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I had high expectations for this show, and it beat my expectations by far! The best word to describe this concert was AMAZING. Would return to ben harper's concert a million more times. He's so unique and interacts with the fans so much. Definately a MUST to go see him perform with the innocent criminals.

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A simply uplifiting and amazing experience. Ben Harper has the ability to unplift and bring the greatness out in people through his music. There are no words to desrcibe how amazing his performance was. Seeing made his music come to life even more than before.

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This was the first show i had ever gone to, EVER!! it was amazing, i have never experienced anything like that!! So much fun and so much LOVE!...
Thanks Ben!!! Thanks Criminals!!!


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DEFINNITELY the BEST performance ever by Ben and the criminals!! Seen them a few times back east- but this show was spine-tingling greatness!

Ben and band truly were stellar performing passionate, energized live versions of songs that completely supassed the recorded cd versions- this is truly when musical greatness is demonstrated. keep up the amazing live performances on your long world tour!!!

wished we had brought our 18mo old son- he would have danced the nite away....which brings me to the hi-lite of the show- the crowd.........we were jamming....form the halway point to the end of the concert, NO ONE was standing still- EVERYONE was up, dancing and rejoicing!!!! that really made the nite spectacular.

get out and see Ben and I.C.s if you can- youll be sorry if all you listen to is the cd or mp3.
marcus s.

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Bend Oregon, Les Schwab Amphitheater

Sacred, profane, agony, ecstasy, poet, prophet, genius, madnessthis is a dangerous man fronting a dangerous band.

The unbridled passion and stellar musicianship of Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals combined with the beauty of the venue and the enthusiasm of the crowd to take this fan down the rabbit-hole and into a time-bending block of magic and music.

When Ben sang "Gold to Me," I had a true moment of clarity, whispering to my friend "I know exactly what every single person here is thinking right now . . . the women are all thinking 'why can't somebody say that about me?' and the men are all thinking 'God, I wish I had a line that smooth." Other highlights from the evening were a truly ecstatic version of "Better Way" and a painfully sweet "Walk Away," that left me with tears streaming down my face.

The weather was downright chilly and I know the band had a hard time keeping things in tune, but they were able to overcome the difficulties with sheer determination and an obvious and abiding love for their fans.

As the writer Irish Murdoch once said: "People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are a blossom with few equals . . .

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Ben Harper was phenominal and there are no words to explain how amazing he is, especially live. It was a life changing experience for me I am so thankful he came to Bend.

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The concert was as picture perfect weather peaking through the clouds
emotional as Ben could have made it!
I was with my girlfriend of 4 years and Ihad never seen Ben before and finally the opportunity presented itself in Bend. The best all around musician of so so many forms of music were amazing especially live. And finally I got to see Ben and his slide guitar live, breathtaking! I would go to another concert if he put one on in Eugene Oregon!

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Ben.....was absolutely amazing....the passion and stage presence he had was awesome!!!

P.S. Us middle and high school kids gotta stick together and keep pushing up front for perfect deal with it

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Quite a drive to Bend, but was well worth it. Never seen Ben live before but wow... best show i've ever been to.

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THAT WAS THE GREATEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Ben played a little from every album. you could tell that he was having fun playing for all of us. He really is one of the greatest artists of our time. Thanks Ben.

P.s. I was sick of the middle school kids pushing towards the front all of the time.....SIT STILL.

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I would probably say that last nights show was one of the best live music shows i've seen in my life. The energy and passion of the musicians brought the music and the crowd to life and made the night not only fun and enjoyable but something I will remember for my entire life. The venue helped provide a great atmosphere despite the dismal weather. However the true catalyst for the great experience was Ben and his overwhelming passion and enthusiasm. Thank you!

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Just got home from the concert. We took our two children (3, 11). I have to say that the show tonight was THE best music I have ever seen live, ever! I have never seen Ben Harper live, but have been a fan for a long time. His passion, enthusiasm, and appreciation for music and the causes he sings about are contagious. He sings from the soul and he moved me and my family. The band was awesome! That was better than I ever imagined. Thank you Ben!!! Thank you Innocent Criminals!
Jody and family!