08.06.05 Odemira, Portugal

Sudoeste Festival Herdade da Casa Branca with Fatboy Slim, Underworld, Humanos, Donavon Frankenreiter, The Thrills

I Was There
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Donavon Frankenreiter sat in on "Diamonds On The Inside" (acoustic guitar and vox). "Steal My Kisses/Pressure Drop" was on the setlist second to last, but was cut due to time constraints. "Whipping Boy" and "Ground On Down" were broadcast on national TV. "Glory & Consequence", "Temporary Remedy" and "With My Own Two Hands/War" were broadcast on MTV Portugal.

Who Went

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i loved the show!

Seeing all of you o stage is something marvellous... The positive feeling among everyone... no words to describe it! I missed the 2003 show, but i wont miss anyone counting from day 06.08.05...

You are excellent musicians, explosive and sweet at the same time! You say what if we try... instead of saying do this, do that! You dont need... :) LINDO, LINDO!

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Simply perfect....... when do you come here again so we can burn one down? ..... Props to you bro and keep jah allways in your heart!!

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sem palavras...

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I must say I loved your concert (as I always do). I loved it because I love your music, your soul, your amazing lyrics and great sound (your bass and guitar are spectacular, and ben's voice gives me the chills).
But... what happened to the encore? To all the acustic songs? To hits like power of the gospel, waiting on an angel, sexual healing, steal my kisses and many many more?
Please, come back soon and bless us whith another concert!

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almost forgot! what about steal my kisses??you

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finally I made it!yes, i achived one of little dreams desired for so long!!=)) what a great concert!unfortunatly you didn

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It was just amazin: the performance with the guitars and the bass player. Keep enlightning us Ben!

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Pleas continue your good work.
This was the third time i saw you playing and altought this was short show it was an excellent show. THANK YOU for be in Portugal... You've played for 70,000 people, amaizing, isn't it?

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I saw your show last summer in the UK, and I went to Portugal to attend your concert again. I don't know what was the problem but I enjoyed more the 1st time I saw you playing live. I think the sound in Portugal wasn't good enough and Ben's voice wasn't as powerfull as it usually is (maybe you were just tired). Maybe, your music is meant to be played indoors in smaller venues. Anyways, I hope you come back with new and beautiful songs.

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E a

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You people.... I has present in all of Ben's concert's here in Portugal, you didn't see Ben Harper at is full potencial, what you saw, was just entertainment. Unfortunatly.... Ben, Portugal doesn't forget you, and i know that you dont forget us, i dont mean to be rude, but i've see much better. I'm sorry but i was disappointing...

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Hi Ben! Hi IC!
I wished time had stopped! My heart sped up since you appeared and it's beating till now. Uoh! What a night, what a moment

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i saw you three times now, and every single time you are able to amaze me again. only a few great ones are able to do that.

jah love

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*Ben:You just remind me the most special person...your music says a lot...congratulations for being in front of 50.000!!!So little but so big*!Thanks for your music!******

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the setlist made me think that you didn't come here to please the masses but for those who, like me, have been listening to your music since the high school and cares about the message.
thank you for the war, hope you have enjoyed the positive vibes stage.

Jah love

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I Drove 1000km to the summer festival but specially to see your show, it was Amazing! Superb! I've seen the best concert of my life! You have the power of making people happy! Keep making good music! Please come back soon to Portugal, i will be there to see you, so as all of your (MANY) portuguese Fans! PORTUGAL Love's you! You're Always Welcome to our little country!

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I drove 700 kms.from Spain to be there and I don

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As usual, Ben and his Innocent Criminals showed why so many people love them in Portugal...

The setlist was great, it was amazing to listen to Jah Work, Breakin Down and Please Bleed... I wasn't expecting those ones...

The acoustic part was missed...

For when another acoustic concert in Portugal???

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You forget to sign for us the song steal my kisses and the acustic walk away.
All the rest was great! When you start to dance on stage was amazing...

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this is how i was for at least a couple of hours after the end of the show.
your and your band performance was just so powerfull, that all of those 50 or 60 thousand people felt the vibrations your music sent to us.

it's almost amazing to see the empathy between ben the innocent criminals and portuguese people.
your music touches me and so many others in such different ways that it is impossible for us to just sit down and listen.
we have to be apart of your music, of your show.

i'm still impressed... and i've been to every show you gave in portugal, and this last one left a big impression, in my mind and soul.



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I was there! Oh My God! What a show! Come back soon , i will be there for sure!

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almost perfect.. jah work, breaking down, please bleed, DOTI feat. donavon, amazing amen omen.. but what ever happened to the typical acoustic encore? we missed it.. hence the almost perfect gig.

anyhow, great setlist for a 50. thousand people summer fest!

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Absolutely perfect .. even better than in Lisbon, 2 years ago.. I couldn't believe you were playing breakin down or jaw work,favourite songs of mine .. amazing :) what a great show! come back soon, i'll be there! Peace *

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We've loved your show at Sudoeste festival, because we love your music, your message, and the way you lead your life.... but... what happened to the encore? the band presentation? the talking with YOUR public and friends? sexual healing? steal my kisses? walk away? Woman? Burn to shine....? please came back soon to another great concert as only you know...! peace!

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I loved your show in Sudoeste Festival, please back more times to portugal, and came whith Jack jhonson, because you and he are my heros.