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Saw you with Jack Johnson at the winery. That was a moving concert but your gig in Perth was awesome. You are the voice of social conscience!

Thanks for the experience, was very moving and made me go home hug my wife, kiss my kids and think of how lucky I am.

See you again and until then I shall not walk alone.

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Absolutely fantastic -eveything we had imagined! Thankyou Mr Harper for coming to Perth & giving us the performance of a lifetime. We'll never forget it.... we're praying you'll come & see us again over here in the West sometime soon!


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Had to get on here again - still buzzing after the concert nearly a week later.

Don't know if you get on here Ben and have read once in awhile - just got to make sure you don't leave three years between drinks for us here in WA. I know there's plenty to do out there - like letting the rest of the world see you play, writing new material, having a life in between....

....just make sure you put us on the tour map soon - plus make sure you come here with the full moon behind you again. Better get off - leave some room for others to write.

Peace brother.

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ok, so its been almost a week since "that night" and im still buzzing from it, seriously it was undoubtebly one of the greatest moments of my life, i missed the belvoir gig and have literally been waiting ever since to see you so i couldn't believe that i was actually standing at a ben harper concert and was infact wide awake and not dreaming!! i'd only been back in the country for a matter of days and needless to say it was the greatest thing i couldve ever have hoped to return home to, the venue and the night i must say where also perfect, go the full moon!! the best live concert i have ever witnessed and i was amazed by the diversity of the setlist, it was great to hear some of the classics, homeless child was definately a pleasant suprise and pleasure and pain was incredible, then some of your new gems and all the inbetween masterpieces. The reggae excuse me mr went off!! i could go on for pages and pages on how incredible you and the innocent criminals are and were that night and how amazing it was to see you play but i probably shouldnt, ill just sum it up as the best night of my life!! nuff said...

...oh yeh and please come back to perth soon!

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This was the first concert i have ever been too but it was sooooo good!!! another lonely day was awesome and so was morning yearning. i cant wait to see ben again, hopefully soon!!!! thanks boys

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DUDE, this was my first ever concert and it was crazy the best experience of my life, my friend recently intriduded me to ur music and i just fell in love straight away, keep the good work up!!!!

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Ben harper was awesome! when will i c him again!?!?

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Destined to become a legend in our lifetime, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals was the best concert I have been to in all my 42 years. Thank you for coming to Perth and giving us such a magic night and special memories. We took out three children and if they can ever top that concert in their lifetime, I will be surprised! The pure joy we saw on their faces was something we will always remember. A fantastic atmosphere at The Supreme Court Gardens and an exquisitely talented and professional performance made this concert exceed our expectations. Thank you!

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The Man is back!!! :)

A full moon and a great location helped sweep away the disappointment that was the Belvoir gig back in 2003. All I needed was the IC's to grab the night and put Ben Harper back at the top of the heap as a live act.

Barring a couple of flat spots - they played for ages and managed to give me nearly every old song I wanted (still hoping for the day I see Ben play "Forever" live) and gave life to the new stuff. A rare concert where the balance between old and new was perfect.

"Two Hands" grabbed a life of its own tonight and Ben made it soar. Only if we could have 5 billion people sing it at once instead of everyone in the crowd that night.

Come back whenever you want mate - someone who sings/plays from the heart like you will always be welcome here. Even when we are old and grey, I'd still pay good money to see you play.

Thanks for giving life to the music - Peace.....

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Unbelievable! absolutely stunning! best concert i have been to yet and i believe there will never be any better i will c in my lifetime, something my mate wrote was so true... ben you were intensely inspiring and motivating whilst at the same time your beats were pulsating through our souls revitalising every cell in our bodies for so many days to come, last nights memories will be imbedded in our minds for at least this life time and also our next, and when we get down we will simply dig deep into our memories to remind ourselves of how sweet life can really get, and it was so true nothing gets sweeter than dancing and singing under the stars to ben harper with such a great friend like kendall. thanks 4 the best night of my life, the peace you bring is amazing!!!
Taryn XoX

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Ben and the Boys, Thanks for the night! my first Ben Harper Concert. It was a Religious experience.

Johnny x

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The second Ben Harper concert I've seen, and just as good as the first. A powerful performance by a very talented group of musicians. I hope you make it back to Perth soon.

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Your concert last night was AMAZING!!!
Thankyou so much for coming to perth! I couldnt believe it when you walked out on stage!!! I was like...WOAH theres Ben Harper like 10m away!!! I was in paradise for nearly 3hrs...thanks for playing for so long!!!

These are my highlights:
When Ben Harper walked on stage
Ben Harper singing
Singing along to Ben Harper
Seeing Ben Harper's tattoos
Juan Nelsons funky dance moves
Leon Mobleys drum solo in Burn One Down
Ben Harper rolling his eyes to the line "your dressed for summer in the middle of december"
The grin on Leon Mobleys face
Scott Thomas learning what bug repellent is

You guys make the best music, I absolutely loved the concert! Thankyou a million times!!! Lots of love, Clare.

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Ben, what a show mate! Without a doubt in my mind, the best night I've had. I didn't think it would be possible to top the Belvoir show in 2003, but last night you did. Burn One Down & Steal My Kisses were so good!! Also, Walk Away was the best I've ever heard it! I feel like I want to jump on the plane and catch you in Sydney.

Juan Nelson, you're the coolest Bass Man ever!

Thanks Ben & Juan for being champions at the airport on Friday and signing Both Sides Of The Gun for me, and letting us grab a photo!! I wont be forgetting that anytime soon.


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Last nights concert was the best moment of my life. i cant even find words to describe it, a totally amazing feeling just being there and seeing ben harper and the innocent criminals. im sure evrery person that was there last night feels the same way and abserlutly loved it. its something i will always remember and look back on and have that "rush" which will come back to me and make me smile.
I hope you enjoyed coming to Perth because we all certainly enjoyed you!
You are amazing
Thank you so much Ben Harper ATIC.

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by far the best ever.
i have never felt such a good vibe so strong.
one who can make someone cry with their words and their voice definatly deserves to be named a legend and definatly one of my biggest heros.
please come back to perth soon.

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thanks so much, best concert i've been to yet! topped off by a visit to the airport this morning to meet ben!! hope to see you again before too long.

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defintely THE BEST live concert i have ever been too. ben harper is amazing!!! when a performer has the ability to make a crowd go wild. jump. sing. remain silent with anticipation and even cry .. you know they are unique.
the most moving performer in my eyes.
your music is everythingg.
the accoustic - walk away was unbelievable!!
love you.
come back to perth soon!!