09.06.05 Burbank, CA

Last Call with Carson Daly NBC Studio 9

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Last Call with Carson Daly - Burbank, CA

"Gather Round The Stone" and part of "Dressed In Black" aired the night of September 13th (9/14 @ 1:35am EDT/PDT).

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jtexal's picture

He just keeps getting more and more amazing and inspiring. Ben come back to Texas! I don't care where, just come and I'll go, Cali is too far!

anonymous's picture

stayed up to watch it, good show, but seeing him live takes all the fun outa watching him on tv.

P.S. carson daly is a tool

Michaelwhays's picture

Drove all 20 hours down from seattle to LA to see this concert. it was short but awesome. theye didnt let me and my girl friend on the floor by ben for the taping but thats alright i guess. i look forward to seeing the show on the 13th!

junkmailforjames21790's picture

Ben thanked his fans with 3 great tunes- probly from his upcoming album. They seemed to be more refined then when I heard them at the Temple Bar, more of an album version. Harp ripped on Dressed in Black. Fans from the east coast, san fran, san diego and Santa Barbara made the trip.