07.25.05 Washington, D.C.

9:30 Club with Tom Freund, DJ Evil Vince

I Was There
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Ben sat in with Tom Freund to end his set on "Copper Moon." Charlie Musselwhite sang and played harmonica on "Homeless Child", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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This was the first live performance I saw in the US... three month ago!! That was the fourth time for me to see BH&IC... even if the environnement for concert was really great in the arena of Nimes, France... this more than 3 hrs pure moment of happyness is still in my mind... this was simply tremendous!! I'll go to see you again and again!
Merci Ben pour toute cette musique et ces paroles qui font que tout parait different!

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I couldn't believe that the concert just keep going and going and going ... you made the energizer bunny look like a turtle. I wish that every show was just as long if not longer, I'm lovin it long after the music stopped. PLEASE GIVE US MORE NEXT TIME AROUND.

especially L.M. you are such the budbum brother,
but it's all good, I only wish I had more.

I'll never forget that amazing performance and I'm looking forward to next time - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.
Extra thanks to Leon & JP-Thanks for the pics you guys. Most of all, Ben you are the man, I do not know a man alive today that has been such a huge musical inspiration for me like you have ... I spread the word of BHIC to everyone everyday.

Again, I love all of you, I can't say it enough,

sfcpapkt80738's picture

This was an absolutely amazing show. From the first chord to the last, ben and the innocent criminals were on, playing a varied setlist and captivating the audience. I have seen him play four shows prior to this and none of them were even musically close to what was displayed in DC that night. I have seen many artists and have rarely if ever, seen anyone exhibit that much energy and stage presence. It was reminiscent of Marley in his hayday, bouncing around the stage and pouring his soul into each chord and note, caping it off with a stage dive into the welcoming audience. We loved your performance and effort, just don't forget about the east coast (MD,DC) your next time around!

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it's official - the DC show was the gem of this tour!! i can only imagine how great the next album will be with the guys going into the studio after such an amazing month...let's hope there's also another live album offered up from one or a combination of these shows!!! thanks BHIC!!!

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Best show by the best artist i've ever seen in my life. It was my first time seeing them and it was unbelievable & unforgettable, an amazing performance by Ben and the Innocent Criminals. Thank you!!!!

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pressure drop yeah pressure drop ........ if only i was a little bit taller... top shelf show

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thanks for jah work

a real treat

marionhugonny45835's picture

There is no accurate word to describe what happened last night. Ben was beautiful, powerful, soulful. He made the whole room and the people vibrate at the sound of his voice. He gave us everything he had for three and a half hours. When he sang, every chord and lyric came from deep down him, a passionate, entranced outburst of his faith and talent. At the end of each song however, as if he was waking up from his bliss world, he resumed a genuine humbleness in front of the love that the audience was offering him, almost shy, confused about why so many people were shouting his name. There were so many feelings there.
Of course, this is not to forget the outstanding performance of the Innocent Criminals and guests, whose energy and complicity was feeding Ben's magnificent presence on stage. I left in awe. I still am.
We love you guys. Thank you, for real.

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Last night's show was one of the best BHIC shows I've seen. The energy between the band and the crowd was awesome. I have been missing seeing Ben in small venues and last night I was reminded why. I felt like I (we) was being given a gift of pure musical talent by all. Great energy, great set list, and great guests. Thank you Ben. Peace and many blessings.

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Here are the songs they played in no particular order:

Wicked Man
Where Could I Go
With My Own Two Hands/War
Brown Eyed Blues
Amen Omen
Temporary Remedy
The Woman In You
Please Bleed
Steal My Kisses (slow version)/Pressure Drop
Homeless Child
Jah Work
Ground On Down
Burn One Down
God Fearing Man
How Many Miles Must We March (reggae version)
Ain't To Proud To Beg
Dressed In Black (new song)
Gather Round The Stone (new song)
Get It Like You Like It (new song)

Ben Solo:
Another Lonely Day
Widow Of A Living Man
Number Three
Roses From My Friend
I Shall Not Walk Alone
Walk Away
Pleasure & Pain
When It's Good
There Will Be A Light

mattyfullms1657's picture

This show was legendary!!! Top 5 of all time definitely. I'm still shocked at how long Ben and the boys played and how intense they were throughout. I agree that the smaller venues are MUCH better to see BHIC play in. Ain't too proud to beg and the new songs kicked so much ass. Thanks Ben! See ya in Philly.

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Unbelievable show - I've seen BHIC around 10 times now and I have never felt so much energy!!
In addition to a killer setlist, the addition of Michael Ward to the Innocent Criminals, especially for the newer songs, provides a beautiful background rhythm and sound. And anytime I get to hear Warren Nelson's base solo in Brown Eyed Blues, I'm a happy man.
Ben was out of conrol - during the closer With My Own Two Hands / War, he was dancing so furiously that he just started spinning around and around. 14 total encore songs - WOW

sgilbert31345104's picture

One of the best shows I've ever seen. The set was over three hours with a wide range of songs. First song was God Fearing Man and it ended with With My Own Two Hands/War. Ben played a 9 song solo set for the first encore and it was great aside from some friggin meatheads that felt the need to shout out stupid stuff. Three new songs, one with lyrical references to Johnny Damon, one called Dressed In Black. Charlie played Harmonica on three songs (Homeless Child, Dressed In Black, & ?). I couldnt believe that they play Ain't To Proud To Beg.

anonymous's picture

there are no words to describe that show. i have seen ben many times. that by far was the absolute best. The Woman In You blew me away. i missed the small venues, hopefully there are more to come. thank you Innocent Criminals, truly a blesssing.........................
.............................until next time, rob

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The show was incredible! They played an awesome setlist, and brought great energy.
It was a wonderful night, even despite all the jokers from outside DC who come in to see concerts and then disrespect the venue and the city. The talent on stage was really outstanding and Ben really gave it his all. Thanks, and much love from DC.

soontobepcv57033's picture

Agreed, it was a completely amazing night. The level of feeling and intensity that Ben played with is something I'd never seen before. Blows away the performance I saw last year.

Does anybody happen to know the setlist? I missed the end of the show, am hoping he didn't play anything I was dying to hear...

anonymous's picture

Holy Crap! Ben and the boys were on FIRE last night. The drums were a blazin and Ben was singing as if it was the last show he was ever gonna get to play. The club leaves much to be desired (and the drunk folks who don't shut up are just one of the flaws) but alas, the soul with which Ben sang is something the 9:30 club as not seen in some time.

Thanks fellas...and safe travels to ya!

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Thanks! Ben & the fellas were as impressive as usual. The crowd was def into it and I met a lot of cool people! The show started at 9PM and at midnight the venue turned on the lights to try to wrap the show up, but Ben & the boys just kept on playing. Great setlist, 1,200 of Ben's closest friends, and just a good time! SEE YA IN PHILLY!

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regardless of how uncomfortable the ninethirty club can be cause of the drunk assholes and crowdedness, Ben took over and babtised that filthy little place in the pit hole of DC...he played about three new songs from his upcomming album which rocked, I beleive it was his first time playing there but he needs to come back, the acoustics sounded perfect!!!

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WOW! What an amazing show! It has been 2 and 1/2 years since I have seen Ben and the boys so it was quite the renunion! That topped any Ben Harper show I have seen! Thanks for an amazing show! Maybe next time you could play Annapolis MD (Rams Head)????? Better venue for sure!