08.01.05 Atlanta, GA

Tabernacle with Tom Freund

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Ben sat in with Tom Freund on "Copper Moon." Tom and Jason played on "Beloved One."

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Best show ever!!!!!

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All I can say is that I couldn't have imagined anything better. I was thrilled enough to just go to the show, but I met Ben and the band before the show at the hotel I was staying at. I was so glad to see that they were so awesome and so down to earth. They gave us backstage passes for after the show and I thought that it couldn't get any better. I was wrong The show was so much more than I could have ever dreamed of perfect setlist, great audience, and and enthusiastic and emotional band. I could really tell that they all were giving the show everything they had. I knew they were awesome from the beginning, but being there for that show and seeing the promotionals for the new album makes me and even bigger fan of Ben Harper and the IC. Thanks for everything guys-yall are great.

evalen35151's picture

As of today, this show was 5 months ago, and i still think about the experience almost daily. I had an amazing feeling as a party of that audience. To be so close this Ben Harper gave me incredible inspiration and simly glory.

lbsims0181459's picture

WOW- Mr. Harper- thank you and your beloved criminals for once again delivering us an outstanding performance- spiritual to say the least- you and your boys moved me even more than i ever have been on a sunday mornin! this was by far the BEST and most intimate concert i've ever been to.

in the spirit of ben and all he stands for, i'm a photographer and ANYONE WHO WANTS FREE PICTS FROM THE SHOW can go to www.webshots.com and log on as me- sweetpea883 password: bronzebird25 and check out the ben harper album. you can order prints, t shirts, mugs, etc from that site, or since you're logged on as me, you can just right click and save to your desktop- from me to you! much love

brownthorn8728239's picture

What could there be left to say? This was my first time seeing Ben in concert, but how i have enjoyed this experience. I came to the Tabernacle with mixed emotions. I didn't know what to expect of Ben. I was honestly scared to not have my expectations met by Ben, but i was not dissapointed. My sister, brother in law, his sister and I had the priveledge to be in this truly spellbinding concert. If any of you out there want to find an amazing musician, just listen to Ben. To Ben, thank you so much for doing what you do. I've listened to your music for 6 years, having been introduced to you by my brother in law, Matthew. I thank you for giving me the hope that rock as a genre does still have some light to give to all of us.

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This was the 2nd Ben Harper consert. It was the best by far! Comparing it to live from mars from 1- 10 this was a 12 and mars was a 8. He did song after song and it seemed like it would never end. I loved it! I was probly one of the youngest people there at 13. My sister, her friend, and I sat on the balcony. At first I thought this would be a bad i dea because it woulndt be as close but thank god we did. Ben climbed up onto the balcony and shook the first to rows hands while balancing on about a foot wide wall about 30 feet up. He walked all around the balcony. The show was absolutly amazing. I would pay anything to have this show as a cd. I think this show could be a cd. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Live at The Tabernacle. It has a ring to it. This was surely one of the best nights of my life!

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The evening was everything and more than what I expected. I've been going to concerts and festivals for a long time, but that night blew everything way out of the water. There was that rare connection between not only a band and the audience, but everyone that was in the room. I got to talk to Ben and the Gang before and after the show, and they possess everything that human beings should, and more. If this wasn't the way a show should be put on and taken in by everybody, I would die to see how it should be done. BH & IC rock hardcore, and I would drive anywhere from Mississippi (not exactly the center of the universe) to see them anytime. Thanks guys. I love y'all.

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I have seen numerous shows from many different performers in my years. Being a Harper fan for many years now, I have never been able to see him live in Atlanta. Also, this was my father's day present from my kids and wife, which was probably the best present, aside from them of course, that I have ever received!
This show was unbeleivable, breathtaking, remarkable, and fun! From the energy to the music to the love, Ben and the boys really gave us their best.
I will forever love Ben's music as it touches my life everyday. It even becomes more special as I get to remember this moment for the rest of my life. Hopefully I will get lucky one day and see this again. Thanks Ben for a special night at the Tabernacle and wonderful music. God has blessed you with the talent to grace us all. Many thanks from Atlanta!
Much love,
Sean C. Powell

Elizabeth's picture

The Tabernacle show was incredible, better than anything I have ever attended and, at age 62, I'd guess I may have been the oldest fan in Atlanta that night. I will be forever grateful to my son for introducing me to Ben Harper's music and insisting that I had to see him perform live. What an amazing night! I love his music and his message. I've seen a lot of concerts in my time and nothing equals this. I've never seen a performer show more genuine appreciation for his fans and it was pretty clear from our response that we love Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. They got the longest standing ovation I've ever seen! Ben's balcony walk was amazing and I'll always treasure the kiss he gave me when he reached our family. I just wish I could go back in time and experience that special evening one more time. You can bet I'll be there the next time Ben Harper takes his incredible music on the road. Ben, thank you so much for making so many people feel special with your genuine kindness and for sharing your awe-inspiring music with us!

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Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals have the power to fill any venue they perform at, with energy and excitment. They are truly a mulit-talented band and each show they put on, only gets better and better. The show they put on at the Tabernacle was amazing!!! I cannot wait to see them on tour again!

matthew.russell88367's picture

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals earned the reverence and love of devoted fans at the Tabernacle on August 1, 2005. My wife, sister, brother-in-law, and myself felt as if we saw someone walk on water that night. Ben, I personally thank you for opening your set with 11th Commandment and Well, Well, Well those songs struck a deep spiritual chord with me that has not stopped resonating since. I have been influenced by your Music for ten years, observed it evolve and grow, but this concert is undoubtedly the jewel of my Ben Harper experience. I lost count of how many times I was emotionally overcome with gratitude for the gift of edifying music you and your band convey so well. I've been reading the other reviews for about an hour and my skin is tinkling with excitement as I remember the events described. I am humbled by the simply wholesome voice of a virtuoso such as yourself. The only thing that could improve that show would be to release a DVD of this performance. The electricity in the air of Tabernacle bore witness of a legend being born.

grimes_jennifer44010's picture

If I could sum this experience into one word it would be UNBELIVABLE. I can honestly say that this was the best concert I have ever attended. Usually the fans wear the artist out, this time the artist wore the fans out. By the time I exited the Tabernacle, at the end of one hell of a show, my throat was sore, my legs were jello, and my heart and soul were satisfied. Ben Harper has a way of touching people on a level that is indescribable. I was a Ben Harper fan before this concert, now I am a Ben Harper lover. There is no way that you could attend one of his heart stopping shows and not be in afterglow for weeks. I know I still am!!! Ben, I love you and you have opened my eyes to a whole new genre of life through music. If Ben Harper plays anywhere within a 1,000 mile vicinity of my home, you better bet your ass I will be there. Keep on rockin' Ben, like only you can!!!

Thank you for one hell of an experience!

HeathenStreet's picture

It's all downhill from here, cos that was the most amazing musical experience I've ever, ever had. Every song was played like it was the last one of the evening and Ben and the band still didn't run out of energy. Powerful. Simply powerful.

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This was probably the most powerful experience of my life. I couldnt believe how much it touched me. Its amazing how much Ben Harper's lyrics have the ability to touch someone but seeing that live is an experience you cant put into words. I also had the pleasure of meeting the band and i thank you for being so kind. AMAZING

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I've seen nearly 90 concerts by a variety of bands. this was the best. no other one comes close.
thank you

kirby-c77414's picture

Because I love music, true music, like all of us do, I have seen many shows - Ben, Phish, Widespread, Ween, Sector 9, Beasties, Allman Brothers, Coldplay - but this show was by far the best show I have ever experienced (even being 7 months pregnant)! I have never felt so much passion and love from a performer before. Amen Omen brought tears to my eyes. Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason, and Michael thank you for such an amazing evening.

matthew66027's picture

I must first say that I felt honored to be a part of BHIC and the incredible community. Never before have I been a part of such a dynamic, humbling performance. Throughout the night, Ben turned the spotlight on us, the fans, and actually acknowledged the little ones. It actually felt as if he was looking directly at each audience member, shaking each of our hands and personally thanking us. Unfortunately I was on the first row of the THIRD balcony and missed the close-up, but I would not have felt comfortable with such talent climbing another level of balcony! Thank you Ben for making such a memorable performance, it truly felt as though you didn't want to leave and I don't know anyone who would not have stayed another three hours. Your energy and enthusiasm was contagious throughout the night. Thank you.

nederwiet's picture

It has been about four days now since the show, and I think we are all still experiencing some aftershocks from it.

I hadn't had the chance to catch the boys since Athens 2001 (I don't think Ben has played Georgia since then), and was really looking forward to his return.

I had a feeling that we were in for something special, since it had been so long, the tour was a thank you to the fans, and it was the last 'plugged' show of the tour in a wonderful venue. As it turns out I couldn't have asked for anything better!

The crowd was absolutely electric. From the time Tom opened up, everybody was really into it, and gave Tom the love that such a talented multi-instrumental singer songwriter deserves. He really dug it, and said that we were a great crowd, and that he'd remember this place. Of course, when Ben and Leon sat in for a song apiece with him, the place went nuts.

From the moment Ben hit the stage, the place went totally bonkers. You could tell the band was into it, and the reaction was so intense that you could see Ben laughing and talking to the rest of the band about it.

The standing ovation was deeply touching, and I was getting high on the crowd's enthusiasm myself.

The vibe must've possessed Ben, because he climbed up into the balcony with such death-defying abandon and zeal to personally thank us for the love. I was left thinking, How the @#?! did he do that?

The band were amazing, and the version of Amen Omen had the crowd and Ben chanting call and response with the kind of harmony and passion that could seemingly move mountains.

Beloved One was so moving it almost caused chills, and Tom's upright playing added to the haunting shiver.

Ben told us that we were by far the loudest and the quietest audience of the tour, and although he seems to say this every night, I think he sincerely meant it, because you could tell he was deeply moved by our enthusiasm and appreciation.

It didn't seem like Ben and boys wanted to quit playing, and he could be seen talking to the band and venue people to the side, as if to say, Are you guys OK? Are you good for a couple more?? How many more songs can we play?

All in all, it was Three movingly performed hours of some of the most beautiful music we may be fortunate enough to hear in our lifetimes. This show will go down in the annals of Innocent Criminal history as one of the legendary performances, and all 2500-3000 of us were blessed to be a part of it.

Thanks Innocent Criminals.

PS-Please follow through with your promise to release copies of shows like this when you get off Vrigin, Ben. We *need* a copy of this one for posterity.

johnj42491824's picture

Simply Amazing. To the ADVERTISING GIRL from UGA that I shared a smoke and a few laugs with - Where'd you go? Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did!

jasondorsa's picture

I can't begin to describe how fantastic this show really was. I will try for those who weren't able to be there. Three hours of spiritually uplifting music from the most incredible songwriter since John Lennon. The criminals were as tight as could be. The atmosphere was almost surreal. There was one point in the show, after Amen, when the crowd gave a 5 minute standing ovation.....in the middle of the show.......not to demand an encore.........just to thank Ben for the first hour or so of the concert. Finally.....I will never forget the night that I saw Ben Harper leap up and tightrope the entire rim of the first balcony at The Tabernacle......stopping in every section to hug someone......or shake hands with someone......or just thank someone for supporting his wonderful music. One word to describe the show.......Unforgettable!!!!

d.scotthompson38926's picture

I have wanted to experience Ben Harper live for a long time and it was worth the wait. I may have been the oldest there (48) but his music transcends age, color, etc. The show was simply amazing. I have seen a lot of shows over the years, but have never felt the chills and tears welling up as I did at this show. Amen Omen was as electric and emotional a moment as I have ever felt in any setting and that comes from a jaded, cynical child of the 60's and 70's. Glory and Consequence was also incredible. I think all the adjectives have been used up to describe the music, so it may simply be that Ben Harper is the best musician and songwriter working today. Thanks to Ben and the band and also to a great crowd for making it a memorable night.

penguinmaker81215's picture

The show was simply amazing. He played almost every song you could think of. At one point towards the end of the show it seemed as though he couldn't think of anything else to play. After Amen Omen the crowd went insane and gave him an ovation that was seriously 5 min. 5 min of him just smiling and laughing because he couldn't believe this ovation in the middle of his set. He did a regae version of Steal My Kisses that was amazing. Another amazing song was a solo acoustic rendition of There Will Be A Light. His religous songs were absolutly moving and his harder songs made the perfect roller coaster of music we have learned to love and expect from Ben. Mississippi

irpg52236's picture

SHEER PERFECTION! This was one of the most moving nights of my life & hands down the best concert ever performed on this earth.

My kid - 12 years old - had to be the youngest in the house. Letting him weave himself through the crowd to get to the front row was scary - but the fans helped him get there and I watched from 50 feet away as his new friends lifted him high on their shoulders so I could see he was alright! Only at a BHIC show.

Thank you BHIC - Thank you Tabernacle - Thank you fans! This was an unforgettable night of emotion - talent - love and peace that will remain with me forever. It was my first BHIC concert - and it won't be my last.


anonymous's picture

This was the most amazing concert I have ever seen! Not only was the crowd really into it but so was the whole band! It was amazing! It to make the concert perfect I was a the concert with my soon to be husband and out best friend in the whole world ( who is going to cover some Ben Harper for us during the ceremony) and Ben Played Our song! This is going to be the song we have our first dance to and this is always the song we turn to when we are feeling down! Beloved One was only even more amazing with the guest appereance from Tom Freud! BRAVO to everyone!

starrlarae57381's picture

My boyfriend gave me tickets to Ben Harper (MY FAVORITE ARTIST EVER) for my 20th birthday - the BEST present I have ever gotten!!! This was my first time seeing Ben in concert, and it was monumental!!! Ben Harper literally changed my life with this awesome heart-felt performance! I've never been so moved in my entire life! Thank you so much Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals!!!!

jbs72660418's picture

It was the best concert I have ever seen, but my opinion is a little bias. My friend, who was not a big Ben Harper fan and mostly listens to rage against the machine, and nine inch nails, said after the show you realize we aren't gonna see a better concert in our entire lives. I knew it was true, but it shocked me to hear him say it. This jusy shows how electric that show was. Thanks for the show guys.

augustabd41472's picture

Ok, I honestly can't put into words how amazing this show was and to top it off, it was my birthday. I'm really glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who cried during his songs. For me, it was In the Lord's Arms...ok, I cried during Beloved One as well. It was the most moving and heartfelt performance I have ever seen and most likely will ever see. I just feel so fortunate to have been there. Birthday 23 will definitely go down as the best yet. Thank you Ben, you surpassed every expectation.

joannan7388416's picture

Wow.. best show i have ever experienced. Ben was incredible, and the energy was just unbelievable. Leon went OFF during burn one down.. it was crazy. Great show.

amandarinoranje38517's picture

BEST. SHOW. EVER. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. Thank you Ben, for such an illustrious performance and for loving your fans as much as we love you. There are too many highlights to name, the entire show was a highlight! I do think, though, that every person in that place would buy a dvd of the performace should BHIC decide to release one. The night was spectacular! I would love to have a record of it. Thank you Ben, again. You made my summer.

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Ben Harper is a rock star !!!

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This was the first time I've seen Ben Harper in concert and my third time at the Tabernacle. That place is a wonderful venue to begin with, but Ben just took it to another level. I was in the first row on the balcony with my family and when Ben did his balcony walk he ended at our side, kissed my future mother-in-law on the cheek, and thanked her for coming to see him. I felt grateful for being able to experience a show like that with such intense, emotional music. But even better was knowing that Ben and his crew were just as grateful for our energy and we were for his. There will never be a better show.

imtchosen124667's picture

OH MY!!! Can it get any better? I have to say that may have been the best performance that I will ever see. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such an experience. The bar has been set. I am thankfull to say I was part of the audience that partook in such a two-way love street. There was no doubt how much heartfelt appreciation B.H.I.C. fans truly have for what this band means to them, neither any doubt how much the fans mean to this band. There was so much raw emotion in the air that I'm still high off it almost 24 hours later. Thank all you fans for loving this band as much as I do, and showing it. And thank you B.H.I.C. for returning the love. Last nights experience displayed just how intimate a relationship between an artist and their fans can possibly be. I AM BLESSED TO BE A WITNESS! Thank you B.H.I.C again and again.

spencer4's picture

All of these people cannot describe what happend last night, but i can they came they saw and then they rocked the fuckin house. By far the best show i have ever seen. One Love

tdinger49668253's picture

This was my first Ben Harper concert and it was electric. I enjoyed it so much. I even met Ben before and after the concert. He said that the crowd was electric and just touched him (example, crying after amen omen (i think everyone was), and his acrobatic show of tight rope walking the balcony railing) I hope this won't be my last Ben Harper concert because it was truely awesome.

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By Far the best concert I have ever seen! I had been waiting all summer for this and it finally came! I am bumed out that its over but I will remember it forever! When Ben Harper sang Beloved One it was so beautiful I started to cry. This show is one memory that I will hold onto for the rest of my life! Ben ended with the perfect song! Ben...I hope you got my underwear I threw to you- You are amazing and thank you for changing my life! xoxo

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...Thank You...

guavajelly89's picture

The tabernacle show was the first Ben Harper & I.C.'s concert for me, and it was the single best event I've experienced in my life. That statement only encompasses 15 years of breath but the sights, the sounds, and the truly pure energy and emotion from Ben, the band, and the enthralled crowd will resonate in mind and memory hereafter. The highlights of the show for me were, of course the balcony climb, even though I was right up by the stage, it was cool to see him get close to so many people. The love between fan and artist and vice versa were felt incredibly during the whole show, it exemplified the magnitude that relationship can have. Another highlight was pulling out all the old favorites. Jah Work was incredible and a personal favorite. And of course the ultimate finale of With My own Two Hands and War together. Astonishing. I think every single person in the building took that one in through the vein. I couldn't have asked for more musically. Phenomenally full and beefy sets (all THREE), beyond exquisite musicianship from Ben and everyone in the band. Leon Mobley's drum solo was awesome and of course Juan's always great. I wish I could have stayed after to meet Ben for a picture or autograph, but my mom wasn't up to it. haha. Next time will be different, I'll make sure of that.
Much Love, Maggie

Note to record execs./producers: With personal interest in mind (a part of Ben's largely devoted fan base), as well as it being a very profitable idea... how bout a live album of that show?! untoppable from start to each ovation.

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BHIC was so awesome, last night was most definitly the best concert that anyone will ever see. the band knows how to perform and how to really energize the fans.....CONCERT WAS FREAKIN AMAZING

jess010822501's picture

OH MY! Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals are absolutely incredible. This was my 2nd time seeing them. The first time was in Jacksonville, FL. We waited by their bus after the concert and were able to meet them all including Ben. He was amazing...so, so humble and gracious. My friend and I were able to score backstage passes for this concert last night. I got to meet Ben again! I can honestly say after 3 years he's still the nicest, most humble man I've ever met. This show was the best show I've ever been to....EVER..EVER!!! I can't say enough good things about this band. From the chemistry they have on stage to the way they handle the audience to the sincerity they have with the fans before and after the show..WOW! INCREDIBLE!!
I can't wait until the next Ben Harper show!

davidgn1186741's picture

I have seen Ben five times now and and though they have all been incredible shows nothing topped last night. The energy in the joint was insane. Good music, good vibe, good message, good people..... doesnt get any better then that! Thank You Ben and the Innocent Criminals!
The walk around on the balcony and the last song, Two Hands, were the highlights for me....

adwightwilliams65275's picture

First time at a full Ben Harper concert (I saw him at Atlanta's music midtown a couple of years ago). Flat out one of the best shows I have ever seen. From beginning to end all of the guys were playing their hearts out and the fans were giving it back. The 5-10 standing ovation during the middle of the show really touched me as I'm sure it did Ben, a lot of artists make like they are connecting with their fans, for one nite I saw a musician and band who actually acknowledged us. Pretty sweet. And of course the balcony walk was death defying, fun and spontaneous. Lastly, I feel like I saw 3 concerts, Ben and the crew played like they were going to stay all night long. Thanks BHIC and the fans for making it a fun evening, if only every live event could be such fun. Oh yeah and the setlist/music was superb. Come back soon!

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I missed Ben Haprer and the Innocent Criminals in 2003 because I was deployed in Afghanistan with the 82ND ABN DIV and was real bummed out. Last nights show made up for what I missed back then. The show was amazing and I was truly impressed by how excellent Ben and the criminals sounded live. It was an inspiring and almost religious moment for me. The energy from Ben, the Innocent Criminals and the crowd made that small venue seem like Madison Square Garden. WHAT A SHOW!!!!

adavis81589's picture

I will say what everyone else has....Thank You Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals! My God, what a show. I have never felt more energy in one room as I did last night. As with all previous BHIC concerts I have have atteneded in the past, this show was utterly amazing. The passion emitted from Ben and the guys is a testament to what we all know and understand of Ben Harper. In a simple phrase - Ben is Music - At least to me and the other 3,000 people in the Tabernacle that were given an incredible gift of a 3 hour show including nearly 30 tracks. Once again, thank you so much for giving your fans even more than they deserve. Again and again.


walton.norris18948's picture

What a night! Ben and the band were in top form. This was the ninth time I have seen BH&TIC, and it was definitely one of the best (second only to 11/23/99 at The Tabernacle!). Amen Omen was flat out amazing. And other than a few dummies who don't have a concept of respect, the crowd was very quiet during the slow set. The climb to the balcony was really cool! All in all, great show.


anonymous's picture

Last night was my 5th time seeing Big Ben in concert thanks to a good buddy of mine. It was once again a pleasure to be there and like always ever song came into our ears and through our hearts like the fluid sounds of the music we were consuming. In other words --Thank you BH&IC for the love you showed us and the love you hopefully know we all feel for you guys. I can't say enough....


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Thank you so very much BHIC for not only giving me the best show that I've seen you do, but also the best show I've seen in YEARS!! I also appreciate you climbing the balcony and visiting us little people. I got to meet, shake hands, and get signatures from Ben, Juan, and Leon before the show started. So now I walk away from last nights performance with restored faith in music and people. Thank you again and see you guys next time.

dustymeaders76380's picture

Tonight re-affirmed my faith in the sincerity of Ben Harper. Never before, during any concert, have I witnessed a musician care about the audience in such a way as Ben&Co. did tonight. Their shows have always thrived on passion and energy, but tonight, the power came from genuine modesty, conviction and zeal. From seamlessly changing the set on the fly to a high-wire balcony routine, it appeared that Ben&Co. really appreciated the warm Atlanta welcome and treated us to an experience unique from all other Ben Harper shows.

It's definitely rare to find an artist like Ben Harper, and even more rare to find such an artist that's properly appreciated. Ben & Criminals, I have nothing but admiration for you guys. You continue to out-do yourselves. Bright Moments.

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I just got in from this show. Having never seen Ben Harper before and being a huge Allman Brothers fan (I measure everything according to them), I went in not knowing what to expect. I was on the very front row which was just incredible in itself, and after Brown Eyed Blues, you could just feel it in the air that it was going to be a very special night. Then they ripped into Amen Omen and just took it to another level and when they finished the crowd gave Ben and the band a standing ovation for what seemed like 10 minutes, which you could tell he was genuinely touched by. I have seen the Allmans several times, and I thought that they were the best live act out there, but the show I saw tonight did something I thought was impossible - it blew them away. I told my friends after the show that there only seemed to be one way to describe what I had just seen, I feel like I just saw Bob Marley, the Allman Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Black Sabbath, and a gospel choir on the same night. Words cannot describe this show, and words cannot describe the energy the 3200 lucky souls gathered at the Tabernacle experienced tonight. Thanks Ben and the Innocent Criminals for an unforgettable evening.

anonymous's picture

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I dont know where to start. Every song was awesome, but the best part of the show was during Glory and Consequences, Ben climbed up on the balcony and walked the whole way around it. I'm talking atleast 150 feet of walking around, all while he is twenty feet above ground with one leg on one side and the other in the stands. Truly a legendary site! Everytime I see him he gets better and better, he just put so much emotion into it.