729148591@facebook's picture

This was my 1st show :-)
My 25th bday present!
BH for life :-)

Squirrely's picture

that was one of the best shows I've ever seen in my life. I can't get enough of the raw energy that BHIC gives at every show.
Another GREAT ONE guys, THANKS!!

leahrynn05247557's picture

The concert was a little less than a month ago and still I have such a vivid memory of that night! That was by far the best concert I have ever been too!! I was the one that had my sign read that I was getting married to Beloved One. I couldn't believe that he took the time to read it out loud and thank us! My husband and I were married a week after the concert on the beach in Jamaica with Beloved One playing right on the beach. Thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for making the concert and my wedding such a memorable experience!!!

anonymous's picture

WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND PLAYS A 3 HOUR+ SET!!!!! ben harper is the MAN!!!!! and the show was the best ever!

mikepiaskowski26774's picture

It's been a couple weeks since the show and I'm still getting goose bumps reading the reviews. Incredible. Props to the whole band for thier music and for paying tribute to other timeless musicians including the legendary Funk Brothers.

I must have looked like Belushi doing Cocker threw most of the show, but that's how your music resonates through me. I needed it. Thank You.


tiffanany's picture

Great show...some crummy people and not a good enough view of the stage... was it legal to have that many people in there?!?

anonymous's picture

it's been nearly a week, and i still can't believe what i saw at thursday's show.

the crowd was frozen in amazement during please bleed. it built to it's heartwrenching pinnacle and then harper screamed in emotional pain --- i, and half the crowd, were just deer in headlights. i gripped my forehead in disbelief at the end of it, feeling as though i'd witnessed something personal that i wasn't supposed to.

i've never realized, until seeing him live, what an amazing lyricist ben harper is.

thank you, ben harper

anonymous's picture

This was my first BHIC show I have seen even though it is the third time I have had tickets. I was going to the Zooma tour before it was cancelled and once during the last tour (the one with Jack) I had someone get me a ticket and at the last minute it was given away. I don't even mind having to wait for this concert because it was the best concert I have ever seen. You guys picked the perfect venue for you show this time to my city. The band delivered a very personal show and in my opinion I made contact with each one of the band members. I will never forget this experience. It has been more than a week now and I still have a permanent smile on my face because of this incredible show. I don't know if I can even see another band in concert without being disappointed. Nothing will ever live up to that night. I have ever live album and DVD and I don't think any one of those show live up to the energy and intensity of this show. I love you guys so much. Keep rocking. This show was proof to the statement third time is a charm. Thank you for giving me the best night of my life.

jsonrn2544941's picture

thank you so much BHIC for the greatest show i have ever seen. it was my girlfriends first time seeing you play live,,,,,she told me that night she felt every emotion possible at your show. thank you for the slide. i have a feeling it is my calling to pick up the lap guitar,,,,wish me luck. you and your band are truly amazing individuals,,,,keep writing the songs....keep spreading the love....jason and rachel

smahmood43805's picture

amazed. this was the best show I have been too. the energy and passion wasn't just on stage, the crowd dug ben and the innocent criminals! I am still in awe!

divinchi2457418's picture

I will say this, I worked all day as well as felt very sick. Left work at 6pm to run to the bus station to catch the 7pm bus out of NYC. Had the chills and was throwing up the whole way there. When I got there I was checked and had all of my pens thrown away as well as my white out stick Don't ask me why!. I was very sick the whole time, but when the first song playedGod Fearing Man, WHich happens to be one of my Fav! I began to feel better for the time being. I then needed to sit down due to being very sick and was asked to step outside by one of the bouncers as they thought I was drunk! I don't drink nor do I smoke So I missed almost half of the show due to being sick, but it was still worth the trip and then some. This is my second Ben Harper Concert as I waqs there at the Apollo to see him. I am a fan for LIFE! I hope I just proved that!

anonymous's picture

This was by far the best show I've ever been too. This is a concert that I would love to see come out on CD. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

youngprez35975's picture

I dont know what took me so long,I must have just awakened from the daze that was Ben & The Innocent Criminals.
I've been to literally hundreds of different concerts and cant think of more than 2 or 3 that even comes close to what happeded Sat. nite.
I'd seen BHIC twice but I wasnt prepared for that!!
Every BHIC show in a 200 mile radius of Philly....I'm there!!!!


leo291333377's picture

Words cannot describe the magnitude of greatness that Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals possesed at the Electric Factory. I've seen plenty of concerts and this one clearly tops all of them by far. It was not only a concert it was an entire experience! You haven't lived until you've seen Ben Harper live in concert. This was the first time seeing BHIC live and they absolutley rocked the house, and I hope to see them many many times more in the future.

bgsofly42086's picture

BHIC are by far the best music has to offer. Where was the band at the end of 11th Commandment>Well, Well, Well? It was nice to see the audience claps keep/substitute the bass drum beat and allow Ben to launch into Well, Well, Well.

eLRon's picture

off the charts! i don't know what else to say except thank you again to bhic, tom freund and the electric factory!

pinfire841380's picture

What an absolute honor it was to see Ben Harper and the Innocent criminals at the legendary Electric Factory!!! Forget the Seattle show, this one should have been recorded for an album or DVD!!! The crowd was completely off the charts showing much love for Harper and the crims. I was standing right next to the couple who passed the note to Ben on stage that read Married to the song beloved one Was awesome when Ben thanked them. Clearly Ben and the crims were very inspired by the emotional crowd and vice versa. The energy was insane, the music was seering and beautiful and the women were gorgeous. Like to give a shout out to some new friends I met, J.W., Maren(not sure if thats with an I, Y or E) and Nicole. Maren you are so beautiful and you should get in touch with me!!! I will be talking about this show for years to come. I've seen many bands and very few put on a show like the one 2100 strong saw at the factory last night. Ben and the crims thank you so much for inspiring the hell out of everyone in attendence!!!!
Damn right I am blessed to be a witness!!

derek2285's picture

best show i have been to. They played from 930 to 1245am!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. JUan tore it up like many have mentioned, but what about Leon's solo on burn one down...amazing.

Ben close by saying,thank you for being the best part of music THank you BHIC for being the best part of music.

anonymous's picture

This was the best show i've ever been too. Ben never ran out of energy. Juan was especiall amazing.

anonymous's picture

Great Show. But Ben played Walk Away during the first Encore, and it's not on the set list.

anonymous's picture

Amazing show! I've seen Ben perform Indifference with Eddie and crew at the Garden. I was a speciel moment to see him do it solo. PJ would have been proud!
The show as a whole leaves one speechless... Looking forward to the new album, BHIC. Thanks for a great show filled with energy and countless memories!

frankthetank89905's picture

ive seen a lot of concerts but never in my life have i seen such an emotional proformer. When hes singing upset you want to cry, when hes singing angry you feel his anger and when hes playing an upbeat one.....GOD U WANNA PARTY!!! by far one of the best shows ive ever seen in my life. i will definately will never miss another philly ben harper show.
you are the best part of this music

biz303's picture

Amazing show. I've never been so blown away in my life. The drum/bongo solo was incredible. I've seen BHIC about 10 times, my first time at Bonnaroo, and this one topped them all. Thank you for a truly memorable experiance. The best Birthday that I can remember as well. Didn't think the last encore would end...we know you didn't want to leave Philly Ben!

Thank you!

PS. Please Bleed -- OUTSTANDING!!!!

jonash428246783's picture

Last night was the best concert I've ever been to!!! The engery the entire night was so intense and so much fun! Ben's voice sounded amazing as usual and went on for over 3 hours! I couldn't have asked for a better performance. His appreciation for his fans really showed all night with the letters he read from the crowd, the slider he handed to the guy in fron of me and best of all- the look of absolute appreciation towards the audience's response at the end of the night. I think he was actually choked up! I couldn't have asked for a best performance! It's shows like that that made me the fan I am today!

juc10337388's picture

Show was fantastic. The energy throughout was just amazing, including the entire band. Great setlist. God Fearing Man is an intense opener. Got some old, some new, and some really new (Gather Round the Stone). TONS of classics, and some excellent covers (Pearl Jam, Toots, Marley). What more could we ask for?

The acoustic set was gorgeous, and Ben's voice sounded flawless of course. But when they came out for the second encore, they just wouldn't stop rocking. After they finished each song, I couldn't believe it when they just kept handing Ben different guitars. They rocked virtually nonstop for over 3 hours. Definitely brought it home, and the crowd loved it.

Show highlights: the gospel tunes from There Will Be a Light (thanks especially to Juan's backup vocals) the rocked-out Excuse Me, Mr. Give a Man a Home was gorgeous Ben and Tom on Pleasure and Pain and the entire 2nd encore was just amazing.

Thanks to the entire band. You guys were a blast. And Tom too, a special treat.

Setlist also included Walk Away somewhere in that acoustic set, I believe.

matt.muench30158's picture

Phenominal. 29 songs? Ridiculous. They ALL killed it last night, but to let Juan Nelson's performance go unmentioned is a sin. His crowd control at times was insane, he even had Ben amazed to the point that he laughed and walked away. Keep pimpin' big daddy!

rossinthecity52566's picture

What a fantastic show. It blows my mind how talented they all are - and for once a Philly crowd really seemed to appreciate it. Oh and Tom has at least one new fan now.

fluffhead817's picture

wow... that show was amazing!!! just saw the show about 5 rows back in front of jay on keyboards. ive seen 50 or so shows and this was finally my first time to get to see ben harper and i dont think i could have picked a better show. diamonds was definatly a treat and you have to love the steal my kisses > pressure drop!

singerphild80808's picture


If they aren't the best band around today I'll eat my hat.

thank you so much for what you do guys!

TwoHands7's picture

I just got home from the show...and ive never been so blown away in my life!! the crowd loved every moment and Ben seemed to have so much energy...i think he did a few extra songs during the 2nd encore...with please bleed and forgiven...because he asked what time it was...and looked around and then just went into it...he definitley ended the tour with a bang absolutley amazing!!!

anonymous's picture

Drove down from boston, ma with my girlfriend for our first BHIC concert ever and it was amazing, i really enjoyed every minute of it, and could have listened for another 3.5 hours. Juan was incredible and i was right in front of him the whole time, he seemed to play most of the concert with his eyes closed!..just feelin the music. Im at a loss of words, it was just such a great time, and i cant wait to see them again