07.31.05 North Myrtle Beach, SC

House of Blues with Tom Freund

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Ben sat in with Tom Freund on "Copper Moon." Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain" and "Beloved One" (with Jason Yates).

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This was my 1st harper show....amazing. The first thing i said when i got there was "I hope he plays the lap slade...(Ground on Down)" and on the 2nd song he did jut that. My connection with leon mobley durning Burn One Down was a Religious Experience to say the least.

Thanks B.H.I.C....... your welcome back anytime. Much love

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Man waht can i say the show was unbeliveable.BEN HARPER is my hero this was the best show i have ever been to by far!!!

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After years of just listening to BHIC CDs, this concert was a sincere treat. Ben's voice echoes through my soul and we are all so blessed to have him in our lives. Words cannot describe how amazing ya'll are...

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What a show man. As for the people that wouldnt shut up during the acoustic set well sorry guys that was me. What can I say I was pumped man the energy level was so high that I still havent come down. Thanks Ben and crew you guys were no doubt one of the best shows I have ever been to. Its ashamed it will be a while until i get to see you guys again.

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holy crap! are u serious! u got to meet ben. damn that must have been awesome. i would probably give my left nut to spend a day hanging out with him. he seems like an awesome guy even outside of his music. anyways. is there anybody that is a hardcore ben haper fan that lives in charleston? im moving there in....4 days and just wondering if i have alot of fellow peeps with the same interest.

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it was my first show and it was all and more I expected. it was by far the best show ive seen at the hous of blues.
I also got to meet the band. igot to talk to ben and oliver.

thank you ben for being so interactive with your fans

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Ive been a fan for a long time but never got to see a show. Man was it amazing. I have been tp some great shows but the energy put out by Ben and the Crims goes unmatched. It was by far the best show I have ever been to. The crowd knew every song and the vibe was great. I am still trying to get my voice back. Thanx guys I cant wait to see you again..

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AWESOME!!! My 30 something show.....stil get chills when ben walks out!! It is amazing to see how everyone describes aBen show as a religous expirirence!!! I feel the same way. I was all the way in the back dancing by myself.....I had two brand new ben fans with me so I let them get on the balcony rail( and they loved it!!!).....and felt as if I was right on stage!!! Just as remarkable as ever!!! Has to be one of my top ten shows......Thanks BEN and the ORG IC's!!!! I only hope I get to see BEN sing My Mother Pray Again in person.........

Much Love

Cola SC

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this was my first ben harper concert but i have been a huge fan for like 4-5 years. this was such an amazing show i loved every minute of it.. it was packed on the floor. but that can be expected. but once i got down there i could see alot better. it was so amazing and as one guy said. beloved was unbelievable. it was great. i cant wait for the next one.

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This was my first show and i loved it it was really kool just being that close to my idol and in please bleed i had chills the whole song i just hated how the drunks wouldnt shut up during the acoustic stuff but i loved everything they did that night

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this was 11th show. i went to the show been played at the HOB on 2/24/01. that show was the worst show i've been to because of the crowd.( you can read the reviews and see what i mean.)
this show was much better. the crowd still couldn't be quiet when it was time, but MAN did the band rock. this was the most pumped i've seen Ben on stage. it was a great show. i brought my wife it was only here 2nd show and 1st at a small venue. we both had a great time.
Tom Freud put on a great set. he also hung around after the show and signed autograghs. he was real down earth.

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Besides the crowd that couldn't keep their mouths shut during the acoustic set, the show was unreal. Ben continues to blow mind with the sheer emotion and cathartic nature of his shows. He gives it his all and it is felt in the music. He can rip it up and then rip out your heart and then rip it up again in the span of a set. He is the man.

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This was about my fifth or sixth BHIC show and was the best yet. I loved the small venue- soooo much energy. My brother saw the show in Atlanta the following night and we have been comparing- we both agreed that this was the most fun and exhilirating show we've seen to date. Thank you!!!

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Words can not express the experience one has at a BH&IC concert. Your presence is our blessing. Thank you

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This was my first Ben Harper show. I was in the second row in front of Jason and the guitar player. This was definitely one of the best shows I've ever been too. It was awesome when Leon Mobley came out to the front in Burn One Down, I was right there.

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Words can not describe this show! It was like a religious experience! THANK YOU B.H.I.C!!!

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it was my first time seeing Ben live and what an amazing show. The best show I have ever been to.I have never seen someone control a crowd of people like that. He made me forget about my sunburn for 3 hours. Only a few people find out what their true calling is in life and after last night there is no doubt in my mind that Ben is doing what he was called to do.

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The show was amazing...Ben and the IC rocked the house!! I drove from Boone NC b/c the Asheville show was sold out. I would have driven anywhere though to see my favorite band. Walk Away is my favorite song and it brought tears to my eyes and chills to my body when Ben sang it so beautifully. The best part was getting an aftershow sticker and meeting someone I am so inspired by and priveleged to meet. I look forward to seeing other small shows that are as awesome as this one by the band. They gave out the best vibe and made it to the toplist of best shows I've ever seen.

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what a bunch of cool cats. First time seeing them in doors. Great times.

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Great show, so nice to see my first BH and TIC show in a small setting. Widow of a Living Man, Walk Away and Beloved were beautiful, and the entire second encore was exciting, amazing, cathartic for the whole crowd. Thanks for a great show.

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Amazing show! Last time I saw BHIC was over 4 years ago and man does the band get better each time! I can't think of any group out there that puts more energy, emotion and passion into what they do. Loved seeing two of my favorites, Jah Work and How Many Miles, back to back. Guys, thanks for putting on the most inspiring concert I've seen!

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The show was on fire. I heard a lot of old songs. Ben really dug the crowd. Alot of talking/noise crowd during the encore. the reggae version of Steal My Kisses/Pressure Drop was awesome. Beloved with Tim on the stand-up bass was beautiful as it get's. But songs like Ground on Down, Temporary Remedy and Glory & Consequences were hard rock'n'roll. The new guitarist is real good. It was was a great show.

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Show was amazing! It was my first Ben Harper show and I enjoyed every minute of it! I hope to be able to see him at a small venue again.

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I just want to say that this was by far the best concert i've been to. BHIC put forth such a postive vibe, and such energy its amazing. You could really tell that they love what they are doing and it shows. I drove down from boston to see BHIC and it was worth every mile...cant wait to see them again