04.10.06 Toronto, Canada

Mod Club

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Special club show to promote "Both Sides of the Gun", featuring a stripped-down acoustic set from Ben Harper with Michael Ward. Read reviews at Chart Attack and CANOE - JAM! Music. Clips of the performance were webcast at Sympatico / MSN Entertainment.

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I used to watch the video of this concert all the time, the instrumental jam leading into 11th Commandment and Well, Well, Well was the best thing I'd ever seen. Where is it now? I'd give anything to recover that video!

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I had no plans of going to this show because I didn't win any, but my bro hooked me up with a ticket last minute. Next thing I knew, I was right up front watching Ben just blow us all away. This was my sixth Ben show, and it definitely goes down as one of the best. It felt like he was just jamming out with all of us allowed to witness it. There were moments when the whole crowd seemed to pause in awe as Ben ripped it on the Weissenborn or when he belted out vocals with an energy and sincerity that is trademark Ben Harper. Thanks Ben, for giving us the gift of your music.

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An amazing show... how do you describe seeing your favorite musician sit down less than ten feet away from you and pour his heart out all over the stage for everyone to see. Truly another spiritual experience hosted by the humble Mr. Harper. This show had its own vibe,,, almost like a show for family with the couple of small screw-ups just adding to the intimacy of the show. I must say although seeing Ben do an acoustic show is a gift all unto its own, the full0throttle show at the Kool Haus still ranks as the greatest musical/spiritual moment of my life. I still haven't come down from that show, never mind trying to absorb what I witnessed at the Mod Club

ONE LUV......

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hands down the best show i've ever seen......... sureal..........spiritually uplifting............i did NOT want it to end as i don't think that i'll ever see another one like this (in Toronto anyways).
Any like minded BenHeads out there who enjoy "Ben Parties" on the weekends, we have all his DVD's and most of his material, and me and some buds tribute the guy with our accoustics weekly!
musicians and non musicians welcome.


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The most mind blowing, slow stirring show I have ever attended. I started to cry during 'Please bleed' and I have no idea why.
My boyfriend is a big fan of Ben and truthfully this show was the first time I heard him (aside from my boyfriend's dvds and cds.)
I am forever a fan now.