05.15.06 Sydney, Australia


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Ben Harper Setlist 1969-12-31 - Sunrise - Sydney, Australia

Ben on live TV.

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So where o where can we see these clips?

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My dream came true on 15/05/06 at 9am when I finally met Ben outside the Channel 7 Studio. After being a BHIC devotee for 10 years now this was the biggest honour - to be able to be in the same small space with ben. THANKS ben for taking the time to meet us! The moment may have been fleeting but the memory and feeling of when he looked straight at me with be treasured always. I am so excited to see his performance in Sydney tonight and Wollongong tomorrow!

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I woke this morning hearing an angel in Ben Harper. Loved both acoustic versions of the new songs. My Dad sat next to me as we were both in awe at such talented musicians that communicated to us that they love what they do. You Touched us both. Thanks Ben and Michael. Can't wait till Friday and Saturday night live with the full band.

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I struggle to rise from slumber on even the sunniest and warmest mornings, but this morning, i was more than happy to brave the cold and darkness just to witness you on Sunrise. I was hoping you would play Morning Yearning, and was in awe when you delivered so beautifully. Loved your acoustic of Waiting For You also. I cannot wait to see you on Firday in Brisbane. Ps Please play 'Forever.'