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This was the third time I have seen Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, and I am more amazed each time. The whole gig just absolutley blew my mind, and I still cannot stop thinking about it.

Thankyou so much for sharing your music, thoughts and words with us Ben, I am truely grateful. The concert touched my heart, and uplifted my soul like you would not believe. That was the third time I've heard you play Two Hands/War, and I have to say it such a powerful message, please keep playing it!

I know there's a lot of flack about the Ent Center, but who cares? I loved the music, and the vibe from the concert and the crowd was just electric. You just can't beat that feeling.

I think that's it was truely obvious from the crowd's response, that Australia, and especially Sydney absolutely loves Ben and the Innocent Criminals. Can't wait to see them again, no matter where it is!

Thankyou for giving my one of the musical highlights of my life!

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im so impressed with ur concert the supporting act was great and i didnt find nothing wrong with the sound.maby because i was 2nd row on the floor smack bang on the middle i could see the sweat runnin down ur a last minute ticket buyer..on the tuesday i decided to go for sure with my best mate and of we went got my ticket to happeness and couldnt be happier with the results walk away and picture in a frame got me goin..hope to see u very soon.ill be there.luv ya boys u did well.xox

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BH - your ICs were fantastic, and it's been almost a week and still zzzuummming. Was that a Senegalese soccer jersey Mobley was wearing? I ask b/c i recently spent three years there and BHIC kept me sane and feeling like I wasn't alone. I was on the floor for the show an intimidatingly vacuous arena, but you guys filled it & then some. You may be the only artist i know 95 of words to, which makes you a big part of my life, and many others. Come back soon. Thanks for wearing the Claremont sweater!!! And thanks for being ours...

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This is the first time I have ever seen you guys live before, and Im noticing alot of feedback about the venue! I was up the back quite high up and the sound was distict and audable up there!! So for that I am thankful!!

I have to say that this concert is the first time I have ever experienced during a concert such a high vibration of energy!
I wasn't expecting it and was quite blown away as I felt the air turn to honet when you started playing! It encompassed the entire venue and a felt it totally lift my soul! That is truely amazing! I can only compare it to satsung or other "intentional chanting" events I have been to where the whole purpose was to bring in a higher power.

This happened that night, without the focus from the crowd on such a thing!

I had a physical experience of seeing all of the band members energies! And frankly while playing you looked like Angels! The music was being chaneelled through you with the most Godly energies! I wittnessed it spill out into the crowd and rasie the vibrations,more and more throughout the show!

As much as I enjoyed the music which I LOVED! It is beautiful!
I was in awe of the occurances that happened on a more subtle level!
I have never left a concert feeling so inspired and energised!

Thankyou so much!!
It was a true blessing

Love Bonny

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PLEASE DONT EVER PLAY AT THE SYDNEY ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE EVER AGAIN!!!!! PLEASE!! I love your music man. I loved the set, it was awesome. It just goes to show how powerful your music is that it still came across sooo well even in that shit house venue. Please come back soon and play at a different venue

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Just wanted to say that as always BHIC hit me hard- You guys mean so much to me and my life! Your gig was awesome- sound was a bit drowned out - but your music and lyrics make up for all that shit.

Thanks with love.


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Ben and the IC's

This was the third time I have seen you in Australia and having listened to your music for coming on eleven years I have to say I have never been blown away to the degree of this gig. You would never have guessed that this was only one of many, many, many previous tour performances you seemed so alive that I could have easily taken this show to be your first of the tour.

You have long been my favourite acts of all time and I love that every performance exceeds the last even when I think you couldn't possibly get any better.

Your music has long since transported me to another place, and although the setting of the Entertainment Centre is never something I'm excited about, you made it feel so intimate and involved. You sing with such divine passion and I find myself soaking in every word, beat and strum.

I can honestly say I have never been able to pick a BH&IC's song that I love the most, because I feel your diverse range of music touches me from many angles and for many different reasons. But I can say I love your zealous and emotive communication about issues that you feel passionate towards. In particular your performance of 'With My Own Two Hands/War' and 'gather round the stone' were amazing to witness.
I love that you communicate an educated and passionate opinion and that you use your music as an open forum not to brandish your opinions but to share them honestly and openly so that we may head them if we choose.

Thankyou doesn't ever seem enough to communicate how much your music touches me, but it is all our language affords. So from the biggest possible grounding and emotion, Thankyou Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for intelligent and passionate songs, and for communicating through your voice and talent some of the best music to grace this world.

Kate (Australia)

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I WAS on the floor...I don't believe that constructive feedback is whinging - just trying to help so that nothing can take away from the God-given talents of these amazing musicians.

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BHIC, you guys rocked! Stuff the sound, you wingers shouldve been on the floor it sounded brilliant! keep it up and come back real soon!!!!

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Dear B Harper & the I.C Crew,

Bless you all. Muscial genius.
i bought the cd on impluse a week ago. (i had seen an interview weeks before). the night i listened to you guys for the first time i could not get out of my car though i had reached my destination. i knew i was onto something special. discovering my luck that u guys were in sydney last night made me believe in something larger than life.

you live energy and sound was like a breath of fresh air in an unrelenting world. thank you for coming to oz. keep your engineer as it makes no difference to the amazing power of your joint talents.

farmersgirl (sydney)

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Brilliant musicians! Fantastic songs! Highlights for me were a scorching 'Temporary Remedy', the whole venue on it's feet for 'Steal My Kisses' and the excellent closer, 'Better Way'.

BUT...I have to agree that the Ent Cent is a giant concrete bucket acoustically and the sound tech seemed to have no idea. There was no contrast between instruments / vocals - everything was just full on loud! I thought I was merely getting old but other comments about the sound being way too loud have reassured me.

Would have liked to see an Aussie support act.

I'm not meaning to be too negative - I was still blown away!

Please Ben, get a new sound person...

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Despite the cavernous bucket of a venue, despite the obvious sound issues, Ben & the IC wrapped me in an embrace so divine I could not clap any harder, scream any louder or float any higher if I tried. Amazing. Hurry back!

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i think i speak for every1 in that arena that the concert last nite was RIDICULOUSLY fantastic, thanks guys for making your way out to aus for an unforgettable performance. a DREAM come true for me to see Ben and the IC live.

til next time...

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I was so dissappointed with last nights show in Sydney. It had nothing to do with Ben and the I.C, but the sound was appauling. I gave them 6 songs to get it right. I ended up having to leave because the sound was so bad. It was way too loud it was hurting my ears and there was no difference between drums,bongos,guitar and Bens vocals. I've been hanging out to see Ben for years and last night was a bit of a slap in the face. As I said before it's not Ben or the I.C fault but sack your sound engineer. Hope to see you in another 3-4 years -(

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great work in sydney i loved it!hope you guys come back very soon and perform 'more than sorry' and 'beloved one'
i loved 2 hands, glory and cons,and better way! hugs not drugs!

belinda_crawford34788's picture

Absolutely AMAZING show.

The sounds was a bit out but still phenomenal.

Thank you so much.

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After seeing you in France in 2003, I would have never thought that I would enjoy another BHIC concert.. but here we go! Last night Sydney concert was just the BEST one ever! You guys.. you rock! Your music just make me feel like.. I cannot descibe.. your words, lyrics and music make me feel alive.. and will keep supporting you.. looking forward to seeing you in October back to France! Keep rocking Ben.. you know how to do it!

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i dont think a review is needed...pure, pure, magic in a terrible venue. in the front row, i felt more like a member of the band then a member of the audience! thanks to mike for keeping an eye on the little ones and passing down water, and thanks to ben for (both symbolically and spiritually) giving back my heart. we can ony hope there is another tour on the way.

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BHIC, thank you for putting on a remarkable show.

You're bands energy on stage was unbelievable. Oliver Charles and Leon Mobley were awesome on the drums, Juan is one cool cat, Jason was great as always, Michael adds a nice touch to the band and you were just breathtaking.

It took a while for the entire crowd to warm up, but there is no doubt they did by Better Way where you had every single person on their feet.

I won't forget With My Own Two Hands / War - that was special.

"Thank you for giving this music life and believing in a Better Way"!

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This is my second time to experience the magic that is BHIC and I find it really hard not to sound like a cleche when describing the wonderous feeling you get from the show. The interaction between the artists and the crowd is incredible - it felt like such an intimate setting - a challenge for the Sydney Entertainment Centre, but BHIC have successfully tamed that tiger twice now! The show could have gone on forever, and I am extremely thankful to BHIC for allowing us to share a wonderful experience with them. Tania and Shevee look forward to the next concert.

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wow what a great night!
the crowd seemed to be mostly new fans tonight, maybe the oldies assumed the last tour couldn't be topped, well its simply put that tonight was just as magic!
The audience seemed to hold back a little at times, but Ben and the boys surely didn't, and put on a memorable show.
BetterWay, was the final song and was turely amazing. they put the lights and everyone just let loose and SUNG! i never imagined this song could be so fantastic live, great moment. great memory.
Walk Away was perfect, Burn One Down gave everyone what they wanted and Steal My Kisses got the Ent Cent moving.

Thanks BHIC! you guys never fail us!

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Once again thank you Ben and IC for all your energy and passion you put into every song. It was fantastic to finally hear Faded performed live which was the first ever BHIC I heard bout 10 years back and quite a sentimental moment for me. Only 10 hours to go to see my 6th BHIC show - tonight in the Gong.
Love you Ben!

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I've been watching the billboard on the fence near my home for the last 4 weeks, while I run home from work, ipod blaring, slide guitar & keys playing in my head. I had a feeling I would see Ben & the Innocent Criminals this Tues 16th May, and I just did. It's 1.21am Sydney time & I am still trying to wind down so I can get some sleep, early start and big day tomorrow. I've walked & talked, bathed & eaten, now drinking & emailing to express my pleasure & thank some fabulous musicians who have made my day, my week, my month. I loved the show & as I mentioned earlier ,I never expected to get there, but had a feeling I might. I walked from work to the gig & stood in front of the Box Office, waiting for 'My' ticket to arrive, from where I didn't know. Then he appeared & I had the one I needed, wanted & dreamed of, I was in, on the floor, so I could dance the night away to the humming birds flutter & that deep base pound. Thank you so much for all the wild rhythms, the sexy keys, and that forever funky base. I shook my 'mama zu' to the beat of the drummer & I'd like to thank you Ben for allowing your spirit to fly, taking your voice and I with you. I especially loved the holding us in the palm of your hand, holding the beat in our hearts while you held your breath and waited, it was worth it. I will be back, now, again and again as long as you are. Peace & Love Ali xo

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Without question, this show was the most incredible musical live experience of my life. Highlights for me were Blackrain and Betterway. The new guitarist is excellent, paying attention to the melody and really adding a new dimension to the band.

Thankyou Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals for sharing such beautiful with us all.

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Cannot thank BHIC enough for tonight's show. Lucky enough to be at the amazing Melb show last week and on return to work on Monday in Sydney got hit with a redundancy package so to be uplifted tonight by Ben and the boys was not just as amazing as always when seeing them live but has helped so much in making the world a happier place for me. The smile will not leave my face nor will the memories leave my mind - so thanks again guys! you are all amazing and don't be too long coming back.

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Great to see the Claremont jumper (sweater) at the start of the show - to know he felt some sort of hometown connection.

It was the first time for me I expected a lot and I wasn't disappointed. The Ent Cent is a tough venue acoustically but they rose above it. Maybe it was just normal, but it seemed an especially uplifting night for both them and the audience - certainly it was for me.