03.21.06 Hollywood, CA

Amoeba Music

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Amoeba Music - Hollywood, CA

Live in-store performance. Starts at 6pm. Limited space.

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i think you guys...(john & mike) are CRAZY!!!!! the show was AWESOME!!! what the hell can you complain about when youre at a FREE SHOW!?!?!? i think you need to ease up on ben, i dont think he has a "rockstar mentality" just because he couldnt stay to sign after all...its business...its not his fault...you guys need to learn how to appreciate, instead of complaing.....and to be honest, i was never really into ben harper, but my boyfriend brought me to the show and now IM HOOKED!! hes amazing!!

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i agree wtih john. i was very disappointed with the show for the same reasons and then some. ben and the ic's have 7 album's to choose from....they have a loyal fan base...and yet they still play the same songs IN THE SAME ORDER every show. I understand he's trying to promote the new cd, but at least mix it up a little and play other new songs or the same ones in a different order. seeing him in Feb at the el ray, i knew every song he was going to play before he played it. And back to the el ray show...he needs new fillers...(i.e. - no more brown eyed blues, with my own -- war, excuse me mr....all great songs, but give me a two hands of a prayer, touch from your lust, or the will to live...ANYTHING other than the predictable fillers.) If it wasn't a free show, I would have been very upset....

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i was a little disappointed with the whole night. don't get me wrong. i dig ben and the ic's. i've seen them numerous times. indoors, outdoors, small venue, big venue. to start it off. we get there at about 4pm. with 6 oclock in mind for the start time. then we were all informed that it would be closer to 630 with the l.a. traffic and all. but when that rolled around and the crew was out there setting up slow. i knew we were in for it. there was an auction where a guy won a guitar to be signed by ben and the boys and what ever else he brought. so that killed time. then comes 7pm and no ben or band. then 715 rolls on through and finally we get some tunes. as with all performances in amoeba i was very excited. the sound was awful though. the worst i've heard in the store. the highs were too high. basiclly ear piercing. the speakers sounded as if they were going to rip open with any highs. guitar solos, bens voice when he screamed. and so on. i could'nt believe it. how could the soundman let this go i thought? how could the band not know? they had to know. there was feedback throughout. i read other reviews on here and everyone says it sounded good. am i and the people i was with the only ones to notice this? we did not deserve this we waited for hours to hear them. they never apoligized for being late. just a "we appreciate you coming out". then to top it off after the show they say over the loud speaker no signing will go on. after we all bought the cd and waited for hours for a 45 min set. he did'nt come out and say sorry that they can't sign and meet everyone. or was that the store saying it wont happen. no matter the cause he has always been about the fans. so i was taken back by this action. i took 2 people who never seen them and this is what they walk away with. bad sound and a rockstar mentality. i kept telling them not to hold on to this show. how about the guy who won the auction? 1000. no signing for him or did he get to go back there? please do not get me wrong. i'm a big ben harper fan and i'll keep going to see them. i bought the new album and it is really good. the performance was good the sound was not. did anyone hear what i was hearing?

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Have loved Ben's music going on ten years now! The show at Amoeba was truly wonderful, though some in the crowd were getting restless for a "FREE" show.
As usual Ben and Co. blew me away.
As my sister said in her video interview
I have seen Ben more times than even Ben's own mother. I doubt that this is true but I will say that wherever and whenever Ben plays I will move heaven and earth to be there. Ben and the IC are always inspiring and that is what music is about.....

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this was amazing. & I was lucky to be invited by a friend last minute to watch it, cause I had no idea BHIC was doing an in.store. "Morning Yearning" is absolutely breath taking. Cant wait to go to more of their performances!!!

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I am so glad that I got to see this show, as have yet been to a Ben Harper concert. He is an amazing artist with a very tight band. From the buzzing beginning of A Better Way, Ben Harper played 8 songs off his Both Sides of The Gun Album, starting off with the first 3 from Disc 2, where he rocked through Both Sides and Engraved Invitation, before moving onto his softer side, on Disc 1. Though at the time, I only had the listen to the album a couple of times, I could already hear a new dimension of depth to such songs as Morning Yearning, Waiting For You, and Picture in A Frame.
Ben then finished off the set with two more rockers from Disc 2, Please Don't Talk about Murder...., and Black Rain... He blew the roof off with these 2 songs!!!

Too bad, they weren't able to start on time as like everyone else was really looking forward to meeting Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals........ but I did leave the show inspired...... Couldn't ask for a better night then to blend my two favorite things, seeing a great concert and shopping at Amoeba!!!

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Worth the wait to see the guys in a totally packed Amoeba, great turn out from the LA fans. "Better Way" sounds great live. "Picture in a Frame" was beautiful as well. The guys were a little crammed on the tiny stage, but they seemed unfazed and played a good set. And Michael Ward is awesome.

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The concert was amazing!!!! Ben came out rocking it to A Better Way and just floored everyone, then he kept the grove going with songs like Engraved Invitation, and then mellowed out with Morning Yearning which is just so beautiful. His vocals, his power, and his determination to send a message to all his listeners was just so uplifting, I felt like I had some religious experiance, and now I can see Both Sides of the Gun!! Juan and Leon worked it as usual and M. ward brought a new dimension to the IC's. Can't believe that I really got to see Ben so up and close, it was such a energetic setting, hope to see him perform their again. A show worth waiting for, but I was sad that he ran out of time to do the instore signing, I really would of liked the oppurtunity just to shake his hand and say thank you for sharing with us a piece of you. You are a god send!!!!!

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Show was a bit late, but the great music made it worth the wait. The new songs are strong. Engraved Invitation...WOW!!! That song rocks. The difference with this album vs. others in the past is, clearly, Michael Ward, the guitar player and the newest IC. This new guitar playing gives the music a new edge. Looking forward to seeing these guys for a full set. Thanks BHIC!!!

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Very nice, I felt like it was a treat to even have the opportunity to go so I enjoyed it very very much, even if the wait was getting excrutiating. Life seems just a little better now just singing "I believe in a better way"!! This was a nice gift to be able to see, so thank you very much Ben Harper and all the IC's for the in-store performance!!