03.05.06 Cologne, Germany

Stadtgarten Konzertsaal

I Was There
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Promotional performance. Live concert broadcast on WDR 2 at 9:00pm.

Who Went

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It was the best concert I have been to in the last five years.

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This concert was so great! I didnt knew what to expect from the new album, but it was just fantastic! Ben has such a great energy on stage and the audience was very nice.
Thanks for this wonderful night, i will never forget it!

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Ben Harper is a genius. I knew he was great, but live, this man is incredible. The gig was planned for one hour, but it went on longer, I guess because the atmosphere was so alive. THe song "With My Own Two Hands" blended into Bob Marley's "War" right toward the end brought everyone into a frenzy. Ben is not afraid to make powerful political statements about the flooding of New Orleans, the injustice of the poor in the US and the insanity of war. Keep rocking Ben

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Thanx to Ben Harper INC, what a beautiful night....full off energy, spirit, love and realness....
touching beautiful moments

I only can say" I was blessed to be a witness..."

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very nice and small location in cologne. no official tickets were on sale, not more than 300 people. ben and his band were great as allways. excellent sound, great concert. thanks for this amazing evening