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Most amazing night of my life. Truely inspiring and what a way to refresh ones spirit- Don't got to a retreat, go to a Ben Harper gig!
You Rock Ben. Please come back!

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i was down the very front of the show, the best show ive ever been too!! i was in canberra a few years ago aswell and was disappointed this time with the crowd around us!! but the show was absolutely loved it!! cant wait till your back again!!!!!!!

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Ben you were great but the crowd was CRAP!!!! the sleazy 'groupies' down the front and the constant noise of talking was frustrating...but never the less i felt honoured to sit and listen to your passion for music...THANKYOU!!!

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What an amazing Concert. The numbers played were terrific! Was only sorry that the crowd would not stop making noise while you played your solo acustic numbers. I saw you guys in Canberra a few years ago and you could have heard a pin drop during that set. Still loved every minute of it though.

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Does anybody have the setlist from this show? If so, can you please post it? Thanks.

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I saw the Tuesday night gig in Sydney which was incredible and you backed it up in the Gong with another awsome show. I've been buzzing ever since. Thank you so much Ben.

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This is the second BHIC gig I've been to and it seems I shall never be disappointed, infact, far from it! Dancing in a crowd of strangers, I've never felt so much at home :) Thank you for yet another amazing experience! xx

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Amazing show - temporary remedy and better way filled the room with an intensity like no other!
Too bad about the boomy kick and missing snare - even juan couldn't hear himself !

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Two words - absolutely incredible!!

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I Don't know if this is the place to make requests but every else is doing it so could you please pull out "Ground On Down" at one of the Brisbane concerts. That would be excellent though every ben harper song is worth ten stars. Even the old school "Sweet Home Chicago" cover you did on your first vinyl. Now that would be a treat live if you remember how to play it.

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Nothing is more magical than front row at a BHIC show so thank you to Ben, Juan, Leon, Jason, Oliver and Michael for a stellar gig. Amen Omen my all time favourite so was pure and divine..........
Please come back soon!

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Thankyou Mister Harper For The Greatest Night Of My Life! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!

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I didn't see this concert, but by the sounds of all the other reviews people have posted about your tour in Aus, it would have been amazing.
I first heard Ben Harper on the way home from a school camp late last year, the song was 'widow of a living man', i loved it and was hooked.
I'm coming up on Saturday to see your concert at Riverstage.
I would really Love to hear Amen Omen.
I'm really looking forward to it and I don't think I'll be dissapointed.