merrett.jodie73468's picture

Im the girl who sneaked back stage in Adelaide to meet you. I apologise if my questions were dumb I had no idea what fate had in store. Highlight of my youth without a doubt. Thankyou for listening, your so fucking humble :)

lefty_lymbo58109's picture

The show was everything I expected & more. My wife & I enjoyed every second of it! While I was sitting there watching the show, it was all I could do not to close my eyes & just get lost in the beautiful music of BEN HARPER & THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS. We have nothing but love for you guys.
Thankyou so much.

petam00551374's picture

Once agin, i have had the privelidge of seeing ben at his best, live, and in Adelaide. i don't quite know what it is, but whenever i go to a concert in Adelaide, the feeling is so much more appreciative and supportive of the music AND the artist. It has felt like a lifetime since you were here last but as per usual, you always make me leave with the feeling of 'how the hell can you get any better?' but, as per usual, you do it every time. This time i finally got to meet ben and oliver and after about 2 and a half hours after they had finished, they still had the time to give outside the arena and meet everyone there waiting for them and the welcoming of both you guys was not only humbling, but inspiring. the efforts you guys put into meeting fans and letting us feel special is amazing. Thankyou so much for the experience once agin BHIC and can't wait to see you again. and thanks for the photo's and the autographs, my albums and ticket look a hell of a lot better now!

anonymous's picture

It was the most amazing experience to see you perform live! Thank you so so much for coming to Adelaide, I've have waited for this moment for years since I first heard your Live From Mars album - my favorite album of all time!! It has seen me through many ups and downs! Thankfully your concert was everything I had hoped it would be and more, and I was so glad you played some of my favorite songs. The second encore was spectacular & so uplifting that when the last song finished I knew I could go home completely satisfied. It was also so nice to see that you are also very appreciative of your fans, not like some performers. But you give us so much more than we could ever give you! The talent on that stage was beyond amazing & I really can't find the words to express how awestruck I was. I didn't think it was possible for you to be any better than I already imagined but there you were proving me wrong. I could go on for hours, but I really just want to say THANK YOU!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING BEN!!!!

heebiejeebie82946's picture

The last time i saw Ben Harper and the Innocent criminals live on stage was when they played at the entertainment centre with Jack Johnson supporting and it was such a different vibe it was almost reverential... the whole crowed was just so awestruck to be in the presence of such beautiful souls. it was sublime - the most awesome night of my life.... until last wednesday night!! this time round it felt to me like there was so much love and energy and everyone was just vibing from the amazing atmosphere and the spectacular music!! i've been buzzing with excitement ever since :) Thankyou so much for such an incredible night! and please come back to Adelaide soon - WE LOVE YOU!!

martc00164606's picture

By far the best performance i have ever seen by any artist or band. Last time was awesome, but this was ten times better. pretty blown away be the setlist. it was crazy! good to hear a few older random songs to start with like homeless child and alone. The second encore was amazing, i was stoked to see Leon go nuts on his bongo's in burn one down. It was definitely worth waiting the last three years to see you play in adelaide again. you are a guru!

anonymous's picture

I was totally awestruck by another amazing performance from Ben and the Innocent Criminals. Never before have I felt so much emotion at a concert, often having to catch my breath at the power coming from the stage. Thank you for a memory that will never fade.

anonymous's picture

Ben, thank you so so very much for an amazing and inspirational concert. I thought the first time was amazing but you blew the crowd away! Thankyou also for signing the back page of the book when my mum ran into you at the airport! Thankyou once again for an amazing show and hope to see you again soon!

jamester_9924629's picture

Cheers Ben for a show ill never forget. Ive been a huge fan for years and its always a good year when BHIC tour Aus. To hear songs that have had such an influence on my life on stage seemed to rejuvinate my soul. Thanks for cementing your place as my favourite artist once again and showing why your live shows seperate you from other performers.

To truly understand Ben Harper you have to see him live.

Highlight - Meeting and getting my guitar signed by him as he left the entertainment centre.

mikehead123632's picture

Jo and I will always put up with BHIC and your musical journey!
We look forward to the day when we can tell our unborn child that he/she went their first BHIC concert whislt still in the womb!
Thanks for 2.5 hours of fine tunes - now that is value for money one doesn't always receive.
See you next time,
Mike, Jo and child 2.

soundsfromthechilledhifi27202's picture

The first time I ever saw Ben Harper live... what can I say, he is amazing. Thank you Ben, for placing our little city on your tour list.
Hope your back soon.

colinmarsh16652's picture

Best show ever. Setlist was great- I rocked out and I mellowed out. More power and soul than ever Michael Ward adds an awesome power to the fold. Improv solos abound with two awesome guitar players, and Juan's harmony was spot on all night. My only disappointment is that I couldn't afford the Asher Lap Steel at the merch stand.

anonymous's picture

Thankyou for such an amazing night of music, spirituality and inspiration.....It's been years since I have seen Ben Harper live, and was so worth the wait. The crowd was great, the sets were fabulous and Ben and the Innocent Criminals were a gift...again, thankyou.

naomi.vaughan53896's picture

Such an amazing show, all the beauty and passion that make BHIC such an incredible experience. Stand out tracks would have to be Please Bleed, Black Rain, Burn One Down and Homeless Child - thanks for such a memorable night!

jamie_noakes48583's picture

Thankyou so much for coming down guys. My girlfriend and i had the greatest time. Without a doubt one of the best shows i've seen in my time on this planet so far. It was a first for me and was jiving along all night. A personal fav of the night was the Mud Drum (i think it was) solo/integration in the second encore. The show on the whole will be a memory i will treasure. I was totally emersed in the beat, bass and melody.
Keep up the great work!

anonymous's picture

It's been a while since I've seen BH in Adelaide, but this set was truly magical, and like my first experience, almost spiritual. Thank you so much! I thought things were a little rushed at that start of the set, but jeez, the second encore performance was worth the entry fee alone! You're always welcome in Adelaide )

sebear_8050052's picture

Wow. I thought the BHIC show last time you came to adelaide was fantastic, but last night was just magical. I had a BHIC frst- timer with me and the look of rapture on her face said it all. From the opening of touch from your lust to the fabulous second encore of burn one down/steal my kisses/ better way, it was a night to remember. Thank you guys, can't wait to see you again!

triplejhottest10071059's picture

Thank you so so so much for putting on the show of a life time. words just can not discribe how good it was, please me like you want to and another lonely by far the two best songs of the night. bit pissed of tho that these ditsy girls infornt of us got back stage passes after the show but oh well. cheeers grant