audielastic25534's picture

Excellent show. The combination of tunes really shows off Ben's diversity as a musician. The electric tunes to open up with were mixed with way too much volume. It was hard to distinguish vocals and individual instuments. The acoustic tunes mid set were perfectly mixed and executed. The energy increased up until the end.One of the best performances I have witnessed in a while. Thanx Ben./

anonymous's picture

Awesome. I saw the band years back at the Landmark Theatre and was amazed. Tonight blew just blew me away. Roses from friends was beautiful, and two hands/war was the closest I've felt to God in a while. Thank you for that.

martenzzz5632's picture

Another excellent performance We walked out of that theater glowing That finale is the SHIT two hands/war, i can never get enough of that....and pressure drop....ooooh man they killed it.

anonymous's picture

to the band very tight - all of you, excellent job. thanks for a great night.

to the board check your levels on the 'all - electric' tracks.

reznorsgrrl85158's picture

An absolute superb performance And on top of their awesome performance they blessed us with a double encore I Thank the Band so much for that. The first one was a beautiful acoustic solo by Ben performing "Another Lonely Day" and "Roses from My Friends" and the second encore ended the night with a BANG with "With My Own Two Hands" and "War" mingled together. I left floating. Exhilarated. Satisfied. Each time I see these guys it is always spectacular. Always a life experience. Much gratitude and thanks to Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Michael and Jason I hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you all. Please come back to Jacksonville soon. Wish I could have made it to the Orlando show.

Lgpinfl21491's picture

The show was great I have seen him a few times now, over many years and it is great to see the passion for the music is still there. I was glad to hear some of the new songs and of course some old favorites. Me and my girlfriend were dissaponted in the amount of chit-chating that was going on, expecialy when he played his new, slower stuff. Can't wait to get the new album. Like always Ben and his band of innocent criminals rocked. Good-luck with the rest of the tour and god bless.

jimiwinters46841's picture

Amazing show. I couldn't believe the amount of energy emanating through out the theatre. Come back to J-ville soon.

anonymous's picture

I couldn't agree more. That is the second time I have seen BHIC at the Fl Theatre, and I am always amazed THANK YOU for a spectacular show The encore ROCKED

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A great show from start to finish. I have seen Ben and the band numerous times and they never disappoint, this is the best live act there is, Period. A sincere thank you for providing a great night of live music. Carl