!

radiohead67692's picture

Absolutley AMAZING! What more can be said. Three hours of the most relevant and inspiring music the planet could have had access to. Ben...thanks for waking me up a long time ago and keeping me wide awake!

jamesbazan52764's picture

that was the craziest show ever. It was the second time that I saw him and he eclipsed his last performance. Unreal energy from this guy. Thanks Ben, we owe you alot.

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Ben Played from 9pm until MN. He is one of the only artists that bring me to tears with his old ones and excite me with his new ones. This was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. He out did himself.
His sincerity on stage makes me even a bigger fan.
I find him to be talented musically and politically. He uses music as an outlet to create social change.
It was a treat to see him, all I wanted was more.