02.18.06 Los Angeles, CA

El Rey Theatre with DJ Jeremy Soles

I Was There
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A string section played on "Morning Yearning" through "Black Rain." Marc Ford sat in on "The Woman In You", "Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating", and "There Will Be A Light."

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My first Harper show.I felt compelled to drive to La with my girlfriend without tickets and get in to see Ben.Found a scalper who took my last $300 and the leather jacket off my back.Best show I've ever seen and would do it again in a heartbeat.

sweetpcmd's picture

the concert was AWESOME. my first also, and def will not be my last. the new stuff is gorgeous, i can't wait for the album to be released. thanks, ben, for an amazing evening.

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Remarkable energy, love the new stuff. Note to Tallnorwegianfrontandcenter, that 10 year old is an amazing guitar player, and can tear up the slide as well. True Protege'. The fact that he is a Ben Fan, all the better. I wish I had parents that let me rock at a live show at 10.

snowbunnygd86765's picture

The concert was amazing Being only ten feet away from Ben and the Inocent Criminals was sureal, it wasnt my first first show and it wont be my last

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An amazing show...just knowing that you were at basicly the first concert, with all the new songs, was a great feeling. The only downfall to the concert was the spoiled ten year old boy behind me...(note to parents leave your kids at home.) See you all on sunday night.

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It was good to see M. Ford again. Nice setlist. See you all again Sunday