07.27.05 New York City, NY

Irving Plaza with Tom Freund

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Irving Plaza - New York City, NY

Guest Set

Charlie Musselwhite sat in on "Homeless Child", "When It's Good", "Gather 'Round The Stone" and "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Leon Mobley also played on "When It's Good." Tom Freund sat in with Ben on "Pleasure And Pain." Ben sat in with Tom on "Copper Moon."

Who Went

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Sorry, but this was my first Ben show and I was sorely disappointed. Ben's passion and honesty that I love was all there, but he played way too much hard-rocky stuff. I know Ben doesn't want to feel confined and wishes to feel free to play/be whatever he wants -- and that's part of why I, and we all, love and respect him. But still, he needs to pay more attention to his audience, and what the audience becomes when he plays so much of the hard stuff. I think, first of all, that of all the types of music Ben excells in writing/playing, his hard-rock stuff is at the bottom of the list. Yes, Glory and Consequence and Please Bleed are unbeleivable songs. But come on -- what we love is the acoustic, the gospel, the soul, the covers, the protests songs, the inspirational, the lovely, the calming and the comforting. The angsty Ben is full of charge and skill, but it isn't who we look for, for guidance and to make us feel good (at least not me). MOST importantly, he got the crowd so riled up that guys were getting so drunk, and even abusive. Four separate drunks came to the front and harrassed the girls in front and next to me it would not have come to that had the concert been more chilled, and less violent sounding. Like, whatever Ben's been going through recently is not something to be ignored, and I'm sure it sucks to keep playing the same shit over and over again, but please -- who is he playing for, anyway? The cliquey girls who cut the lines to get close to him? The idiots who only come to the concert to hear Burn One Down (which was awesomely done, btw, to include the whole crowd) and then get baked? What about those of us who are still fighting for our minds? Ben, if you want more love, then please give it to us and we will love you forever.

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WOW! What else can I say? I have been lucky enough to see BHIC a couple other times at Bonnaroo and Fleet Boston Pavilion and I think that it gets better every time! The intimacy of the Irving plaza coupled with the Passion and electricity of Ben's performance was amazing. Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to the Ben and the band can't wait for next time. Jean

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I have never seen someone with more passion for their music than Ben Harper. You can tell there are years and years of emotion behind his songs, and he's not playing them merely to entertain. This concert was the epitome of such a display. Minus some fans taking out there cell phones to talk to people during the acoustic set (and take pictures throughout the show), it was an enjoyable night.

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This was the first concert that i've ever been too, and I dont think i could have asked for anything more. The energy all night was insane, and it was very clear of the entire bands appriciation of the fans. Thanks BHIC!

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this was my first BHIC show and it was unlike anything i have ever experienced before. to be so close to one of the most inspiring people was incredible. the band was amazing as well. they played all my favorites and made them better that i ahd ever heard them. Glory and consequence, brown eyed blues and please bleed were the highlights of my night. to see ben get into it so much was so amazing. nowhere else will you see the main act coem out on the stage to perform with the opening act. Bens modesty is uncanny. i hope that i should experience something as inspiring in the near future

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To see one of the greatest living musicians and his equally great band in NYC again at such an intimate show is an honor and a privelege. You can't put into words the passion Ben and his music exudes. From the second this band walked onto stage the energy was unstoppable. This is music in the raw, the way it was intended. No fluff, no ego, just pure. I can't thank Ben and the band enough for keeping music true.

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from beginning to end, ben and the gang tore the roof off of the Plaza and even after a two and a half hour set, left the crowd begging (and banging on the walls of the balcony) for more. With my Own Two Hands > War > With my Own Two Hands in the second encore, to say it was phenomenal would be an understatement. Everything they sang and played was done with the typical BHIC passion and fire that makes you realize just what a great show they truly are to see. One day later and I'm still amazed that I was even there.

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Breathtaking, from the opening chords of Glory & Consequence it was an inspiring show from our fearless heroes. I learned two valuable lessons last night, Ben & the Gang get better w/ age and never pick a fight w/ a bottle of Petron. See you in Nashville.