08.02.05 Nashville, TN

Ryman Auditorium with Tom Freund

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Rare full band acoustic show! Tom Freund sat in on "Pleasure And Pain" and "Beloved One" (with Jason Yates). Leon played on "When It's Good."

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you're coming back to the Ryman in 2007!! Greatest show EVER and I want you to come back here!!!!!!

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My husband and I love Ben Harper and I bought him tickets to this show as our wedding present b/c we got married on Aug 6th. We had to leave from the concert to go straight to Iowa to get married and it was well worth it. Loved the concert. Crystal from Tennessee

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Written on 3-22-06 This was my third time to see Ben and IC! First two times were at out door concerts. Seeing them at the Ryman theater was so intimate! I know Ben heard me shout how much I love him, at least I hope he did.

I rushed to the store Tue and bought my copy of Both Sides of the Gun. I'm so excited that "Get It Like You Like It" which is on the bonus CD was recorded live at the Ryman. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to know I have been a part of one of Ben's most soulful productions yet!

Thank you!! I can't wait to see you again!

ugafan11763725's picture

This was my first Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals show, and because of the results, it certainly will not be my last. The Ryman is a perfect venue for an acoustic set like that. The sound, and atmosphere were just downright phenomenal. If you guys were to play there again, it would be another hit. It was a great way to spend my birthday and certainly a memorable one.

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Thanks guys. The best BHIC show I've been to ever. The accoustics at The Ryman were amazing as always, and the music was amazing as always. Hope to see the Ryman back as a tour stop again soon. Absolutely amazing!

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this show MUST be put out as a record... I don't wanna have to feel like I did that night only once...

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almost forgot! what about steal my kisses??you

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Absolutly the most AMAZING show ive ever been to.Nothing even gets close to comparing.Im so glad I got a ticket.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! This was my first Ben Harper show. It was such an amazingly beautiful experience, I had tears welling up in my eyes. Ben is the most talented musician I have ever encountered. Thank you BEN HARPER for sharing your music with us, and thank you JESUS for BEN. Amen

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4,000 miles roundtrip in 5 days from R.S. Wyoming - I could not miss an all acoustic show with all the members and I made it. I know I'll probably never meet Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, and I know theres not much I can say that they haven't heard before, but I would like to say Thank You to the band, because their music has been there at times of sorrow, emptiness, joy, and pain. Nothing can compare to the Ryman show. Thank you!

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Yeah, I drove almost 4 hours to see this show. Geesh! It was the single most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. We need pictures from the concert, or a DVD! Rock on Ben and the Innocent Criminals. Stellar performance, it'll never be forgotten, ever.

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What can I saw. When I think Ben and the IC can't get any better they go and pull something off like this. This is my ninth show. Close to 10 years of BEn. First time was in North Carolina opening for Peral Jam. @nd time at Ryman Theater. Once in Ga when Gov't mule opened. Boy I hope he puts this on dvd. I looking forward to a new cd too. and many more shows in the future. Im am tring to figure out the next place Id like to see him do a show. Like both the indoors and out doors shows. PEace Mick

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This was the first Ben Harper show that I have ever been to. I have wanted to see him since I was 12, and I just have to say that seven years of anticipation building up was worth it for this show. I was completely amazed. There was such a great amount of energy on the stage and in the auditorium. The crowd was wonderful and the band was even more fastastic than I could have even imagined. Ben was just absolutely wonderful! I am so glad that I had the chance to see this show! I hope somebody somewhere recorded it. I'd love to hear it all over again! Thanks so much to Ben and the Band!

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It's days later and the show is stiiiiiiiiill with me. I drove over 8 hours with way damaged ligaments and tendons in both my feet... but that pain was nothin' compared to the Pleasure at the Ryman!!!! BHIC could have come out on stage and played just one...just one of any of the songs they played that night like they played that night, and I'd have been FULLY satiated...But to have had 30+ played that night like they played 'em that night was..... a definition of Blessing. Je vous remercie BHIC!!!

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Wow! This was an amazing show. It's several days later and I still don't know if I can completely express how wonderful it was. The Ryman is definitely an appropriate venue for this man and his band. I saw him 4 years ago at the Ryman and I thought that was the best live show I had ever seen. Nothing since then had come close to topping it . . . until Tuesday, August 2.

Thanks Ben . . . thanks for sharing your incredible talent. You make music which touches the soul!


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I've had the privilege of seeing Ben every year he has played the Ryman. The first year I was pregnant with my first child, and I was so inspired by the performance that I promised I would name my child after Ben Harper if it was a boy. This year, my husband and I brought our son to see his namesake. It was a magical and moving night for all of us. Beloved One was the most touching thing I've ever heard. As we were leaving my son asked if we could come back the next night and see Ben. How I wish...

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This was the 4th time I have seen Ben (2nd time with the IC's), this was far and away the best. I have seen many shows in my life thusfar, and this ranks right at the top. The crowd was phenomenal. The setlist was so varied. The show was near flawless.

Getting to meet everyone after the show was great. I am so thankful for my newfound collectables, and I am also thankful for the time the entire band took to briefly chat with everyone. I know they were not looking forward to the long flight that was a few short hours away, but instead of taking some time to rest up, they spent time with everyone.

Thanks so much.

trent.scogin92151's picture

WOW, what an unbelievable performance. Ive never been at a show where you could actually see/feel the connection and mutual appreciation between the artist and fans as was the case at The Ryman tuesday night! I drove 7 hours Tuesday to see Mr. Harper, and after leaving, it would have been worth driving 14 hours to see that show. I sure do hope you guys were recording that and come out with a LIVE at The Ryman CD!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Ben for an unforgetable performance, and for letting those of us who were lucky enough to be there actually become part of the show.............. IT WAS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We traveled down to see shows at the Orange Peel, The Tabernacle, and the Ryman......and just wanted to say that these were the three most unforgettable music experiences of our lives. Each night was a new 3+ hour piece of musical history that we thoroughly enjoyed. It is very difficult to understand the significance of Ben right now. But the music that he is playing on this tour, and in the many previous tours, is a type of music that no one else is able to play. He is truly original in every way and takes his listeners on a musical and spiritual journey through the trials and tribulations of all of our lives. We find it amazing how Ben is able to simply state such incredibly deep thoughts and emotions in his songs. His humility brought his audiences to their feet time after time to thank him for his creativity and the gift that he is giving to all of his fans. I am actually an aspiring musician and I can only hope to receive an opportunity to speak with Ben and share in some of the insight which makes his music so wonderful.

So to Ben and the Innocent Criminals.....Katie and I thank you for the greatest three show we will ever get to be a part of =)

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I met Ben right before the show and he signed my guitar and showed so much love to all of us waiting since the A.M. just to have a chance to thank him for being the most wonderful songwriter and artist of our generation. We love you BEN!!!!!!!! It was the most beautiful acoustic performance I have ever seen ever! Another Lonely Day brougth back nastalgia to all us that rememeber the pearl jam days & ben! Much Love!

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Having been a fan of Ben Harper for years, I leapt at the opportunity to see him play in the Ryman. It was the first Ben show I had been to and I was nowhere near disappointed. From the moment we walked in, the vibe was memorable and it did take hold. Mr. Harper has totally changed my perspective, and for that I (and the whole state of Tennessee) thank you.

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Last night's show just blew me away. It was definitely the most amazing show I've ever attended. The trip was well worth it. The connection between the artists and the audience was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. The energy of the show was rejuvinating. I dreaded the end of every song because I thought that it might be the last and the evening would have to come to an end. Eventually my fears did become reality unfortunately, but I am extremely greatful to have been present for such a beautiful and moving show. Thank you BHIC for an absolutely fantastic show that moved my soul. I hope you and your music will find its way to our doorstep again someday.

jaredabelson5201's picture

Last night was the first time I've seen Ben live, and I must say I was floored. I've been to a lot of shows, but the connection between the band and the crowd last night was unmatchable. The music flowed through the place and created such a beautiful vibe for a beautiful venue. I felt like I was an old friend of Ben's sitting there as he played a great acoustic song selection. I feel so priveleged to have witnessed truely one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. Maybe that show should be released as a live album sometime in the future? :-) I also had a chance to meet Tom at the end of Ben's final encore, and he was a great guy. He played a beautiful sets, and after buying one of his albums, I know he makes wonderful music. I can only hope to catch another Ben show of that magnitude in my lifetime....

anonymous's picture

Last night's show was amazing. The energy from Ben's music flowed into the crowd and went right back to him on the stage. Ben's stories were remenisent of Nashville years earlier and sounded like he had been rehearsing for VH1 Storytellers. It was good to see ben get back to his roots and sit down for a show. Thanks for the memories.

flamingstrat53076's picture

Praise. Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason, Michael, and Tom, my hats off to all you and my prayers right on by. In my fairly short life I've managed to attend a pretty good bit of of performances... Last night was the most powerful experience I've ever witnessed and shared. The spirit was surely there and he had no sign of relenting. I drove up from Memphis, I had no way of knowing that I would even be able to find a ticket, but then as if from above, MF-4 row P seat 1 appeared before me. Now I payed quite a bit more than face to get in, but there was no way I was going to walk away from the Ryman before I got hear Ben play anything. I just want to thank Ben and every other musician, tech, and roadie that contributed to what I believe to be the best show in the time. I almost broke into tears when I first heard Ben humming Toots , and then again as he preached the words of the most high. Thank you for everything. Your inspiration, and enlightenment has empowered me in ways you will never know. Well until we again Gather 'Round the Stone, Thank you, and Much Love,

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Thanks Ben&Innocent Criminals for a really awesome show last night and i mean awesome you all managed to pull off a longer show then when i saw pink floyd in 94 in nashville at vanderbilts football stadium and all of it was pure quality thanks for the pictures the autographs and the really good time

zimplyhuman21962's picture

This show was amazing. I was in the front and you could defently tell it was one of the best shows on the tour. It really blew me away! I saw bhic last week in boston, and it was wonderful, but no where close to as great as this. We all were very lucky to go to this rare show. Hopefully bens manenger will keep nashville on the tour route! If anyone knows how to get a tape I would love it!

jbcampbell94608's picture

Thanks Ben for an amazing show and hanging with the long line of fans after the show!

anonymous's picture

This was my 10th BHIC show and I will have to say it was one of the best I have ever seen. Awesome energy! So glad to have experienced that at the Ryman! Can't wait to see you all again!!

joeyfletcher's picture

great show, i loved it, i had been wanting to see mr.ben harper for so long and its like he rarely comes in this area so it was just amazing love ya ben

fiji.craig80065's picture

Last night was the first time that I have ever seen BHIC and it was an incredible experience. The show was totally moving for both band and audience, it seemed. Ben Harper restores faith in a spiritual presence in the world, and everyone at the Ryman Auditorium felt it last night. Also, special thanks to Jason Yates for the awesome souvenir hat. THANK YOU BHIC!

anonymous's picture

This was a very spiritual show. The energy was amazing. He is truly a moving spirit. Ben moves people like no one of our time. We are lucky to have him in our home The Ryman. Thank you BEN!!!

cnemidophorus's picture

This was truely a fantastic show even for the most jaded music listener. Thirty-one songs (amost 3 hrs of Ben) were played last night with to many highlights to mention. This man was having fun. THANKS

mi1enco94737's picture

i live in nashville and when i heard ben was going to be at the ryman i knew i had to be there. and it paid off. it was absolutely amazing. the whole band was great. ben had so much energy from the venue it was crazy. he loved being there as much as the fans did. the acoustics were amazing. if anyone can get a tape of this, do it. one of the best shows i've seen in awhile. cheers.

camerooon00784821's picture

It has been a long time since Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals have been to my home town of Montreal, Canada. So when I heard a rare acoustic performance was going to take place at the Ryman, I didn't think twice and took the long trip down to Nashville to see my first BHIC show. I was not disappointed, it was better than I could have dreamed. 3 hours of pure pleasure. Words can't even come close in describing how amazing the show was. The next day on my way back to Montreal I had the honor of meeting Mr. Harper at the airport. I have never met a more gracious person than him. Thanks for the show of a life time and the memories.