orenee's picture

After Ben sang 'there will be a light' he said that we'd all just made it onto his next bootleg album. Did the song ever go on one? It was such an amazing version. Does anyone have any footage of it or from that gig?

wints_695761's picture

I went to your show on the 20th of may, i think you are an incredible live act and the closest possible modern equivalent to Bob Marley, i think your purpose in singing is admirable and i was impressed at the musical ability of your whole band shown in all there solos, i hope you take our chants of (no) war, singalongs and cheers as a compliment and gratitude in your what you are doing/have done and the what i believe slightly clearer messages in your new album. we will mirror your music as you say.

reef_lingo59738's picture

What an amazing, awesome, inspiring night you made us have ben!!! Was truly awesome indeed! Was the best concert ive been to in ages and the it was the first time i have seen ben harper and the innocent criminals!! I was so excited to see them and to finally see ben and the crew live was awe-inspiring stuff!!! Leon Mobley you rock mate i love your work!!! keep on smiling. Ben keep up your great work, your music makes me stoked always!!!
Thanks to Ben harper and The Innocent Criminals!!

rissy_supergal_luvs_U77142's picture

Back again i just couldn't get enough i had to tell you again how much you have inspired me in your music and in others. Listening to you and your band sing and play was just awsome, my sisters always talked how good your concerts were and about how you love your fans so much and how we are all just your friends and i now know that it is true you realli do love us and we love you. Thank you for such an awsome and exciting nite thankz again.

ark_sauce2376's picture

Great night. The How Many Miles Must We March ? reggae version was the highlight, sick. Brought an incredible new dimesion to that song. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. - Syd

lorenf8232948's picture

Unfortunately I couldnt afford a ticket this time round so my friend and I listened from outside. It was still an amazing experience. Such quality music in a beautiful setting:) I really wished I was inside though. Especially since I was up the front in 2003.

tiffanygregory89053's picture

I don't belong to any particular religion, but Ben Harper is proof that God exists. An amazing, spiritual, uplifting night which brought the new album alive for me. My sister Rachel and I couldn't really afford to go, but we had gotten our money's worth after the first song!! Unmissable! See you next time Ben!!

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finally i got to see ben harper live... it was amazing... emotional... and very special. Thank You!

keith86's picture

Felt all the love last night it was a special night for every one there.I think Leon had a blast every song was breath taking goosebump stuff.

rissy_supergal_luvs_U77142's picture

Well Ben you blew my mind away. Your concert was my first ever im 15 and it was my birthday present from my sisters. We had the best time you guys are full of talent you really are. I love you so much. You were AWSOME!!!! No doubt i will see you again. Once again you are AWSOME i had the best time. Thank you so much.

kellysimonerubie81910's picture

Saw Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals last night at the Riverstage in Brisbane amazing...what an awesome evening. I feel privilaged to have experienced such a wonderfully spiritual musical brings a huge smile to my face just thinking about it...Ben Harper is one in a million...he inspires me. peace out xxx

drjason68466's picture

Dear Ben & Innocent Crims,
What a great space to be in tonight seeing you guys play live greats like Fight for your Mind, Burn another one and the new Better way was inspiring. Equally the initmate There will be light, Another lonely night and Happy everafter in your eyes will remain with me for life.

laniia88493's picture

namaste and thank you BHIC for another amazing show with two spine tingling encores. see you again tomorrow night. please please play not fire not ice.

jim_beth11726's picture

What can I say - Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals simply blew my mind away. I went along with my 17 year old daughter and what an awesome night the 2 of us had. You Ben are truly an amazing person with your beautiful songs that hit right home. Congratulations on an amazing concert - the band were just awesome - we did not want you to stop playing. Looking forward to the next time you are out here.