03.25.06 Universal City, CA

KCRW Presents a Sounds Eclectic Evening Gibson Amphitheatre with Death Cab for Cutie, Franz Ferdinand, Gomez, Lewis Taylor, Feist, Goldspot

I Was There
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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - KCRW Presents a Sounds Eclectic Evening - Universal City, CA

Guest Set

Ben played Weissenborn with Gomez on "Whippin' Picadilly." Ziggy Marley sat in with BHIC on "With My Own Two Hands/War."

Who Went

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I was fortunate enough to purchase front row, center, seats only to be disappointed that Ben wasn't playing a full set. However, it did come with passes to the backstage party, so how bad could it be? Ben stole the show. Ziggy and Ben had the joint rocking. After the show, we went back to the backstage party. As we walked through the doors, there was Ben. He was just standing there. So, I had the honor of having a small conversation with him mostly about Ben's new guitar player. Then, Ben was gracious anough to let me stand with him while a photo was taken. A few minutes later, here comes Michael Ward, Jason Yates, Leon Mobley. Got photos and more photos. All were very nice with no pretention. Michael Ward, guitar player, was very gracious, and he said, "I just hope I can make Ben's music better." Ahhh Yeah, he has made it way better that guy jams. Leon was very nice and Yates gave me the classic stoner handshake. Yes, we had a good night. Can't wait until the Greek!!!

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I live in San Jose and a few friends and I drove to LA just to see Ben Harper at the KCRW concert. It was amazing. I was dissapointed that he didn't play longer, but maybe i'll see him in Berkeley in August! It was an awesome performance with a lot of heart.
I am getting married in a redwood grove in july and plan on having "Forever" or "Happy Everafter in Your Eyes" for my first dance. I'm so excited! For a few years now i've been imagining "Forever" as my song, but now that i've heard "Happy Everafter in Your Eyes" i'm conflicted! They are both so beautiful.
It was a wonderful performance and it's a wonderful Album! Thanks Ben!!!!

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I was a little worried when I arrived and saw that my ticket was in the absolutely last row on almost the absolute side of the venue but everything turned out so beautiful!! The show was so beautiful it must be all the love for KCRW!! Feist, Sia, Gomez, the lead singer of Spoon, Franz Ferdinand were all so great, but of course I am partial to Sia and Ben Harper!! The stage was absolutely loaded (they had a revolving stage for the bands) and when it came time for BHIC, that stage was LOADED!! It was absolutely beautiful. I think spirits were pretty high and Ziggy Marley just topped it all off. Good and beautiful vibes from the stage last night!! Strange to say, but I even think I prefer Ben to sing War over Ziggy. I know it would be unheard of with Ziggy actually on stage, but Ben has got the fire when it comes to singing some Bob!! Really really good show last night, from beginning to end!! Excellent from everyone involved!!

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Sorry Dethcab, BEN stold the show.

Ziggy and My Own Two Hands was amazing.

Thanks for another great night, short but sweet!