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I bartended this event and it was one of the greatest concerts I've ever heard. I never listened to any of Ben Harper's music before this night, and now I'm a huge fan. I got to hang with the band after the show and a lot of celebs were present such as Jake Gillenhall, Gisele (who got wasted and fell down a flight of stairs with a guitar strapped to her back), Pearl Jam... The crowd was great except for a few hanging out at the bar who were talking during his slower songs. I wish I had known his music beforehand so I could have appreciated it better, but I'm now hooked!

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First of many Ben shows. Incredible performer with more feeling, love and soul distributed in a single night than most people can comprehend in a lifetime. We should all believe in a "Better Way". Peace.

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Big ups to Martay sneakin in two dirty water dogs into the supper club

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Show was unreal -- still buzzin from it. Great venue, too. Great mix of new songs and old - Widow being one of my highlights. Does anybody have the setlist handy to post?

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Incredible show! He played a little over 3 and a half hours! Much better than the Irving Plaza show last year.
Kudos to Michael Ward

Thanks Bobonic for a great show!

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it had to be history...a three-hour show with enough intensity to ignite the passion or an at times unattentive crowd...ben harper was pure skill, offering up funk, wall-of-sound rock, jazz. gospel and blues. Where else can you get entertainment like this? For us, the heart of the show was the political passion performance of "Black Rain" about the travesty in New Orleans and "Gather Round the Stone" about the older men planning war in Iraq and Iran today, who then leave younger men and women face up, dead in the ground. We were in the front row, and at times Ben seemed uncertain about how to keep the set list going for the full three hours...but he did it and the entire band delivered!

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Amazing 3 hr set - Hands down classic !
Jah Work
Black rain
The Will To Live
Touch From Your Lust Priceless

Reason To Mourn was played
not sure what part of tha setlist
but yes it was played and sounded amazing....


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AMAZING SHOW!!!!! So much passion, so much spirit! It was a blessing to witness....Ben was feeling the LOVE from the us and he gave us back so much! Three hours of raw, beautiful soulful jams....

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Great, great show but the crowd was absolutely annoying. The people at the bar were talking very loud over Ben's acoustic solo tunes which I thought was completely disrespectful. That's the problem with small NY City venues. Although it's more intimate, you have to deal with the corporate ticket holders and not the true Ben fans. Susie Blue was had that 1930's jazz feel to it. I saw the set list during the entire show and they were supposed to end with Reason to Mourn (my new favorite), but they never played it. Oterwise it was a great show.

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I agree with the posted reviews. The show was fantastic. It was my first and I have been waiting for a while...
The crowd shocked me. They could not shut up. Its seems so strange to me that his fans are so unaware.
Still the music and spirit from the band was inspiring. I'm grateful...
Hope to see them again soon. Great new album.

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Live in Baltimore and found out about the show at 3 PM the day of the show. Hopped my ass in the car and took off to NYC. Loved seeing Ben & the Boys....reminded me of my 1st show 8 years ago, played a lot of old stuff I havent heard live in a while. Great show, sub-par crowd, seemed like a lot of people there to socialize rather than listen to great music! 'Where Could I Go?' was flawless .....thank you for that, capped a perfect night!

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great energy, good set, love the accoustic part except for when the drunk people have to yell, scream and especially sing along. overall great ben show, looking forward to him taking the stage with mr. "junior gong" himself damian marley in september at central park.

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3 hours and it was off the charts!!!

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so much energy!