03.11.06 Sunrise, FL

Langerado Music Festival Markham Park

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BHIC at 7pm on Everglades Stage

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I've seen BHIC several times in the past this was the best yet! The new tunes are great Ben's back to playing a lot of slide. "Forgiven" "Jah Work" were highlights for me- I'd never seen either live before. The band sounds tighter than ever they obviously love playing together. They're the best live band out there!

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This is the first time I saw Ben Harper and the IC, and can honestly say I was blown away. I've been to many many shows in my 38 years, and I am hard pressed to think of one better. I managed to worm my way to the very front while The Flaming Lips were playing on the next stage over, and am I glad I did. From the minute the speakers started with the chords of "Better Way" to the very ending anthem of "With my own Two hands" Ben and the Band held the audience (including me) captive with Bens heartfelt vocals and the amazing musical talents of the entire band. Standouts include the new music "Better Way" and "Black Rain". The standards "Glory and Consequence", "Temporary Remedy" "Forgiven" "Burn One Down" brought the house down. The first song in his encore "Walk Away" played solo, brought a tear to my eye with its honesty and raw emotion. I saw many other misty eyes around me. Ben and his band couldn't have made a stronger first impression. I will go out of my way from now on to attend any of his shows. I am just sorry that my friends back in Phoenix couldn't attend. Way to go BHIC....Hurry back from Japan!!! Thanks Hans for turning me on to such a great talent, and pressuring me to go despite all the setbacks I encountered in actually getting there. I'm so glad I did!!!

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It is 12 hours before the show and I already know it is going to be inspiring. Another incredible and enlightening evening with BHIC. I love guarantees few and far between but sometimes you just know.