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I know this isnt a post, but Ziller you can get hold of me at See ya at red rocks!

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Ben Harper is great, Aspen in general especially the Belly Up is pretty lame. Ben played an awesome set despite the surroundings. It was the normal Aspen crowd, mostly rich pretentious jerks, a few "valley girls," and unbelievably rude bar staff/bouncers.
Great show anyway Ben, and thanks for the setlist!

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Been seeing this beautiful man in concert since 1996. Now married with kids and travelled far for an anniversary to see this Aspen show. Not a roast, a true review...not a good venue, up close or not. Energy is obvious. BHIC didn't feel it this night and it was sad.

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Sorry Jake Z, meant to get your email. How can I get in touch?
Looks like the shi shi crowd at the Belly up is getting roasted by the Harper fans. At the end of the day it was still fantastic to see em up close!

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I must agree with the shortcomings of the Belly Up crowd. I was in the front row as well and had some drunk Jack Ass right next to me from Highland's closing day running his mouth endlessly. I couldn't believe I was about to get kicked out of a BHIC show for putting this guy to sleep. It was totally contradictory to what it is all about and just felt so wrong. The several other times I have seen Ben have been spiritual journeys for a few hours in time. The 95,000 people of Austin were more respectful at the 2004 City Limits show!! For Jazz Fest 2003 in New Orleans at State Palace, you could hear a pin drop among 4,000!!! What's Up? If you don't understand, go elsewhere. I still enjoyed the show but felt the disconnect as well. Shame is, two great friends were with me who had never seen Ben and were just blown away. They don't realize that they didn't receive the full heart and soul we have come to adore. There is no better artist around than this man. Ben, Thank You so very much for coming!!!!!! It sucks but I wouldn't blame you for not coming back.

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Loved the show as much as I could...wish I could have heard the acoustic set better. Unfortunately I wasn't at stage front and had to TRY to listen over the rude chatter. Will go almost anywhere to see BHIC, but never again at Belly Up Aspen.

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Once again the show left me speechless.... I felt horrible for ben and the guys...they still had there energy from boulder and were let down by the horrible bar scene... It was amazing bein front row and 2 feet away from him! I feel his acoustic was better then boulder but the vibe was not the same! ALSO ANYONE FROM THE FRONT ROW I NEVER GOT ANYONES EMAILS, so email me!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR RED ROCKS

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It is an understatement to say that the inconsiderate crowd at Belly Up was detracting. The most unbelieveable was someone talking on her cell phone, close to the stage, during the acoustic set! How embarrassing.
Ben wasn't as engaging as we are used to...he must have been tired as Ziller said, but the rude bar crowd could have been a turn off for him, as well.
We love you BHIC. See you in Boulder next time!

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Well after the previous night's show, there was no way this was going to be as good. The band had to be tired. They had played till 1245 the night before (plus the 1 hour time change).

The crowd up front was way into it and really knew the music well. The folks in the back of the bar seemed to just be tourists up for the skiing or something, and were talking away so loudly that it actually detracted.

After a few songs, however, the newbies were stunned into silence. Had some fantastic songs in the acoustic set and finished off strong.

Overall, another great experience to get to see the band in such an intimate setting. It suits the music.