02.24.06 Milan, Italy

MTV Supersonic Supersonic Studios

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Live set on MTV Italy's "Supersonic." After the taping, the band stayed on stage and played another five songs!

The performance was preceded by a live interview on MTV Italy's TRL earlier in the day.

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timmyrooney17775's picture

Ben and the Innocent Crimanls gave an inspired performance in Milan. Ben himself gave an open-hearted interview(sitting on the floor - a very funny and friendly move on his part) even touching on our goverment's response to the disaster that struck the Gulf of Mexico. His honesty is reflected in his music. Being so far from home, it was nice to have Ben and the Innocent Crimanls come to me. Thanks Guys......
Ciao Tim

didodick29205's picture

I have had the pleasure and the honor to know the band and Ben Harper, during the warm up of Mtv Supersonic... the new proposed songs have left me without words every new piece of his it is a new work of art.. THANKS BEN.

Positive Vibration

Dido Milan

lauretta's picture

the new album's songs are wonderful.
it was a big emotion to saw again, ben and his band, on stage.see you at the next concert in milan. I hope you will come back early thank you

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i wasn't in milan, but mtv italy -supersonic- broadcasted interviews in evening and gig at 9 p.m.
very happy to see Ben the guys back on the stage.
only new songs.
better way, black rain, both side..., serve your soul rocks...i felt those songs.
'engraved invitation', 'the way you found me' , etc... ok, but (just for me) not on the top of Ben mood...
waiting for you and morning yearning i'd like to hear solo acustic...