05.20.06 Brisbane, Australia

Riverstage with Scott Thomas of Ringside, DJ Evil Vince

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Jack Johnson sat in with Ben on "High Tide or Low Tide."

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Well it's been so long now since i went to your may 20th concert and i am gagging for another one. It was my very first concert of my life and i am 25. I cannot explain the feeling i had that night and still get thinking back to it. ALl i can say is thanks for that amazing smile i had for days and the most amazing night of my life. Been waiting to see you for yrs listen to your tunes nearly every day as it just does something to me.... Your truly the greatest.

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just the whole experience was amazing. Anything and everything i could take in and see and hear i did. First of all turning up and lining up at 12 midday and seeing all the excited fans playing guitar, playing Ben's songs. Then finally getting into the gates and running down to the stage. One of the main things i won't forget was everyone at the concert was chillin out layin on the grass hill but as soon as the moment came for Ben to come on stage everybody, and when i say everybody i mean everybody stood and reamined standing for the whole concert. Ben had the whole audience in some kind of trance, everyone swaying to the music, singing along, it was truly incredible. I'll never forget this concert for as long as i can live. But meeting Ben after the concert was and always will be one of the most humbling moments of my life. Seeing how Ben is off stage and just chillin with the fans. He's an absolute champion and i can't wait for him to come back to Brizzy (hopefully soon) so i can shake the man's hand again.

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there are no words to describe how i felt during your concert... maybe some - the happiest i have ever, ever felt - beyond belief!!
another lonely day and walk away were always favourites of mine and to hear you play them, by yourself and the crowd silent, was just magical... thank you!
for years, i have been listening to your music and even at the age of 8 or 9 i remember being moved by your music - but that night in brisbane i have never been more moved at a concert and to be honest i'm not sure i'll feel it again until i see you next! the whole concert i didn't know what to feel - i cryed and then i laughed and then i cheered and then i was speechless and then i smiled and then i sang along... you are beautiful - thank you for making me feel so many things in such a small amount of time! i wish it lasted longer!
also, thank you for taking the time after the show to talk, take a few cherished photos and sign whatever was around for us groupies! that was an amazing moment for me and my friend and one that will never, ever be forgotten!!
oh, i could say so so so much more but i'm going to stop rambling. please come back soon ben, juan, michael, oliver, leon and jason... i need to feel that music again soon!!
love and peace

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The Best experience of my life so far, was to watch Ben play that night. Not only did you change how i listen in life, i feel you changed everyone who was there that night! It was fucking unbelievable. Harps, you are the best bloke going around. See you back in bris soon, i hope!

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I was at the May 20 gig in Brisbane. Although it was a while ago now, I still feel so thankful for the music and the sweat that went into it. I am still so moved, impressed and inspired.

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going to see you would have to be the BEST thing i've done this year....i took my friend with me...she went NUUUUUUUUUTS it was her first concert...jack being there just made it EVEN BETTER...uve really got the gift man...

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I have seen Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals play in Copenhagen, London and now Brisbane. Each time, the music has touched me in a way no other has, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes as each song conveys the very emotion that was present at its conception. This time, in an outdoor setting in the park, surrounded by an amazing crowd of passionate fans, the music was spectacular! This was my partner's first Ben Harper live experience and I thrilled to watch the expressions on his face that so clearly showed how I felt at my first concert. Thank you, Ben and the band, for another unforgettable night. We woke up early the next day and went bushwalking in rainforests of Springbrook, appreciating some of the best nature has to offer with the amazing tunes of the night before still in our minds and hearts.

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ben wat can i say that was just legendary... first concert i have eva been too and i dont think anyone could eva top your concert... and im so glad my perents named me ben i have so much more pride in my name now... your a ledgen man thanks for the best show eva

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My partner bought me your album "Both sides of the gun" for my birthday. I have many of your albums (and they are all fantastic) but when I put this one on the whole album spoke to me. One song in particular, "Waiting for you". Such a simple song with such a strong message that I think everyone out there can relate to. When I heard that song i just had to be at your concert to here you deliver it to me and my fellow Brisbane fans. A fantastic mixture of songs made the concert incredible, amazing and fullfilling. You could of walked of the stage after your last song and the crowd would of been more than happy but you didnt, you spoke to us, and in that speach you said something that will never leave my mind. "It doesnt matter what god or religion you believe in, the thing that matters is the fact that you believe". WOW. If only the world could live by this we would all be at peace. Thankyou Ben and the Inocent Criminals once again not just a concert made up of empty songs but a message made up of meaning. Awesome.

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Loved it, loved it, loved it!! Thank you so much Ben for making the music you do and for being the beautiful person that you are. You and the Innocent Criminals were so much more than I ever imagined you could be. Can't wait to see you again live and until then I'll just have to listen to Live From Mars and pretend I'm back there in that great place again.

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BOYS you ROCK to the CORE - please come back to WA Kx

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well it was this time last week that i was at riverstage watching and hearing ben harper...
i was always thinking that i should jump on here and express how i feel but then i felt kinda stupid, yet i realised that if everyone did nothing just for the reason of feeling stupid then this world would never get anywhere...so here i am.
last saturday night was the most amazing night of my life, and that is no exxageration. i cried, laughed, screamed, and felt the most overwhelming sense of happiness i have ever encountered in my life.i honestly did not know that it was possible to be so moved - physically and mentally - to music.i came to the conclusion that it is because when ben and the boys play, they are not only playing. Instead, they are putting everything they are into the moment and enjoying themselves. i am unable to describe how thankful i am to them for changing my life in the way that i have, yet if this gets me close to doing so then im glad that they now know!

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There really aren't words to describe how powerful and moving your music is!!! Thankyou for what I can only describe as a spiritual, provoking and beautiful night - you are an artist and your passion for music, people and the world just resonates in everything that you do.
Without a doubt, the most amazing live performance anyone will ever experience!!!!!
On a personal note - thank you for saving Jack Johnson for me!!! I have been unable to listen to his tunes for a while now thanks to the unfortunate association with my ex boyfriend, who may be the most evil man on the planet and totally ruined the last time I saw him play in Brissy - I thought I was ready to ease back into it, but you guys brought the Jack magic rushing back and I won't let unsuitable boys hijack it ever again!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!

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Hey Ben, all i can say is that before i came to your concert...I, admittingly, did not listen to too much of your music. The songs i loved before your concert were Steal My Kisses, Walk Away and Diamonds on the Inside. The others were pretty much unknown to me...but after listening to some of your albums before arriving at your concert i was really enjoying it. It was only by chance that I got tickets, but it was by far the best money i have EVER spent. Your voice is by far the most unique and awesome-est voice i have heard. Me and my friend are completely blown away by you, your band, your voice and all of the enthusiasm. It was the best concert. please come back to Australia...especailly Brisbane!!! Thanks heaps for sharing it all with us!!!


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I have been listening to BHIC for around a year and a half. I find it difficult to relate your music as just music, when messages through these lrics pertain to more than just a genre. I am one who believes that your music can change the world, in an environment getting ever so increasingly violent and inhumane by the minute. Your songs bring hope, and help to raise awareness about the world around, and the relationships people have with each other. Your concert on Saturday night was beyond ecellence, as it took me back to feeling like a 10 year old at the age of 32. And when JJ came when.... well... that just blew me away and knocked the tears out of my eyes, and it still does when I look back on it. True companionship or rather "companerismo". I never thought that in a million years there was ever the possibility of seeing you two together on stage. I have been wishing for that so hard only to dismiss those thoughts as I thought I was going mad. Thankyou for bringing back the meaning of popular music .... popular because it's "people music". That concert has certainly changed the world I live in by raising my hopes and lifting my spirits... once again thank you. That was definately a concert not to be missed .... this is the music that will lift the masses from alienation. Thankyou for humanising the world.

Ecellent, awesome, and uplifting.


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You guys were awesome!! Saw you in Brisbane on your last night in Oz and wish the night had not ended

Thank- you so much for your music. Thank-you for bringing Jack Johnson on stage too. Oh and Thank-you for introducing Australia to Scott Thomas too.

Don't stop with the inspiring music and hurry back

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I was sitting in the cage near the loos which was so kindly offered by the event management for me to sit in as I am 6 mths pregnant...there were loads of people wondering why the heck we were in there...at one point we had police on one side and security on the other which made us look like we were on parole...just thought i would clear that one up!! I am sure that when my bubba comes out into this "cruel world" that he/she will remember the absolute raw wondrous energy that was created by BH and the ICs and amplified by the great vibes in the crowd that night. I did however feel sorry for the parents out the front of the concert who were not allowed in as there children were under 6..unfortunately they did not know about this until they got there so I would recommend finding out that info beforehand as some of them had travelled a long distance..apparently the reason is due to the decibal level, but I would of thought up the back would of been cool...anyways looking forward to the bands next trip to Oz.

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Ben's concert was awsome, we were treated to Jack Johnson sitting in for High Tide or Low Tide. However I think the most moving moment was when Ben sang Walk Away. There was no sound from the crowd, we all stood there silently absorbing the work of this musical genius.

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It's been four years since I 'discovered' Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals'...... not long after their last visit to Australia.
It's been four years of waiting, wishing, hoping and dreaming of ever seeing them live.
The night i found out about the tour i cried with excitement. And for weeks i counted down the 'sleeps' and as they got down into the single digits it was a count down of hours.
Before the concert I was so nervous that I had built myself up for disappointment...... but I am so so pleased to say I could not have hoped for anything more.
I find it really hard to put into words what an amazing experience saturday night was for me. When i think back to different moments from the nights it just feels like one big blur of non-reality. The enegery they created was electric..... as my friend said afterwards when you put your hand up 'you could just feel it'.
With the final song, 'Better way', I looked around the crowd and saw the joy and love on everyones face, 15000 people with their hands in the air, sharing an amazing energy, all believing in the same thing.
In that moment I honestly feel I became a different person. It was almost like some form of enlightenment. And as I looked around and saw the unity those guys were creating with their music all i could think was 'if only everyone in the world could feel this at once.... if we believe it why cant everyone'
I could write for hours so I will force myself to stop. But I just want to say the most heartfelt thanks to Ben and the Innocent criminals... and to everyone who shared it with me..... for what was the most amazing experience of my life.
I feel like a better person just for feeling it.

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Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!!! Wow... I'm still drunk on love I have loved your music for so long but this is my first time seeing you live! i am completely blown away... i knew nearly every song and when you played another lonely day followed by walk away i just lost it... biggest tears ever... and then started laughing hysterically and uncontrollably... freak huh... but i guess i needed to... so thankyou for making me dance, sing, laugh, cry, cheer and most of all FEEL!!! Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals... I can't get enough... You're in my heart... xox

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Since i was at work when the tickets went on sale I cried when I thought I had missed out. Without giving up I fought hard on e-bay and managed to score myself a ticket to the 20th May Sat night show. The best thing i have ever seen, riverstage such a good venue since everybody in the crowd no matter front or back could get a clear veiw of Ben. Awesome strings section especially in Black Rain, and the innocent criminals were so tight and put on the best show. Still now can't beleive I saw Jack Johnson and Ben Harper sitting side by side singing High Tide or Low Tide. That memory will remain with me till i'm old and grey and my grandkids will be going Ben who? ha ha ha

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What a beautiful, amazing almost spiritual experience. I have seen Ben Harper 4 times over the last 10 years and each time I am moved to different place. I have never seen anyone who is able to captivate an audience as he does and evoke so much emotion from people. THANK YOU Ben for your music...what more can i say!

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Amazing! Fate is all I can call the night. When i heard ben was coming to Brisbane i had to c him and so i checked it out and found out it was on MY BIRTHDAY, i cried when i found out. I had to go and it was the most amazing experience. I was speachless. I had no idea Jack would be there and when he came on stage, the tears rolled down my face. I am sure everyone there was in trance to his talent and beautiful music. Thanks for coming to Brisbane and thank the Lord for making that day my birthday, the best day of my life. Janneke :)

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Ben and the innocent crims, you guys were Phenomenal last nite.
i couldn't find ne words to describe that concert, i think i felt every song u sang and just felt the music flow through and within me. i've seen u before in concert and i thought that was as good as it gets, but as always u find a way to top it off. it was one of the best nites of my life and i was just so appreciative of your music and the lyrics they possess. it seriously was better then anything i have experienced before.
i have never seen a musician feel and get into their music as much as u did last nite, in particular black rain and with my own two hands. but i think u topped my nite off when u sang, amen omen, forever and forgiven. those three songs and waiting on an angel are probably the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.
i hope u guys come back really soon, (and maybe not miss canberra that time on the tour). But yeh, u guys were just awesome last nite and it'll b sweet as to see u again.
much love.

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hey ben,
woah.. i'm still in shock & awe. thankyou so much for an unforgettable & spectacular night. you are such a special person to have created such a fantastic, passionate atmosphere. you had us wrapped around your finger the entire show. i felt so honoured to be in your presence as you are one of the most amazing musicians & people of our time.
I must say though, it felt so special when you played Walk Away as that is the first song i ever learnt how to play & was got me into this whole musical world in the first place.
Congratulations to the Boy's too, they did a marvelous job at creating such a special night for all us Aussie's. You guy's all seem to have this untalkable if that's even a real word connection, almost telepathic you play the songs, & you can see when you start to improvise & you just know exactly when, how & who's about to do something & you just change with it. i admire that so, so much.
It was finally great to see an artist who, after so many years, has still got that passion behind their music, & they're still doing it, not because of the money, but because they can't live without it, like a disease.. only in a good way.. if that makes any sense at all.
Anyway, the show was absolutely unforgettable.
Thankyou so, so much

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I honestly do not know how I can have so much respect for a man I have never met.
Last nights concert was amazing.
We drove in the car for about 3 hours, were stuck in traffic jams for about 1 hour, got lost at least 5 times, got locked in and out of our apartments bathroom and even nearly forgot our tickets, but every second of all this was worth it. I would happily drive back to Brisbane and watch you play again.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for playing Amen Omen, I didn't know weather to just stare and smile or cry...
I ended up doing both.

And when Jack Johnson came out my mum did exactly what I did when I realised you were playing Amen Omen.

There is nothing in this world that would, could or will stop me from coming to another of your concerts.
Thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for a life changing experience.

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As I was in line to the bathroom, Ben came on.
I had only seen him once before, and I was so off my head at the time that my mind was filled with utter regret for months afterwards. So this time, when I heard Ben was going to be playing in Brisbane, I bought my tickets the day they went on sale, put it in the calendar, and made it a point to both enjoy and remember the concert.
We got there at about seven, and my experience with most bands is that when the gates open at 5, the band comes on at about nine, playing for about an hour or so. So we thought we'd be fine at 7, smoke a few joints, get a chance to hear some supporting bands, and have some dinner before he came on.
But after the joints and in a massive line to the bathroom, Ben came on to a well-deserved applause and "Diamonds on the Inside" began playing. I wanted to either cry or pee on myself because I couldn't believe this is how I was experiencing one of my favorite songs being played live. Even in my state of despair, I felt his music flow through my veins like the water flows through the river- so natural, so graceful, and so beautiful.
We made it back to our seats by the second song, and the whole atmosphere of the concert was perfect- it was an alcohol free event in the park, and the stage was set at the bottom of a hill, giving everyone a fabulous view, much unlike other outdoor concerts. We grabbed a spot by the trees on the side of the 15,000+ audience.
Watching Ben play gives you the kind of aching feeling when someone reveals all of their pain and pleasure in such a naked and candid way, you can't help but feel what they feel. The passion in both his voice and his performance echoes through every member of the audience. It's not something you merely watch- it's something that flows through your very being.
Ben's show is one of the best I have ever witnessed- his vocals are even better live than studio recorded, and he exhibits his passion for his music both when he's singing and when the band is playing, letting the rhythm guide his body wherever it wants to go. He never fails to interact with the band and acknowledge their equal contribution to his music, and he actively engages with the audience as well. What's more, the lighting effects really make it more of a show than a simple concert. It's as though the lights are dancing to his music as well, only enhancing the experience for the grateful audience. The colours on the stage beautifully complement the colour in his music. And then he changes the instruments both he and his band plays every so often that it makes you feel as though you're watching a number of shows at once. His style changes so naturally from blues to gospel to rock, you really never know what to expect. Whatever instrument it is that he would pick up, I couldn't help but think to myself, "Oh play that instrument you beautiful man, and make me some music."
More than once I was literally moved to tears by his music, but I'd have to say the highlight was when "Happy Everafter In Your Eyes" came on. He introduced the violin players at this point, and the sound of the band coupled with his voice was candy to my ears. But even more than that was Ben's graceful movements as he felt the song flow through his body, not unlike a ballerina letting the classical music guide her feet. The colours on stage were set to a beautiful hue of purple, so the song can be best described as a very sensual experience, pleasing all avenues of feeling.
Another one of my favorite moments was when he casually introduced his good friend, Jack. I assumed maybe it was one of the supporting artists we had missed play, but to mine and everyone's surprise, it was none other than the great Jack Johnson. They played "High Tide or Low Tide" together, and although everyone wanted more of Jack, we were so appreciative of seeing these two great artists together, hanging out, and making music for the world.
He had a few acoustic songs as well, and played a huge variety from all of his albums, unlike most bands who tour simply to promote their new album. You can tell he enjoys himself up there, and chances are he'll be playing so many of the each of the audience member's favorite songs. Seeing as that he went on for three hours, god knows he played so many of mine.
Flavourful, dynamic, and awe-inspiring, Ben Harper is a legend in his own right, and watching him is like watching the world of music being perfected to the very last detail.

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Ben is a musician with a conscious, not an agenda. He is so open and passionate you get taken away on this great journey and forget how impure so many messages are out there. The Innocent Criminals are amazing musicians and to hold a band together this long there is something special going on. I missed at least the first thirty minutes because work wouldn't let me go, but the band just blew me away. How Ben gets the crowd going and singing with him, dancing around like a madman, dressed in his own stylin way... The only bad thing about a Ben Harper tour, is realising it will be too long to see Ben and the band again. Much love and respect guys!

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Having been to many concerts and feeling a little "well who is this - and what is this going to be like" I was completely blown away. I have never seen a performer capture and embrace the crowd so beautifully. This is one show not to be missed! They are each one in their own right phenomenal musicians. Please come and visit Brisbane again SOON

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Wow.. This is the fifth time I've seen Ben and the boy's play live and every time I get taken to another place, absolute magic.. as always the Innocent Criminals are one of the tightest acts, they are a true compliment Ben's vocals and guitar. Highlight for me was 'Black Rain' I really felt the power in that one tonight and listening to Jack Johnson and Ben play "High Tide and Low Tide' was awe inspiring... I love feeling the sternum thump along with Leon's djimbe and Juan bass always is such a smooth groove.. Excellent night.. Thanks Ben, Juan, Leon, Michael, Oliver, Jason (and Jack) for an fantastic experience once again.

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Benny...you are my God! Tonight was unforgettable-thankyou. My boyfriend and I are flying to Auckland for your show on Monday. PLEASE play sexual healing because if you do, he'll propose. Thankyou!