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Ben cried. I cried. Four encores. Enough said. Best concert I've ever seen

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I gave you a necklace that I made for has very precious beads on Ethiopian cross in the middle adorned with antique African beads of all kinds. I love your music, your voice, and your message so much. This necklace is a token of my gratitude for the joy you've brought to my life in your music alone. I wish I could know you...we are siblings in Christ's kingdom and I thank God for the gifts He has bestowed upon you. You are beautiful. Your songs have come to represent precious moments in my life...particularly "Forever." I will soon dance to it on my wedding day. I will see you in heaven, Ben. With love, Mary

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I came from San Diego just to see Ben in a small venue and was I blown away! If given the chance to see Ben with 500 of your closest friends do not pass on it. The absoulute best concert in the 200 or so I have seen. Truly a spriritual and magical evening. This concert never leaves my memory at how moved I was by Ben's passsion for his music. Thanks also to the venue for letting people enjoy the concert without hassles from the staff.

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In short, I am completely blessed to have had the opportunity to see BHIC at Fox. I went the second night, which I have been told was the best one. I think it was the most memorable moment of my life when, after playing temporary remedy with a slide, then playing woman in you and steal my kisses/pressure drop he gave me the very slide that he played temporary remedy with. I would be lying if I said that wasn't life changing. I'm not one for superstition but I think that slide may be magical, because my slide performance has improved 100 fold since I got the slide. Ben, I can't thank you enough for playing at such a small venue in boulder. Ben, my friend John-Alex Mason once said "they can beat the hell outta you but in the end, if you keep singing, you won." Thanks for always singing and never letting them win.


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Friday night I walked into a tree branch trying to make it home from the show. My buddy from Jersey had to slap me in face to bring me around. Saturday night not even the temptation of a whiskey and coke from the bar could get me to leave my spot by the railing. One of the most inspiring and passionate performances I have ever seen. This show hit me a lot harder than that tree branch. Thanks Ben.

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I have seen Ben a number of times over the past decade. I have seen him in venues smaller than the Fox, as well as venues much larger. I saw a magical Valentine's day show in years ago that began with nearly an hour of accoustic love songs. I have been treated to Ben's love, his passion, his expression...
And on Saturday night ALL of that was exceeded with an explanation mark. The show began building early, and with the audience so in tune with Ben's intensity, the reciprocation came back 10 fold. Wow. Until this show, my favorite encore was a live "I'll Rise" with fist in the air in 1997 that captivated an otherwise impatient audience and made believers out of them all- now I have firmly planted in my mind the image of Ben spinning pell-mell to the final crazy strains of "War / 2 hands" that threw us all into musical nirvana. THE ONLY REASON A 5TH ENCORE DIDN'T HAPPEN IS THAT THERE WAS NO WAS TO TOP THE 4TH ONE!
Thank you Ben, thank you Fox, thank you Cable for hauling me to the show, thank you to the girl in the box office who got me a ticket- INEFFABLE.

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It was truly a blessing to see Ben and Michael at E-Town on Sunday, then again on Fri and Sat with the IC. This is without a doubt the best BHIC show I've ever seen. Are you kidding me? 4 encores? We did something right to deserve this. I look forward to seeing you at Red Rocks this summer.

Peace & Love for a Better Way,


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We were completely mezmorized by BHIC at the Fox on saturday. From the first minute he hit the stage with "Believe in a Better Way" -sung from the core of his soul, the entire show shook. His intensity and focus on EVERY lyric and note of music I have never witnessed in another artist. Every song in the 3 1/2 hour set was savored like the first of his career. How did they keep it up? BHIC fed themselves on the juice of the audience as the night progressed...when no one could believe it could go on any longer, they came out AGAIN (4 encores!) It was a "religious experience" we will never forget. Every concert we ever see will be measured against this one. THANK YOU BEN!

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Of the dozens of BHIC shows I've seen in the past 7 years, none tops this one. Many come close the 9 acoustic songs in Charlottesville, the first time Ben played with the Blind Boys in Nola '01, Ben singing Mary at the Ralph Nader rally.....but a three+ hour setlist with a perfect mixture of old and new, wild and slow. What did Ben say on Friday night about ballads and rock? That he had attempted to put the new album together as a way to make everybody happy--and I feel this show, somehow, somewhere through some karmic force came together and created the perfect cocktail.

I almost don't want to ever see another BHIC show again, why would I want to sully such a perfect memory?

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john b... my thoughts exactly.

i was kind of suprised that there were that many people who got tickets for such a limited show that thought "burn one down" was the only song that could fulfill their expectations.

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By far the best show I've ever seen. The energy in the club was truly amazing. The crowd was pumped and the band just kept pouring out such great energy. The music just came and came.

The sound quality was really great. I wish every show could be in a small intimate setting like this.

Thanks boys!

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I've been waiting nearly 10 years to see Ben in concert (on purpose) waiting for just the right show. Flew in from Detroit to Boulder just for one night - just for this show. Trust me, 10 years of picturing of what I wanted it to be - the expectations were impossible to meet, but somehow it happened - just the way I imagined. I can now die in peace.

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I was there for both night and yes, it was two of the BEST BHIC shows I have ever seen. BTW all of you fucking losers who scream "burn one down" during the the real BHIC fans a favor, stay home and smoke pot.or buy the cds and put the only songs you like on repeat.

Every time I see Ben I feel blessed. And seeing BHIC is about more than having an excuse to smoke herb. I had this "hippie dude" next to me who called Ben lame b/c when would play the song he was screaming. By no means am I telling you how to enjoy Ben. All I am saying is please be respectful towards the band members and the others who were lucky enough to get into the show.

Peace and love to all


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Everyone has said it so eloquently there's not much I can add. Except that I was moved to tears three times during the show! And thinking back on it and reading these reviews keeps giving me goosebumps.

Ben is the most conscientious, passionate, sincere and talented musician producing and performing today. He gives hope in a dire age.

Thank you Ben. We love you.


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Both shows were great!!! The musical talent of Ben is truly unmatched today! After Friday I didn't think it could get much better, but I was wrong!!! Saterday was unbelivable, thanks to BHIC for playing a small venue!!

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My third time seeing BHIC. I was left speechless. The concert was the best I have ever been to. It was moving. Thank you BHIC! We love the new album!

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I started the weekend with just one ticket for the Friday night rocked me back so far on my heels, I decided to stay in Boulder another night and see if I could get a ticket for Saturday....Deciding to stay over another night was easily one of the better decisions that I have made in a decade.

I thought Friday was great...there are no words in the english language to accurately describe or capture what happened in the Fox on Saturday night...the intensity and passion was completely off of the charts....great job...everyone....BHIC, the crowd, the was all hitting so hard...The chills started for me during Please Bleed and lasted well after the show was over....CANT WAIT FOR RED ROCKS!!!!

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I definitely agree with everything that has been said above. But I also have a need to acknowledge Ben's unending acts of gratitude towards his fans. I have never seen an artist express such appreciation and admiration for the people who have supported him throughout the years. I guess that is why we were treated to two shows in a very intimate setting at a decent rate (that a teacher can afford!) and on top of that 3.5 hours of music that included FOUR ENCORES!!! It was clear that every time Ben said thank you, everyone in the room was reciprocating the same thoughts to him. I know he felt it. Two years ago at Red Rocks BEFORE breaking into a single song, Ben passionately thanked his fans. Perhaps he will do that again for all of us in August!
THANK YOU BEN for the gifts of your music and the memories of these shows-- We will write this down in history as you continue to rise--- Peace!

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I have had the fortune to see Ben solo or with the Innocent Criminals many times in a variety of venues. I can't say that I have ever been to a show as unbelievable as this one. As my friends said afterwards, "They turned the Fox into a church." The kind of church you want to go to and celebrate life, music, and a higher power. There was a spirit in the house.

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Hands down the most amazing show I have seen...this show will go down in BHIC fan folklork as the best show in years, maybe is hard to describe in words the emotion and raw energy. And four one wanted it to end.
The crowd was great, the band was better...made the 8 hour wait in line both days worth it....and we met Ben on Sat.
Ben once again showed why his is the best in the business songwriting, performance, and energy is unmatched. Cant wait for Red Rocks...
Peace, Kit

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personally, i think ben and the boys gave us more than we deserved. at times, parts of the crowd were just down right obnoxious. thankfully, they just kept coming back out to give us more, though. it was awesome. a beautiful set.

i wish i wasnt right near the couple of people who felt the need to yell, "whhoO!" during the most intimate, quiet parts of songs, making it a struggle to hear ben. and, what was w. the 10 drunks at the back being the ONLY people talking and laughing during the mellow parts of the set? they should of moved themselves outside. sheesh.

fucking awesome show though. no complaints whatsoever about the performance. i cant believe how long they played for... amazing.

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there isn't a show that i've been to that has been more energetic, perfect crowd, and perfect balance of songs on his set list. thank you BHIC for making last night, THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. With my own two hands/war was def. the best song he did. you could feel the bands passion. and his passion kept going on through the whole night. amazing.... cant wait for red rocks

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This was my first BHIC show. I am a major music lover and this by far is the best show I have seen in some time. Ben was so emotionally charged and he fed off the audience's energy. I have never in my time seen 4 ENCORES!

What passion, thoughtful songwriting and love comes from this band! The fans are something else too- begging him for more - even the bassist declared they could have played for us all night. The energy felt at this show left me feeling so alive.

I can't thank Ben and the Innocent Criminals enough for coming to such a small venue and treating us to the time of our lives. This was the most amazing way to be introduced to such an incredible band. I hope this to be the first of many BHIC shows.

peace love and light to all


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I didn't think anything could top the show last night on Friday, but the show tonight cannot be described in words. It was the best musical experience of my life.
Thank you so much BHIC for coming to Boulder and allowing us the oppourtunity to experience you two nights in a row. I will never forget this weekend and thank God for blessing me with beauty of your music.