kristen93923's picture

Long time fan however it was my first show... and I have to say it was absolutely amazing and beautiful... I have never cried at a concert and i must say Ben gave me chills and made me teary eyed.... I was in awww.... it was definately the best birthday gift I have ever recieved!

la_hobson56966's picture

Thank you so much We have never been so excited after any concert any our lives. The energy on stage was other worldly. This will go down as the best show we've ever seen. Thanks again.

anonymous's picture

Ben and guys.... I flew down from Pittsburgh just for the show because you never come here! I have to say I was not dissapointed! It was my first show and I was speechless, astounded, moved but most of all touched by your talent and love for what you do. Please dont ever change a thing that you do. You do it so well. Please Please Please come to the 'burgh some day.... there are soooo many of us here that want to see you all again!!!!

jasondorsa's picture

AWESOME!!!! That is the only word that can describe this show. We flew down from NY once again.......and Ben did not fail to astound us once again. He played for what seemed like forever running through many of the songs off of the new album. I cannot wait to get Both Sides of the Gun in the mail. The crowd was great......the venue was fantastic........definitely recommend "pass the line" we were one of the first 10 people to get into the room. I wish I could have been one of the few people to make it in for the soundcheck. That must have been memorable. Anyway......Ben if you are reading this.......please play Jones Beach again.....I will bring down everyone I know )

weezer838342966's picture

Where do I begin. I just wanted to simply say "Thank You very much" for an amazing show. I wish there was a way to harness the energy and emotion, which radiated off of that stage. We could use it as some sort of alternative fuel source! "Thank you Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals"!

cjmsquid's picture

well it's almost been a week since the HOB show and i'm still wishing it had never ended...What an amazing nite!!Thank you Ben for touching my soul...I am forever grateful you are on this earth!!!

emzaho43224's picture

This was our (huband and I) first BHIC concert. Wow, it blew me away. I have been a fan for years, but after seeing, feeling, dancing, even crying ( tears of joy) with BHIC I believe I have arrived at a new level of appreciation boarding on reverence!
I cannot say enough about the show truly uplifting and remarkable.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you BHIC.

anonymous's picture

This concert rocked. I apologize for the inconsiderit crowd. I wish they would have been like the one at the tabernacle. Im stoked yall are realeasing that version of "Beloved one." I cant wait for the new album, especially to hear "murder while im eating." That song is very cool. Also morning yearning, just feeling that was grear. But this show was insaine, you guys always go beyond expectation. Peace. Juan keep jammin.

A Voiceless Sympathy's picture

With all due respect to "jagoda" and your post listed right before have to be kidding me! And for anyone reading that post...disregard it! As with every HOB show I've been to for any band you had a good portion of the crowd definitely being there for a social gathering rather than a Ben Harper Experience. Especially when you could hear several conversations rather than Ben singing 'Another Lonely Day', I even said it out loud at the time, "these people don't realize how great of a song they're missing." Regardless, it was an AMAZING show hands down. My friends and I were front and center just one body behind the rail. To see Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals in such a small intimate setting was enough to look forward to in itself, but the passion, emotion and energy Ben and the band brought blew away any and all of the high expectations I had going in. It was truly an amazing musical and spiritual experience.

Of course the majority of the songs were from the new album - it's a double album being released in less than 2 weeks, didn't everyone expect that? I know I did. And you know what - EVERY new song was incredible. I can already tell you the new album is awesome because all the new songs he played rocked! Totally awesome jam by everyone in the middle of 'Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating'. How can you not love that song just from the title? I'm happy to have heard the new songs played live for my first listen, I can't wait to have that album in my hands now!

And he mixed in a good spread of his older tunes as well, and good ones! 'Forever' was a sweet surprise, didn't think we'd get it since he played it the night before, it was beautiful. And my personal favorite 'Amen Omen'(I know, not so old) gets me everytime I hear it, but to be standing dead on in front of Ben to watch him belt out those gut wrenching lyrics stare into his face as he exudes the emotion with which he wrote those lyrics was just powerful overwhelming to me. And someone mentioned it in an earlier review but it's worth repeating, Towards the end of 'Where Could I Go' Ben stands in the middle of the stage and just looks into the crowd as we all erupt in a huge nonstop ovation that felt like it last 15 minutes but probably was more like 3 or 4. The crowd got louder and crazier by the second and Ben just stood there taking it all in, you could see it in his face, he was truly touched and even choked up, his eyes swelling, his lip quivering, just enjoying the moment, taking in all of our energy, loving what he's doing, and thankful people get it and appreciate it. So for as much negative as you can rightly say about the crowd in general, being down in it and a part of it, our crowd came throught towards the end of the night with everyone going crazy, cheering, screaming, and showing Ben the love he so truly deserves.

My friends and I waited outside after the show and were able to say hi to everyone in the band other than Ben. Keyboarder Jason told us Ben had already left(probably 'cause he was playing Langerado the next day) Jason also said that the crowd was intense and that this show was something else! So the band definitely felt it, if you were in the crowd you couldn't help but feel it. 27 songs, almost 3 hours of playing, in a small club setting, if you have an ounce of complaining or negatives in you then you simply aren't a Ben Harper fan or you weren't at the show. It just doesn't get much better than this. Ben, thank you, you moved me, touched me, rocked me, and I will never forget sharing the moment with you and your band. I will hold onto it forever fondly in my heart and soul as one of the greatest musical and emotional experiences in my life!

drewhorowitz35250's picture

ben harper is a great songwriter and the innocent criminals are a talented group of musicians but unfortunately the show last night was suprisingly underwhelming. have seen them play live several times and am always impressed but this time it was all too evident that the crowd lost interest from time to time mid-song wherein the room turned into a hall of chatter and ben harper's vocals could barely be distinguished. this was also the first time i had heard his new material and i was also unimpressed with what appears to be the direction in which his songwriting has progressed. the rendition of "with my own two hands" into the cover of bob marley's "war" was awesome as was "diamonds on the inside", but the majority of the set consisted of new tracks. all in all, ben harper is always a great musician and performer but last night's show was hopefully just a rare digression.

dtrain29's picture

This was our 7th show. I must say after the Jacksonville show we were a bit skeptical, but this was the best show ever. 27 songs are you fucking kidding me. BHIC left nothing at the HOB's. My wife and I were in VIP's and the more drunk people get the more unruly they become. But when they went into Where could I go and the crowd cheered for 3 minutes what a great feeling. After three hours we wanted BHIC to continue all night. Not to be too negative but Ben can we have a little more acoustic. Two songs in Jax and two in Orlando. Think all this by just a friend popping in a BHIC CD in 6 years ago, and now on June 20 Harper Katherine will be born. We love you guys. Thank you.

guavajelly's picture

Another incredible show. I was a little worried that they couldn't be as good as they were at the Tabernacle, but they definitely matched it musically in my opinion. To anyone who went to ATL, you know that is saying A LOT!! The new stuff is beyond ill and he popped out a couple of my old personal favorites with jah work, forgiven (how cool was juan "christening" the crowd??) and amen omen among a slew of other greats. Liked the venue a lot. cool vibes there, but the crowd had some issues about yelling during the middle of some of the songs. but it happens. besides the mind-blowing experience of the concert itself, me and my mom made a bet with eachother that if ben didn't climb up and walk around the balcony we would stay after and try to meet the band. well, sure enough. i won and we ended up meeting juan, leon, oliver, and jason. the amazing feeling and incredible high that i got off of meeting these guys will definitely last me until album time. what a great band. not every rocker would take the time to let some kid take pictures with them. truly amazing individuals, musicians, and i consistently thank god for their existence in my life and the rest of the world.sorry if that seems a little melodramatic, but they're really that great. )

blackorchid24578's picture

It was a sentimental evening enhanced by Ben's passion. As always, a beautiful, heart-felt performance. The disrespectful crowd was hard to ignore, but the band's magic made it a great show. Nothing like a Red Rocks Ben show to stir the soul, though. Thank you, Ben for all you've shared. Beloved One was our wedding song, we missed that last night. Damn! Leon was amazing last night, too. What planet are these masters from, anyway?

christinasmeltz18480's picture

The show was incredible By far the best BHIC show I've been to yet

Ben, thanks for writing music with meaning and playing it with passion.

anonymous's picture

A great show by the band, Ben's vocal's needed to be turned up but otherwise good sound. The With My Own 2 Hands/War closer was magic, the sold out crowd and the band was one, a special moment in time.

anonymous's picture

great show to ben and the boys, loved the new stuff, however it was unfortunate that people came out for what seemed like a social event rather then listen to the greatest band on Earth Come to Clearwater next time and get the respect you guys deserve

sleepyhouse416's picture

wow. This show was incredible. every single new song was great, every single older one was amazing. this was my first ben harper show, and we got front row/ center. I couldn't have asked for a better night, except maybe to keep every drunk-ass-dave-matthews-fan-resembling-dipshit that comes up, talks profusely and spills beer all over everyone out. but whatever, it would've had to taken a lot more to ruin that night.

I'M SO GLAD THEY PLAYED WHERE COULD I GO. I was almost sure they wouldn't toward the end of the show, but they did. It was the only song I REALLY wanted to hear, but hey I can't argue with another lonely day and walk away back to back.

I can't wait for my next conert

april's picture

ps. -- and, mourning yearning is such a beautiful song, i cant wait to go to another bhic concert.

march 21 - 11 more days

april's picture

i cant describe in words how amazing this concert was. by far, the best ive EVER been to glad to hear some of the new songs....and nice dancing ben

anonymous's picture

to the board- great job excellent show tonight, thanks for a great evening. thanks for checking the levels, perfect

to the band- great again say hi to sabina this weekend, she's seems really cool...

travel well.