07.30.05 Asheville, NC

Orange Peel with Tom Freund

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Tom Freund (double bass) and Jason Yates played on "Beloved One." Tom also sat in on "Pleasure And Pain."

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Drove from Kentucky to see this show, and it was more than worth the price of the trip. The best and longest and most intimate concert imaginable!

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Wow, what can I say this was the most amazing performance i have ever seen. BHIC have so much passion and energy in their shows, I loved every moment of it. This should definitely be made into a live DVD or something just so others can experience what i did. Thanks again guys

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Awesome! Even though the show was sold out, I was convinced that I would find a ticket. I even made a friend in the process (What's up Eric in Gainesville!). It was his first time seeing BHIC and my second. By far the best, best, best show I have ever been to. So initmate, and the amazing energy throughout! I am still buzzing from that show. When are you coming back to Asheville? Thank you for the music.

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My first Ben Harper show, and I've got to say it was the BEST concert I have EVER been to, I met some of the bands crew members, WHAT'S UP SIMEON!!!> where's my BS passes?? I thought the whole thing was FANTASTIC... Going through some of the toughest times in my life, and the show really left an impact- Ben Harper's music is such an inspiration.

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A GREAT show.. i met some cool people while waiting in line (HI!!! Thomas and Megan)....ben did a beautiful job on beloved one!..well worth all the traveling to get there!

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Umm...words can't really describe how amazing this show was. I waited at the doors for 7 hours before the doors opened, and I can tell anyone that it was worth every second. Stage side at this place was a dream in itself. The set was so amazing, and Ben was so intimate with the crowd. Beloved One had to have been my favorite for the night. Ben said that he hadn't played it that way in a long time. I was more than thrilled to have been a part of that experience. This show was absolutely awesome...Thanks to Ben and the rest of the krewe

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Thank you Ben, for the sincerity and honesty of your music. Your love for music and people shines brightly in your live performances. It is rare to find a band that gels so well together. They are passionate, talented and creative. You guys continue to defy genres and stereotypes, unbelieveable. Love your music and live into it!

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A truly transcendent show. Thank you BHIC for sharing your art so beautifully.

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One of the most energized performances I've ever seen. Truely amazing.... to feel the heart & soul of his live preformance. His ability to keep playing is that of an olympic athelete. Thank you, Ben Harper, for one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen.

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Perfect setting for the show, we were so damn close. Ben poured his heart out for over three hours, and songs like Steal my Kisses>Pressure Drop and Glory & Consequence just blew me away. Great show in a great venue in a great city. Thanks to Ben and the Innocent Criminals.
~Keep Asheville Weird~

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Wow, what a wonderful place to see Ben Harper, so close an intimate. By far the longest Ben Harper show I've seen, he just kept playing with so much passion and emotion. We met some of the most friendly and genuine people at the show that trusted my girlfriend and I enough to take us in and give us a place to stay. You could tell by Ben's reaction afterward, that he was truly impressed with the energy of the crowd. A night I will never forget. I love you Meagen!

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Unbelievable! The set was amazing and the energy and level of play that was projected was almost surreal. Incredible show!!

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Amazing...truly amazing...my frist time seeing Ben Harper and the Criminals that are innocent live...at my fav. venue...thanks...Be Blessed...

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Simply amazing. This show should be released as a live album as it was one of the most incredible concerts ever.