07.26.05 Boston, MA

Avalon Ballroom with Tom Freund

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Avalon Ballroom - Boston, MA

Encore 2

Guest Set

Charlie Musselwhite sat in on "Homeless Child", "When It's Good", "Gather 'Round The Stone", and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Leon Mobley also played on "When It's Good." Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain." Ben sat in with Tom Freund on his song "Copper Moon."

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Ben and The IC THANKS! for the best show I have ever been to. The concert was a present for my birthday, first time I saw you play live. I was moved by the way you play and sing. There is so much truth in the lyrics, it's amazing how well you can express it all.It was awesome and I loved the whole three hours of it.

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I will say with full confidence that hands down this concert was the best I have ever been to. THANKYOU Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals. I have never seen such passion and love for music. Honestly, it was incredibly refreshing compared to what some artists produce these days. Watching you guys from the third row back left me in complete awe. You guys, your chemistry & your talent combine to form a truly amazing band. Thankyou again for the most rewarding concert experience I have ever had :)

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In one word I can describe that show....AMAZING!! That is the first time that I've seen Ben Harper full set, and definetly won't be the last. My best friend and I ended up getting there later than we expected, but it all worked out in the end...because we actually got to take pictures and meet the band!! Its so cool, how laid back the band is and how they can just come out when all the fans are lined up for the show and just play football in the street and chill...then go back in and play for over 3 hours! Can't wait for the next tour!!

spkez4life62401's picture

WOW.....!!! It can not be put into words, but I will try. This was my first BHIC show and it is hands down the most amazing live show I have ever seen. Every cent I paid to that scalper was worth it!!!! His on stage presence, his deep richest in voice and lyrics took me musically from every extreme from rock to gospel to blues. The assemble of his bandmates and special guests made for a show Ill never forget. With his soulful crys I envisoined Al Green. With Charlie whaling on his harmonica in the several blues tunes I could only imagine being in the bellies of smoke laden blues bar on a hot summer night listening to some up and rising star. And his version of Stealing Kisses with its Marley-isque riff and beat was making wish I was on some Carribean Island. Leon I enjoyed with his soul in Burn One Down. Juan was an anchor on bass forming a strong backbone with Oliver. I must say as I friend told me, you think his Live From Mars CD is unbelievable....wait to you see him live yourself. Well they were right and I want to thank you Ben and the rest guys for putting on a near 3 hour performance, that I can only hope for again the next time you Tour through the area.

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You know good things will happen when the band opens with Jah Work.

Sadly missed The Woman In You but very delighted to hear tracks from There Will Be A Light.

Very pleased with the Avalon. Hope they play small venues in the future as well.

Excited to hear new music. Thank you for booking this tour in response to your previous plans. Not that we need confirmation, but you are certainly dedicated to the music and your fans. Much appreciated.

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I'd been reading the reviews posted here, following the tour on my computer, and I have to admit I was a little worried that my expectations would be too high for my first Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals show. But DAMN!! Have no fears, the show is beautiful. The small venue was a perfect setting and I wish I had the resourses to just follow this tour to the end.

Homeless Child brought tears to my eyes before a note was played, the a copello begining was sublime. Gather Round the Stone is a masterful new song that has me itching for a new album. Thank-you, Ben. That one's special. I gather round the stone to visit my little brother. He'd have loved your music.

I've been to shows that have been too long, the ears start to hurt, and all the songs tend to start sounding the same. Not this show. It was probably the quickest three hour show I've ever seen. If it was up to me, the show could have gone all night, with a big pizza break at about 2:00AM.

BHIC are artists who seem to be giving their all every night. Whatever energy is feeding them I hope never runs out.
Come back east soon, please. Top this show, I dare you.

Blessed be the Peacemakers, That's the Power of the Gospel. Thank you.

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What a night! By far the best show I've seen. I knew it was going to be a special night with Jah Work as the opening song.

I'm amazed how much energy Ben and company bring to the stage given their demanding tour schedule. Hopefully that schedule will have him back in town in less than two years this time!

The new songs were great. I'm interested knowing whether the Johnny Damon reference is apart of the actual lyrics for Get it Like You Like It or if he was just playing to the Beantown crowd.

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What can we say... our 12 hour drive was well worth it!! This was our first BHIC concert experience and it won't be the last!! CDs and DVDs are great, but a real band defines who they are in their live performance... and BHIC truly showed they are the best and their love for music was evident in their performance. After having the Zooma Tour cancelled, you showed a lot of class and appreciation for your fans by quickly putting together a BHIC tour... much appreciated! The music industry needs more bands like BHIC!
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) would love to see you... you bring BHIC, we'll bring the audience! We'd love to see you on the East Coast.
All the best,

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absolutly incrdible....ben played 3 staraight hours and had everyone moving the entire time there was never a dull moment ben and the rest of the innocent criminals mad props you guys are out of control
also tom freaud was badass on the chello

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Ben and Ben & IC's since 1997. I even saw him play on Marthas Vineyard that year. 8 years and 14+ shows later... this show at Avalon was in the tops. I believe it was 2:45 min. Ben was off stage maybe 8 of those minutes.
There was fire in the belly all night....(though there were the standards), it allowed Ben to play to every person in there. Homeless Child was just unreal and the acoustic set was a set I will never forget. As always I walked away a little changed. There's just one road.............

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Simply put, this show was heavenly bliss!
There is NOTHING! better than an Innocent Criminal show. Thank you very very much Ben.

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Ever since I arrived in the U.S. only eight months ago, I dedicated to indulge myself in what I like the most, live music. I can say I haven't seen such heartfelt performance in a long time. This was my first BHIC show. THANK YOU, Ben & Co. for moving me so deeply with your art. Commitment and art definitely go hand in hand. This is the state of AWE :)

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WOW, these guys were AMAZING. Best 3 hours of live music I've heard in a long time. Hope they come back around soon!!!

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Every Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals concert is AMAZING, last night was no exception. Everyone in the band wants to be there, wants to share the music and the mucianship is always stellar. Thanks so much for coming out, and giving a great performance last night. Also, for taking the time to meet and talk with the fans after the show!

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3 Hours of of the best live music you will ever hear!

The set list for this show was perfect with the Boys playing great songs like Forever, Forgiven, Jah Work and the CD version of Faded.

He opened the aucustic set with Power of the Gospel, played an aucustic version of There Will Be a Light and a powerful version of Shall not Walk Alone while still playing the old staples Another Lonely Day, Walk Away and Roses From My Friends.

Charlie was on stage for 4 or 5 songs and was amazing.

Ben also played 3 new songs with Gather Around the Stone backed up by Charlie being the real highlight for me.

Ben is always one step ahead of me with his musical direction. Can't wait for the new album!

Peace Out!

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awesome red sox reference during one of the new songs (can't rememebr the name). This show was second only to the show Ben played at the Orpheum a few years back!

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great show from ben harper. it was my first show and it's going to be hard to top that any time soon. i've always heard ben play on cds and live shows on cd, but to actually see him play with all the emotion he uses really changed my perspective on him espesially on where could i go, the most moving song in the show.

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This was my first BHIC show ever, and what an adventure it was. Jah Work openner to set the scene for the night was great. Solo acoustic set was great, and Juan Nelson played a great show as well, but the star of the night had to be Charlie Musselwhite. Thanks for a new awesome memory from this summer, stop by again real soon

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Ben and the Innocent Criminals cease to amaze me with their music, talent and dedication to their fans! I feel sorry for those who have never seen them live. Thank you so much for such an amazing evening.

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AMAZING. I've never seen musicians so dedicated to music and fans. Harper played over 3 hours straight. It's awesome that the band can keep traveling and playing long quality shows like this.